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In this blog post, I’ll be answering all your burning questions on King of Greed by Ana Huang, it is the third book among seven books in the Kings of Sins series.

If you want to know more on King of Greed spicy chapters, quotes, characters and my personal review, read along!

king of greed spicy chapters

King of Greed is slightly different from most Ana Huang books we’ve seen because of the marriage in trouble romance trope that we don’t really see much of in romance books these days.

In fact, the book starts off with Dom and Ale being married for ten years and in the first few chapters, they get into a huge conflict which makes Ale decide it’s time to leave the marriage, which is very unlike most of Ana Huang’s twisted books.

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What is King of Greed About?

King of Greed is a rags to riches story that follows Dominic Davenport, a nobody who became a billionaire through years of education and hardwork.

By his side stands, Alessandra, the girl who saw potential in him during their university days. Together, they have been married for ten years.

However, their relationship is no longer what it used to be, Alessandra is tired of being a trophy wife that barely gets the time to speak, yet alone spend time with her workaholic husband.

Unfortunately, when Dom misses their 10-year-anniversary, Ale reaches a breaking point and decides to leave him.

King of Greed: My Honest Review

Note: Spoilers can be found in this section. Please skip if you haven’t read the book already.

King of Greed is not your typical spicy morally-grey Ana Huang romance. Don’t get me wrong, readers still get all the juicy steamy scenes they’d want in an Ana Huang book but this book had a lot more to it.

This is probably because the King of Greed couple is unlike any other couple we’ve read before. The main characters are married for a decade and the book jumps straight into the conflict, allowing readers to peer into Alessandra’s loneliness because of Dominic’s absence in her life.

This marriage-in-trouble book did hurt to read. It’s sad to see how sour a relationship can become when people choose to prioritize money over the love of their life.

The flashbacks each of them had to the time where they were young and in love university students was quite painful to read. In terms of making me feel the pain of the characters, the author did great.

To be honest, the beginning of the book kept me engaged because I really wanted to know how was Dominic planning to win Alessandra back. I like that Alessandra didn’t give in too easily (because I think anyone would have ran back to Dominic after all the grovelling he did, oh and of course the fact that he is a hot billionaire).

But half-way through I lost interest as it was pretty repetitive. Alessandra kept running and Dominic kept running after her. I got tired of the chase and just wanted her to accept him already.

Fortunately, there was a subplot on Dominic’s past life (before he was rich) and that mystery kept me reading.

Overall, it was a 3.5 stars for me. It was an emotional read and I like how raw the main characters were. I did feel like if the middle part of the book was more eventful and less repetitive, I would have been more emotionally invested.

Also.. King of Greed gave me gossip girl vibes. Probably because of the Manhattan society lifestyle and the amount of parties/events the characters attended which led them to meet other characters from the Kings of Sin and Twisted series. Oh and also, anonymous calls.

Is King of Greed A Spicy Book?

Yes. King of Greed contains mature open-door romance scenes which are recommended for 18+ readers.

King of Greed Spice Level

King of Greed has a spice level of 3/5. Despite Dom and Ale’s shaky marriage, there were multiple open-door romance scenes which makes this book a steamy read.

King of Greed Spicy Chapters

The spicy chapters in King of Greed are chapters 11, 13, 31, 33 and 34. Now you can easily visit the spicy scenes whenever you’d like. 

king of greed spicy chapters

King of Greed Age Rating

King of Greed has an age rating of 18+ and is generally recommended for a mature audience due to profanity, mild violence and steamy romance scenes. 

King of Greed Romance Tropes

King of Greed Characters

  • Dominic Davenport
  • Alessandra Davenport/Ferreira
  • Dante Russo
  • Vivian Lau
  • Kai Young
  • Isabelle
  • Roman
  • Sloane Kensington
  • Xavier Castillo
  • Josh Chen
  • Jules Ambrose

5 Best King of Greed Quotes

  1. “I don’t have the money to buy you all the flowers you deserve yet,” he said, sounding so solemn and formal I couldn’t help but smile at the contrast between his tone and the jar of colorful paper flowers in his hands. “So I made them instead.”
  2. After two weeks apart, kissing her felt like coming home.
  3. No matter how solid the rock, waves would eventually erode it through sheer persistence. It was a law of nature, unstoppable and inevitable.
  4. I would lay myself bare to her a million times for one more chance with the girl who never gave up on me. It didn’t matter if I was trying to pass a college class or build an empire in her honor, she would always be my driving force.
  5. “Alessandra, you are the most important thing to me. Being your husband will always be my greatest honor and accomplishment. No victory will ever taste as sweet as the press of your lips against mine. I lost you, and I don’t deserve you.”

FAQs about King of Greed

Yes, you can read King of Greed as a standalone as it follows the story of an entirely different couple from the Kings of Sin series.

Yes, you can read King of Greed before King of Wrath or King of Pride. However, it is recommended to read the series in order as you’ll get to see glimpse of other couples throughout the book.

Yes there is a bonus scene for King of Greed. You can find the bonus scene on Ana Huang’s website.

The main characters in King of Greed are Dominic Davenport, King of Wall Street and Alessandra Davenport who is his wife.

King of Sloth is expected to be released on 30th April 2024. The fourth book in the series follows Sloane Kensington and Xavier Castillo.

It is confirmed by the author that the main characters in King of Sloth are Sloane Kensington and Xavier Castillo.

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