Iron Flame Venins & Wyverns Explained

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As I was reading Iron Flame, I instantly knew that I had to write a dedicated post on Venins and Wyverns. Although we only saw glimpse of them in Fourth Wing, Venins and Wyverns became crucial to the world-building of Iron Flame.

While reading Iron Flame, I struggled with understanding more about Venins and Wyverns. As I am a beginner fantasy reader, it was not easy for me to imagine and remember every single fact that was in this book about these creatures (and let me tell you, there were a lot of them!).

iron flame venins and wyverns

Looking at how the Empyrean series is unfolding, I can confidently say that Venins and Wyverns are going to be important for us readers to pay attention to as they most likely will be present up till the last book of the series.

Iron Flame physical copy has 623 pages while the Kindle edition has 884 pages. Since I read the book on my Kindle, the page numbers will align with the Kindle pages. However, i’ve included chapter numbers for your easy reference.

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Venins in Iron Flame: Everything We Know So Far

  • Barrens, the dry, desert-covered peninsula in the southeast that all dragonkind abandoned after General Daramor ruined the land during the Great War is inhabited by none. (Page 30, Chapter 2)
  • In fables, it is said that Venins come out of the Barrens, sucking the land dry of magic, moving city to city (Page 30, Chapter 2). Sucking the land dry refers to Venins who feed power through the ground to survive (Page 799, Chapter 60).
  • Something killed off the Venin six hundred years ago during the Great War, and we do not know what that is. Temporarily, forging the daggers will keep riders and fliers in the fight long (Page 35, Chapter 2)
  • The only thing that can kill a venin is what powers the wards. The daggers are made of the material that powers the wards (Page 182, Chapter 12)
  • It was only in the last fifty years that they were no longer solely coming from the Barrens. They’d begun to take recruits, teaching those who never bonded a gryphon to channel what was not theirs to take, to upset the balance of magic by stealing it from the very source. (Page 612, Chapter 45)
  • Venins can kill you if they drain the ground you are standing on (Page 815, Chapter 61)
  • Venin will mimic your fighting style, so change it up if you have no choice but hand-to-hand (Page 803, Chapter 60)
  • There are different types of dark wielders, depending on their age and experience. Initiates have reddish rings to their eyes that come and go depending on how often they drain. Asims’ eyes fluctuate in degrees of red, and their veins distend when riled. Sages, those responsible for initiates, eyes are permanently red, their veins perpetually distended toward their temples, expanding with age. Mavens, their generals, have never been captured for examination (Page 642, Chapter 47).

At this point, i’m assuming that Venins are Initiates, because of the reddish rings to their eyes that has been mentioned several times throughout the book, and the fact that Sages are teachers to the Venins (Page 33, Chapter 2).

  • Venins create Wyverns and they share a collective conscious with them (Page 610, Chapter 44).
  • If you want to kill a Wyvern, kill the venin who created them, and those wyvern will fall. Venins stick close to their creations during a battle. (Page 715, Chapter 61)
  • Venins can somehow get pass the wards (Page 798, Chapter 60). Although, this might not make them at full strength, incapable of wielding greater magic. However, they are already among those at Basgiath. It seems they were not only recruiting Gryphons, but also riders (Page 799, Chapter 60)
  • Venin will mimic your fighting style, so change it up if you have no choice but hand-to-hand (Page 803, Chapter 60)
  • General Sorrengail tried to find a cure for those who turned Venin, but there is no cure, only control (Page 876, Chapter 66)

Wyverns in Iron Flame: Everything We Know So Far

  • There are at least three breeds of Wyverns. One that produce a blue fire, a faster one that breathes green fire (Page 30, Chapter 2) and one that breathes cherry-red fire (Page 863, Chapter 64).
  • Wyverns are created by Venin. They channel power into Wyvern (Page 31, Chapter 2) / Page 576, Chapter 42).
  • Wyverns are also riderless (Page 31, Chapter 2).
  • Venins use runes (marked rocks that hold power) to create Wyverns (Page 763, Chapter 57)
  • Wyverns are the distraction and the weapon. To take down one of the Venin, you kill the wyvern they’ve created. (Page 803, Chapter 60)

Wrap-Up: Iron Flame Venins & Wyverns Explained

These were some of the notes on venins and Wyverns that I took while reading Iron Flame. I hope this guide helps you in your re-read or in preparation for the next book!

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