40 Iron Flame Book Club Questions & Discussion Guide

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After reading Fourth Wing with your book club buddies, you’re most likely going to indulge in Iron Flame and discuss it in your next book club session as well.

Dive into these Iron Flame book club questions (spoiler-free and non-spoiler free) and jump on the hottest booktok fantasy.

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Iron Flame Book Club Questions (No Spoilers)

  1. Discuss the title of the book.
  2. What was the most surprising plot twist in Iron Flame that you never saw coming?
  3. Which did you like reading more; part 1 or part 2 of Iron Flame and why?
  4. Discuss your favourite and least favourite “Brennan is alive” reaction.
  5. What format did you read Iron Flame in and was it the right choice?
  6. Do you think Dain is being honest in this book and should Violet trust him?
  7. Which of the new characters in Iron Flame is your favourite?
  8. What is something you wanted more off/less off that you didn’t get from Iron Flame?
  9. What is your favourite class in Basgiath War College?
  10. Who is your favourite character in Basgiath War College?
  11. If you had to sacrifice Ridoc, Sawyer or Rhiannon to keep Violet alive who would it be?
  12. Rebecca Yarros is known for killing off readers favourite characters. Did any of the deaths in Iron Flame surprise you?
  13. Who is your favourite marked one (besides Xaden, of course) and why?
  14. What were your initial thoughts of General Sorrengail and how have they changed by the time you got to the end of the book?
  15. Besides Violet, who is your favourite Sorrengail sibling and why?
  16. After all the secrets Xaden has kept from Violet, do you trust him and why?
  17. Did you like the spicy scenes in Iron Flame or Fourth Wing more?
  18. Based on Fourth Wing, we knew that Liam Mairi’s sister Sloane would be joining the quadrant as a first year in the next Threshing. What did you expect Sloane to be like and were your predictions correct?
  19. Tairn hates Solas and took his eye out. Do you have any theories on why does he hate Solas so much?
  20. Who do you think is the Sage? Discuss your theories.
  21. Do you think Violet’s chronic illness representation accurate in Iron Flame?
  22. In Iron Flame, readers got to see a little bit more of Poromiel and the aristocracy, would you have wanted more of that in the book?
  23. If you could only kill one villain – Professor Markham, Colonol Aetos or Major Varrish, who would it be and why?
  24. What are your thoughts on Xaden’s and Violet’s relationship progress in Iron Flame?
  25. What are your thoughts on the ending of Iron Flame? Did you like it and will you be reading book three?
  26. If you had to choose between being a Scribe or Gryphon Flier, what would you pick?
  27. Who would you cast in an on-screen adaptation of Iron Flame?

Iron Flame Book Club Questions (With Spoilers)

  1. In Iron Flame, Brennan said that Naolin tried to save him and it “cost him everything”. What do you think happened to Naolin since we know that Brennan is alive?
  2. What were your thoughts about Dain switching Sloane to Fourth Wing?
  3. What do you think is Violet’s second signet?
  4. “Secrets die with the people who keep them.” Discuss this quote.
  5. Now that we see more of Gryphons and their fliers, what is your opinion on them?
  6. There’s never been a rider king before, do you think Aaric will one day rule Navarre and why?
  7. Why do you think General Sorrengail was searching for a cure for Venins?
  8. Do you think Liam was a hallucination of Violet or real during the interrogation scene?
  9. Why did leadership bring Jack Barlow back? Discuss your theories.
  10. Xaden Riorson is also the Duke of Aretia, did you see that coming and how does this make you feel?
  11. In Fourth Wing, we saw a blooming romance between Jesinia and Liam. But in Iron Flame, we see Sawyer starting have feelings for Jesinia. Which couple do you ship more and why?
  12. What are your thoughts on Xaden’s second signet? Did you see it coming?
  13. What is your opinion on Catriona’s character? Did your feelings about her change throughout the book?

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Wrap-Up: Iron Flame Discussion Questions

I hope this Iron Flame book club guide was helpful to you. If you haven’t read Fourth Wing & Iron Flame yet, be sure to add the hottest fantasy series at the moment to your TBR!

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