20 Books Like The Twisted Series: Love, Games, Hate & Lies

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If you loved the Twisted series by Ana Huang but don’t know what to read next then you’re at the right place!

After this series went Booktok viral, readers are craving to read books like Twisted Love, Twisted Games, Twisted Hate and Twisted Lies.

books like the twisted series to read next

Each book focuses on one of the four best friends – Ava, Bridget, Jules, and Stella with their respective challenges in love, friendship and personal growth. However, they’re all spicy reads with the hottest book boyfriends you’ll never stop thinking about!

These best-sellers can be read as stand alones but the timelines are connected and take place over a span of several years. Reading the Twisted Series in chronological order will help you understand the series better.

20 Books Like The Twisted Series

In this book list, you’ll find five book recommendations for each twisted book with similar romance tropes and characters. 

So if you’re indecisive on what to read after the Twisted Series then you can easily pick the perfect novel here!

Books Like Twisted Love

1. To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise 

Olive Taylor, an author, is finally getting a movie based on her novel. However, after finding out Jason Thorn will be playing the main lead, her happiness is short-lived. 

Jason, a famous Hollywood actor, was her childhood crush and brother’s best friend. Until a tragedy occurred and he had to move away while also breaking Olive’s heart unknowingly. 

United years later, Olive is determined to avoid Jason but his scandals are ruining his reputation. When Jason suggests they fake-marry each other, Olive has no choice but to agree.


  • Books similar to Twisted Love because of the brother’s best friend trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Brother’s Best Friend, Hollywood Romance, Fake Dating, Marriage of Convenience.

2. The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon 

Shay Goldstein is a producer at her Seattle public radio station who loves her job. But recently Dominic Yun, her new colleague, has been making her life difficult. 

Since the radio station has been struggling financially, they come up with a fresh concept: A show where two ex-lovers give relationship advice. 

Their boss loves the idea and thinks Dominic and Shay should host the show since they already hate each other. The pair has no choice but to unwillingly lie to radio listeners and try to navigate through their new job or risk getting fired.


  • A standalone romance novel
  • Similar to Twisted Love because of the forced proximity and interracial romance trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Forced Proximity, Fake Dating, Enemies to Lovers, Interracial Romance. 

3. Final Proposal by K. Bromberg 

Businesswoman Ellery Sinclair’s life drastically changes when one stormy night she is stuck at a hotel bar and strikes up a conversation with Fordham Sharpe.

Later, Ellery finds out he is a powerful billionaire and one of the Sharpe International Network brothers. 

Fordham gives her a sliver of hope when he agrees to be her business partner in a hotel transformation. Soon they are spending loads of time together which ignites a fire inside them. Fordham knows Ellery is off limits but staying away is torture too.


  • Billionaire romance series, can be read as a standalone
  • Similar to Twisted Love because both are billionaire romances with forced proximity tropes.
  • Romance Tropes: Forced Proximity, Billionaire Romance, Office Romance, Friends to Lovers.

4. Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

Georgette Castle is a children’s party planner but no one takes her work seriously, especially her family. She wants to give her personality a makeover and show everybody she isn’t the town’s “little sister”. 

Georgette has one person in mind who can help her, and that’s Travis Ford, her brother’s best friend. Travis used to be Major League baseball’s best player until an injury ended his career, so now he renovates houses for a living.

He agrees to fake date Georgette for his own reasons but soon realizes she’s much more than just a girl he used to tease when they were younger. 


  • Trilogy romance series, can be read as a standalone
  • Similar to Twisted Love because of the brother’s best friend trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Brother’s best friend, Fake Dating, Forced Proximity. 

5. The Wrath & the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh

Each night, Khalid, the Caliph of Khorasan, marries a different rural girl, only to have her killed the following day. Everyone is terrified of being picked. Thus, Shahrzad’s willingness to volunteer comes as a huge shock. 

Shahrzad might seem naïve, but she has planned a cunning strategy to ensure her survival and exact revenge on the dead girls. Shahrzad’s boldness intrigues Khalid, but he must restrain himself since he cannot risk falling in love. 


Books Like Twisted Games

1. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

All eyes are on Alex Claremont-Diaz when his mother becomes America’s president. His image has always been squeaky clean. However, the only problem is that Alex has a grudge against Prince Henry of Britain. 

US-British relations are jeopardized when the tabloids click a photograph of Alex and Henry’s confrontation. Family, state, and other important people devise a damage-control strategy: Alex and Henry must act like friends in front of the media.

What begins as a fake Instagrammable connection, deepens. Soon, Alex is sucked into a covert romance with a surprisingly unpretentious Henry.


  • LGTBQ+ Representation
  • Books similar to Twisted Games because of the royal romance trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Royal Romance, Enemies to Lovers.

2. The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

Hannah Brooks is an Executive Protection Agent, recruited to defend famous actor Jack Stapleton from his creepy stalker.

After a family catastrophe a few years ago, Jack disappeared from public view and went off the radar. When his mother becomes sick, he returns to the family’s Texas ranch to help her out. 

The problem arises when he does not want his family to worry about his stalker or the bodyguard situation. As a result, Hannah finds herself pretending to be Jack’s girlfriend. 


  • A standalone novel
  • Books like Twisted Games because of the bodyguard romance trope (but reversed as the FMC is the bodyguard)
  • Romance Tropes: Bodyguard Romance, Fake Dating.

3. Bound By Temptation by Cora Reilly

Lily Scuderi, daughter of the Chicago outfit’s Consigliere, has been in love with Romero, a loyal soldier, for so long. Her heart is crushed when her father arranges her marriage to a man twice her age. 

On the other hand, Lily’s flirtation has always been ignored by Romero but even someone as obedient as him has his limits.

Wanting her when she’s supposed to be married to another guy may lead to war between New York and the Chicago Outfit. However this time, Romero is ready to risk it all in the name of love.


  • Similar to Twisted Games because of the bodyguard romance and forbidden romance trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Bodyguard Romance, Forbidden Romance, Mafia Romance.

4. The Selection by Kiera Cass

17-year-old America Singer has won a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to star in The Selection, a reality TV show where thirty-five ladies will compete for the affection of handsome Prince Maxon.

Soon, America is living a luxurious life and learns the prince has taken a special interest in her. The other ladies are raged and hate America because of that. 

The internal rivalry gets worse and not everyone is willing to follow the rules. They don’t realize that America has a secret that might derail and change the game in her favor.


  • Similar to Twisted Games because of the royal romance trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Royal Romance, Dystopian YA Romance, Love Triangle. 

5. Thorne Princess by L.J. Shen 

Hallie Margaret Thorne is the daughter of the former president which means all eyes and cameras are on her 24/7. Her father is tired of her messing up in public, so he assigns Ransom Lockwood, a live-in bodyguard, to protect her.

At first, Hallie hates Ransom for bossing her around but soon realizes there’s more to him and his grumpy personality.


  • A standalone novel
  • Similar to Twisted Games because of the bodyguard romance trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Bodyguard Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Grumpy-Sunshine.

Books Like Twisted Hate 

1. Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne

Parker Blanton met Ben Olsen during her first year of college and six years later, their friendship is stronger than ever. They even share an apartment as they navigate their new adult life. 

When Parker’s boyfriend abruptly breaks up with her, she questions Ben’s no-strings-attached dating style. She struggles to understand it until she gets the idea to try it with him.

The plan first works wonderfully. Their friendship with benefits arrangement is going strong, and they don’t have to worry about any of the feelings that come with a relationship.

However, things start to change when they start getting jealous. Parker and Ben fear their friendship is much more than platonic now.


  • A standalone novel
  • Books similar to Twisted Hate because of the friends with benefits trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Friends with Benefits, Forced Proximity, Friends to Lovers

2. Scarred by Emily McIntire

Prince Tristan Faasa wants the throne, but his older brother, Michael, stands in the way. After the traumatic childhood, he suffered because of his brother, he’ll make sure Michael never gets the crown. 

But when Lady Sara Beatreaux, Michael’s new fiancée, shows up, Tristan is embroiled in a different type of conflict. He can’t decide if he wants to steal his brother’s fiance or crown.


  • Part of a series, can be standalone novel
  • The Lion King retelling
  • Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Forbidden Romance, Royal Romance, Fairytale Retelling.

3. Tempting the Neighbor by Ashley Munoz

Nora Petrov hates winters, especially when trees fall on her house during a snowstorm. To add to her anger, her neighbour Colson Hanes doesn’t even offer to remove it. Surviving in her house is impossible with all the harsh winds coming in. 

Better than dying from hypothermia, Nora decides to break into Colson’s house to warm up. When he returns, Nora is surprised to see he isn’t mad at her and instead asks her to stay.

Colson works for Nora’s father and knows his boss’s daughter is absolutely off-limits, but he can’t resist her anymore.


4. The Score by Elle Kennedy

College student Allie Hayes has no idea what she’s going to do after graduation and she needs to think fast. To make matters worse, her long-term relationship ended, leaving her with a wounded heart. 

A no-strings-attached relationship seems like what Allie needs right now and Dean Di Laurentis, a stunning hockey player, might be able to help. 


  • Part of a series, can be read as standalone
  • Similar to Twisted Hate because of the friends with benefits trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Friends with Benefits, Bad Boy Romance, College Romance, Sports Romance.

5. Hate You (Rebel Ink #1) by Tracey Lorraine

To everyone, Tabitha Anderson seems like a spoiled posh girl, even to Zach Abbott. He hated her the moment he set his eyes on her. 

They went to college together but that doesn’t seem to earn her brownie points. Zach is convinced Tabitha will never be able to fit in when she applies for a job at his tattoo studio, but he hires her anyway.

Taking her late grandmother’s advice to follow her wild heart, Tabitha is determined to work hard and prove Zach wrong. 


  • Part of a series, can be read as standalone
  • Similar to Twisted Hate because of the enemies to lovers trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Sister’s Best Friends, Bad Boy Romance.

Books Like Twisted Lies 

1. Terms and Conditions by Lauren Asher

Declan Kane had been trained all his life to take over the family’s media empire and become the new CEO.

His final problem includes the inheritance clause in his grandfather’s will that states he must marry and produce an heir before the takeover. 

Declan gives up all hope until his assistant, Iris, offers to take on the task. Now as they act like a couple in public, the rules in their contract seem to blur. Declan finds himself falling for Iris despite trying not to.


  • Billionaire romance series, can be read as standalone.
  • Books similar to Twisted Lies because of the spice & fake dating trope.
  • MMC is similar to Christian Harper from Twisted Lies
  • Romance Tropes: Fake Dating, Marriage of Convenience, Age Gap Romance, Grumpy-Sunshine, Billionaire Romance, Office Romance. 

2. The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

Catalina Martin needs a fake boyfriend fast to attend her sister’s wedding. After she lied about dating someone in America, it spiralled out of control. Now everyone back home in Spain is eager to meet him, including her ex and his fiancee.

Catalina has just four weeks to find someone willing to go across the Atlantic and help her trick others. 

Unexpectedly, her attractive and arrogant coworker Aaron Blackford offers a helping hand. Catalina finds him infuriating and wants to decline his offer but she’s in a dire situation.  


  • Part of a series, can be read as standalone
  • Similar to Twisted Lies because of the spice & fake dating trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Fake Dating, Grumpy-Sunshine, Office Romance, Interracial Romance. 

3. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Olive Smith, a third-year Ph.D. student, doesn’t believe in relationships but her best friend Anh does. Her friend worries that she’ll end up single for the rest of her life so Olive lies about seeing someone. 

Like all scientists, Anh requires proof, so Olive panics and kisses the first man she sees. It’s none other than Adam Carlsen, a super hot professor who is also the reason behind the tears of many students. 

When Olive explains her situation to him, he offers to be her fake boyfriend. As Olive faces challenges in her career, Adam surprises her once more with his unwavering support. This makes her wonder if her relationship is fake at all.


  • Part of a series, can be read as standalone
  • Similar to Twisted Lies because of the spice & fake dating trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Fake Dating, Grumpy-Sunshine, Slow Burn Romance.

4. The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa

Solange Perreira finds herself planning a stranger’s wedding when she is forced to assist her cousin who is a wedding planner . Everything is going smoothly until she hears something she isn’t supposed to. 

Now, Solange is convinced the couple is making a mistake so she jumps in to crash the wedding.

Lawyer Dean Chapman, the groom, is shocked when Solange ruins his perfect plan. He needed to get married for a special promotion and upon hearing this Solange feels guilty.

She offers to fake date him and what begins as a show for Dean’s coworkers develops into a bond that neither he nor Solange can deny.


  • A standalone novel
  • Similar to Twisted Lies because of the fake dating trope.
  • Romance Tropes: Fake Dating, One Bed Trope, Grumpy-Sunshine. 

5. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Olive Torres never thought she would go on a honeymoon trip to Hawaii with her sworn enemy, Ethan Thomas.

After everyone at her twin sister Ami’s wedding got food poisoning, except for Olive and Ethan, she wanted them to go on this once-in-a-lifetime trip instead. 

Ami doesn’t want to waste the tickets so Olive and Ethan have no choice but to do as the bride says. As they spend a relaxing time in Hawaii, Olive and Ethan realize they can get along really well.


  • A standalone novel
  • Romance Tropes: Fake Dating, Forced Proximity, One Bed Trope, Enemies to Lovers.

What To Read After Twisted Series

Just finished reading the Twisted Series by Ana Huang? Here’s what to read next:

  1. King of Wrath series (Wrath, Pride, Greed & Sloth)
  2. Books like Twisted Love, Games, Hate and Lies from this post
  3. The Striker (Ana Huang’s new soccer romance)

Wrap Up: Books Similar To The Twisted Series

These were 20 books like Twisted Series! You’ll find books that are similar to each of the four books: Twisted Love, Games, Hate and Lies.

Twisted Series is well known for its morally grey men along with many iconic spicy scenes so you can find similar books in this list. 

Ana Huang takes well-loved tropes such as fake dating and billionaire romance and mixes in a bit of danger and mystery. Novels in this list include tropes similar to the ones in Twisted books, I hope you’ll find your next favourite read!

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