Guide to Icebreaker: Spicy Chapters, Summary, Quotes & More!

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Icebreaker by Hanna Grace is by no doubt one of the most popular sports romance books at the moment, thanks to Booktok.

If you’re wondering “is Icebreaker spicy?” then the straight forward answer is YES. This hockey romance is extremely spice.

ice breaker spicy chapters
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Icebreaker is the first book of The Maple Hill series. We follow Anastasia and Nate. Anastasia is a grumpy, sarcastic girl with big figure skating dreams while Nate is the captain of the hockey team.

In this blog post, you’ll learn the summary of Icebreaker, spicy chapters, quotes, romance tropes and more!

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What is Icebreaker about?

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace is a college hockey romance. Anastasia is a figure skater with big dreams and Nate is the captain of the ice hockey team.

In this reversed grumpy-sunshine sports romance, the ice hockey team and skaters are forced to share the ice ring because of something that happened to the ice hockey practice ground.

Anastasia is pissed about this whole situation because it doesn’t leave her enough time and space to practice on ice. Nate tries to cooperate and adjust but Anastasia just won’t! Therefore, there’s a bit of enemies to lovers and forced proximity as well.

Is Icebreaker by Hannah Grace Spicy?

Yes, Icebreaker is extremely spicy. This steamy sport romance has multiple open-door romance scenes.

Icebreaker Spice Level

Icebreaker has a spice level of 5/5. It is a sports rom-com with lots of steamy scenes, suitable for mature readers.

Icebreaker Spicy Chapters List

  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 13
  • Chapter 15
  • Chapter 16
  • Chapter 19
  • Chapter 29
  • Chapter 32
  • Chapter 36
  • Chapter 40
  • Chapter 47
icebreaker spicy chapters list

Icebreaker Age Rating

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace has an age rating of 18+ because it has multiple open door romance scenes.

Icebreaker Trigger Warnings

Icebreaker Trigger Warnings to take note of:

  • Eating Disorder
  • Dieting & calorie-counting
  • S.Assault
  • Death of loved one

Icebreaker Romance Tropes

Romance tropes in Icebreaker book:

Does Icebreaker Have A Happy Ending?

Yes, it does. Nate and Anastasia to end together and at the end of the book, readers learn that Anastasia is pregnant.

Is Icebreaker by Hannah Grace a Series?

Yes, Icebreaker is part of a trilogy. The series is called The Maple Hills series. The second book in the series is called Wildfire and the third book is called Daydream.

How many books are in The Maple Hills series?

There are three books in The Maple Hills series by Hannah Grace. The first one is called Icebreaker which follows the story of Anastasia and Nathaniel, while the second book is called Wildfire that follows Aurora and Russ and the third one is Daydream.

Wildfire Hannah Grace Release Date

Wildfire by Hannah Grace will be released on 3rd October 2023.

5 Best Quotes from Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

  1. “Looking at her makes me want to be the funniest guy in the room, so I can be the one to make her laugh.”
  2. “I love a woman who enjoys reading.”
  3. “We’re still individuals, but we’re individuals together, and I never knew relationships could be like this.”
  4. “I’m heavy,” she mutters as my arms scoop under her legs and around her waist.  We leave Brady and Shithead behind us as I start the walk toward the locker rooms, where the first aid room is. “Shut up, Anastasia. You’re not even half my warm-up weight.”
  5. “In a world where I feel like I could be swept away by the waves at any moment, he anchors me. I value that, value him.”

3 Books Like Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

1. Behind the Net by Stephanie Archer

Behind the Net is similar to Icebreaker in so many ways! It is also an ice hockey romance with the forced proximity and the grumpy-sunshine trope. For some reason, even the cover and colour schemes look pretty similar.

2. Duet Me Not

If you’re looking for books like Icebreaker, try reading Duet Me Not. It follows a pair of high school students with the fake dating and forced proximity too trope too!

The book follows the story of Ashvin, a sunshine skater boy and June, a grumpy synchronised swimmer, and how they got roped into performing a synchronised swimming duet together.

3. Snap Shot by Ruby Rana

Another book like Icebreaker is Snap Shot which also happens to be an ice hockey romance. Again, ice hockey romances are really known to be paired with the forced proximity trope.

Hockey’s golden boy, Landon Radek, landed himself into trouble when a scandalous photo of him went viral. To make the rumours disappear, his agent decides to hire the best lawyer in Ottawa, who also happens to be his childhood friend, Indira Davé.

Wrap-Up: Icebreaker Spicy Scenes & More About The Book

I hope this reading guide helped you find out what are the spicy chapters in Icebreaker and other relevant information about this famous booktok hockey romance book!

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