9 Steamy Enemies To Lovers Books (Spicy!)

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What’s better than an enemies to lovers romance? Steamy enemies to lovers romance books, of course!

Enemies to lovers are one of my favourite tropes ever. There’s something about two people who cannot stand each other, and then they end up not being able to stay away from each other.

All the tension they have between them translates greatly for spicy scenes too!

steamy enemies to lovers romance books

In this list, you’ll find some spicy enemies to lovers romance books from different genres such as YA romance, fantasy and historical fiction romance.

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9 Enemies To Lovers Books With Spice

1. Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

spicy enemies to lovers books

If you’re looking for fantasy enemies to lovers books with spice, Fourth Wing is perfect for you.

Violet Sorrengail is warned by her sister Mira to stay away from Xaden Riorson, a third year student who also happens to be her wingleader, as he has motives to kill her.

However, due to being in the same wing and classes (forced proximity), the two of the can’t keep away from each other.

Without giving too much away, let’s just say that all that enemies to lovers tension between the two of them is put to good use.

2. One Dance With A Duke by Tessa Dare

spicy enemies to lovers books

Enemies to lovers spicy books that is set in a historical era is usually one of me favourite settings for this trope! Tessa Dare’s One Dance With A Duke follows Amelia, an aristocrate but her fmaily is broke.

She meets Spencer, the Duke of Midnight is his nickname because at every event he shows up at midnight and he selects a women for a dance and then he leaves.

They are enemies because Amelia’s brother owes a Duke a big sum of money and she is determined to get her brother off the hook.

3. The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

steamy enemies to lovers romance books

The Spanish Love Deception is not just a steamy office romance, it is also a spicy enemies to lovers romance novel.

Aaron Blackford and Catalina Martin are the opposites. They cannot stand each other and refuse to work together.

However, they both agree to a fake dating situation which mutually benefits them as Catalina is desperate for a date to her sister’s wedding.

We see romance bloom between the two, despite Catalina being a ray of sunshine while Aaron is being your typical grumpy brooding male love interest.

This is definitely a slow burn enemies to lovers romance as a lot of the steamy action happens towards the end of the book.

However, many readers said it was worth the wait!

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4. A Rogue of One’s Own by Evie Dunmore

steamy enemies to lovers romance books

This book is the second book of the League of Extraordinary Women series but can be read as a standalone.

This has to be one of my favourites steamy enemies to lovers romance of all time! I gave it a five stars!

Lady Lucie leads a women suffragist group in Oxford. She has big ambitions for women’s rights and helps women who are mistreated by their husbands.

In order for her to do this, she must acquire a publishing house and print reports that hold evidence.

We then meet Tristan Ballentine, a rogue, charming young lord who makes ladies swoon. He ends up co-owning the publishing house Lucie has acquired.

Lucie is furious as Tristan hinders her plans to publish the reports. However, he is willing to give it all up if Lucie agrees to give him one night of herself to him.

The tension between them rises as they’re forced to work together in an office. It only makes matters worse as he is rogue and a great flirt.

This book will keep you wanting more. I could not put the book down!

5. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

steamy enemies to lovers romance books

Feyre, a nineteen-year-old huntress is dragged away to the magical world of fae by a beast only to find out he is in fact Tamlin, one of the immortal faeries from the stories Feyre grew up hearing and fearing.

Soon enough, hostility between the two turns into passion as they embark on an adventure.

A Court Of Thorns and Roses is a steamy enemies to lovers fantasy book you cannot miss out on.

6. The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

steamy enemies to lovers romance books

Bridgerton is a book series by Julia Quinn set in the regency era. The series has eight books, following the love story of each of the eight Bridgerton siblings.

Season 2 (book 2) – The Viscount Who Loved me follows Anthony’s story. Readers who enjoy spicy historical fiction romance will love this book. 

Kate is determined to find a husband for her sister and Anthony is determined to find himself a wife so he can fulfill his duty as the eldest son of the family.

However, Kate is not pleased with Anthony and warns her sister to stay away from him.

Eventually, Kate and Anthony, who hate each other, slowly start falling in love with each other which really complicates matters.

7. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

steamy enemies to lovers romance books

This steamy romance tells the story of enemies turned lovers, Olive and Ethan. 

When they have no choice but to go on a non-refundable and all-expenses-paid honeymoon in Hawaii posed as newlyweds (much to their initial dismay), a whirlwind of a summer romance unexpectedly begins.

Along with the enemies to lovers trope, we also get to experience reading about their forced proximity on this trip which eventually brings them together.

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8. The Hating Game by Sally Thorn

steamy enemies to lovers books

Lucy and Joshua had great chemistry and the tension built between them due to the constant hate made this book a binge-worthy read. This spicy office romance is great for enemies to lovers fans because of its winter banter and steamy scenes.

There was a lot of michief, sabotaging and banter. The hate between the two of them was strong and so was the chemistry.

Besides, the intense job competition between the main characters can be really entertaining and attractive for those who love office antics and a wholesome romantic comedy! 

9. Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma

steamy enemies to lovers books

Kareena needs to get engaged ASAP and Dr. Prem from The Dr. Dill Show is just the perfect fake boyfriend she needs.

Readers say that if you enjoyed reading Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood, you’ll enjoy reading this book too.

It is a spicy enemies to lovers book and has the fake-dating trope readers crave for. 

Plus, brown representation for the win! It has Bollywood references and people have said it is relatable from a brown culture point of view.

Wrap Up: Steamy Enemies To Lovers Books

These are some of the best spicy enemies to lovers books!

Which of the above steamy enemies to lovers books are you going to pick up next?

My personal favourite has to be A Rogue of One’s Own by Evie Dunmore.

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