Twisted Hate: Spicy Chapters, Spice Level & Romance Tropes

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In this blog post, I’ll be answering all your burning questions on Twisted Hate’s spice level, spicy chapters and more about the romance in the third instalment of the Twisted series by Ana Huang.

Twisted Hate follows the story of Josh and Jules. They strongly dislike each other, despite the fact that the two are pretty similar to each other. Readers loved their wild and carefree nature which made this book slightly different from other twisted books.

In Twisted Hate, readers get to follow along Josh and Jules’ journey as they navigate adult life.

What Is Twisted Hate About?

All Jules Ambrose wants is to peacefully pass her Law school bar exam but with Josh Chen being a thorn at her side that seems impossible. 

Josh is Jules’ best friend’s (Ava) older brother who loves to annoy her whenever he gets the chance. Josh thinks Jules is bad influence on Ava, which is why they’re always picking on each every time they’re in the same room. 

However, Josh can’t seem to deny that there’s something about Jules that he can’t seem to shake off. He cannot get her out of his mind. The two of them get into a friends with benefits arrangement that can go either way. 

Is Twisted Hate A Spicy Book?

Yes! Twisted Hate is a spicy romance book, especially because it includes the friends-with-benefits trope which leads to multiple steamy open-door scenes.

Twisted Hate Spice Level

With a spice rating of 5/5, Twisted Hate is rated the spiciest book in the Twisted Series.

When Does Twisted Hate Get Spicy?

About 25% through the book is when Twisted Hate gets spicy. The first spicy scene can be found in chapter 18.

Twisted Hate Spicy Chapters

Twisted Hate spicy chapters are 18, 22, 23, 26, 28, 46, 52, and 53. You can skip right ahead to these chapters if that’s what you’re looking for.

twisted hate spicy chapters list

How Many Chapters Are In Twisted Hate?

Twisted Hate has 58 chapters that are in dual pov.

Twisted Hate Romance Tropes

Romance tropes included in Twisted Hate are:

Twisted Hate Age Rating

Twisted Hate is rated 18+ due to its explicit scenes and profanity that is suitable for mature readers only.

Who Are The Main Characters in Twisted Hate?

Our main characters are Jules Ambrose and Josh Chen. Jules is a 24-year-old redhead in Law school while Josh is a 29-year-old, third-generation American-Chinese med school resident. Jules meets Josh through Ava (her best friend) as Josh is Ava’s brother.

Does Twisted Hate Have A Happy Ending?

Yes! Josh and Jules get their happy ending. After Jules asks for Christain Harper’s help with her blackmailer, she is able to get rid of her stalker ex-boyfriend and confesses to Josh about the whole event. Josh realizes he is not angry at Jules anymore and forgives her for hiding everything from him. 

Is Twisted Hate Worth Reading?

Yes! If you love the enemies-to-lovers trope, friends-with-benefits trope and fiery banter between the main characters then you should read Twisted Hate. Jules and Josh’s story won’t disappoint you!

Wrap Up: Twisted Hate Spicy Scenes, Characters, Romance Tropes and More

I hope this guide to Twisted Hate helped you decide if this book is worth your time. If you’d like to read the spicy chapters in Twisted Hate, you can always skip ahead to the chapters mentioned in this post.

However, don’t be afraid to try to read this book for it’s lovable characters, romance and storyline.

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