Fourth Wing Characters, Dragons & Signets (Updated for Iron Flame)

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I cannot remember when was the last time I’ve read a fantasy book with this many characters!

Fourth Wing is packed with characters (some major enough to make this list, and some minor ones we’ll skip for now unless necessary to include).

Besides Fourth Wing characters, there are a ton of dragons too! Each dragon is a combination of its tail type and colour, making there quite a bit of dragons to remember.

Fourth Wing Characters

Plus, lets not forget about each dragon’s rider and their signet. Yep, there’s just a lot of information to absorb while reading Fourth Wing. Therefore, i’ve created this guide to help you have a smoother reading experience when diving into this brutal fantasy.

To be honest, i’m not just writing this guide for you. I am also writing this guide for me to refer to when Iron Flame officially releases.

Rebecca Yarros has mentioned that this series is going to be a 5 book series. I hope that this extensive character guide along with it’s dragons and signet manifestation would be helpful to not only myself but also anyone who wants to read the Empyrean series.

This guide consist of personal notes taken on my Kindle. If i’ve missed out anything essential, feel free to let me know!

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Fourth Wing Characters

Here’s a complete Fourth Wing character list. There are many characters in the first installment of the Empyrean series. So, I only listed the one’s you’ll read about repeatedly.

Violet Sorrengail

Violet Sorrengail is a 20-year-old girl who is pale and frail. She has weak bones and ligaments and was never meant to enroll into the Riders’ Quadrant but was forced to do so by her mother, General Lilith Sorrengail. In fact, Violet was trained her whole life to become a Scribe.

General Lilith Sorrengail

General Lilith Sorrengail is mother to Violet, Mira and Brennan. She is a respected rider and also general.

Mira Sorrengail

Mira Sorrengail is Violet’s older sister. She is a lieutenant, and is one of the strongest riders of her generation.

Brennan Sorrengail

Brennan Sorrengail is Violet’s older brother. He died in the Battle of Aretia. He is one of the most brilliant among his peers and has a rare signet, mending.

Violet’s Father

Violet’s father is no longer alive. He died shortly after Brennan’s death. He was a scribe and used to read folklore to Violet when she was a little girl.

Xaden Riorson

Xaden Riorson is a 23-year-old wingleader of Fourth Wing. He is one of the 107 children of the rebellions. He strongly dislikes Violet Sorrengail because she’s the daughter of General Lilith Sorrengail, who executed his father.

Fen Riorson

Xaden’s father, also known as The Great Betrayer who lead the rebellion.

Dain Aetos

Violet’s best-friend since the age of five. He has a soft spot for Violet and wants to keep her safe from the brutality of Basgiath War College. He is also Violet’s squad leader.

Colonel Aetos

Dain’s father and also General Lilith Sorrengail’s advisor.

Rhiannon Matthias

Rhiannon Matthias is the first friend Violet makes in the quadrant. She eventually becomes Violet’s best friend.

Liam Mairi

Liam Mairi is one of the rebellion children. He is Xaden’s bestfriend.

Sloane Mairi

Sloane Mairi is Liam’s sister. She will be enrolling into the quadrant in next year’s intake as a first year student as Basgiath.

Jack Barlow

Jack Barlow is one of Violet’s enemies in the quadrant. His makes it his mission to kill her; to eliminate the weaklings of the quadrant.

Jesinia Neilwart

Jesinia Neilwart is Violet’s friend who is a Scribe.


Imogen is one of the rebellion children. She is a second year student at Basgiath War College and is friends with Xaden, Garrick and Liam.


Garrick is one of the section leaders of Fourth Wing. He works closely with Xaden.

Amber Mavis

Amber Mavis is the wingleader of Third Wing and is also a close friend of Dain Aetos.

Oren Seifert

Oren Seifert is one of Violet’s enemies in the quadrant and is also a friend of Jack Barlow.


Bodhi is Xaden’s cousin. He looks a lot like Xaden, just smaller and more approachable.


Quinn is a second year student at Basgiath War College and is Imogen’s love interest.

Fourth Wing Dragons

In this section, we’ll explore different Fourth wing dragon types, where we will learn about various dragon names, dragon tail type, colour and it’s rider, along with a few facts about dragons that I took note of while reading the book.

In Fourth Wing, Dragons are part of a political government called the Empyrean. Humans have no knowledge of Empyrean affairs and no influence over dragon laws. 

A dragon will choose a rider to bond with to channel its powers through them. This forms a unique power in the rider due to the dragon-rider, called a signet.

Dragons bond with riders to protect their home, the Vale, from the enemy – gryphons and their riders (or “flyers”).

Fourth Wing Dragons Colours & Tail Type

Fourth Wing Dragons are classified according to their colours and tail types. You’ll also learn Fourth Wing dragon names and its meaning in the below table.

Dragon NameMeaning Dragon Type (Tail)Dragon ColourRider
Tairneanach (Tairn)ThunderMorningstarBlackViolet Sorrengail
Andarnaurram (Andarna)The Second HonourFeathertailGoldViolet Sorrengail
SgaeylShadowDaggertailBlueXaden Riorson
TeineFireDaggertailGreenMira Sorrengail
MarbhDeadDaggertailOrangeBrennan Sorrengail
AimsirWeatherTBCBrownGeneral Lilith Sorrengail
DeighIceDaggertailRedLiam Mairi
FeirgeAngerDaggertailGreenRhiannon Matthias
CathBattleSwordtailRedDain Aetos
CodaghWarMorningstartailBlackGeneral Melgren
BaideHerdScorpiontailOrangeJack Barlow
ClaidhCemetryDaggertailOrangeAmber Mavis
A comprehensive guide to Fourth Wing dragon names, meanings, types, colours and riders.

There are 7 dragon colours in Fourth Wing:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Orange

There are 6 dragon tail types in Fourth Wing:

  • Morningstartail
  • Daggertail
  • Swordtail
  • Clubtail
  • Scorpiontail
  • Feathertail – unstable and unpredictable. Hence, typically unsuitable for bonding. Feathertails also refuse to fight and therefore are not suitable for battle.

Black Dragons

Black dragons are the deadliest species in Navarre, they are also very rare. They are also the smartest, most discerning and cunning. With none being born in the last century, they are also the rarest type of dragon.

Black Morningstartails are extremely rare. There is only two of them. One of them has been bonded to General Melgren and the other is not willing to bond ever since his rider was killed.

Blue Dragons

Blue dragons descend from the Gormfaileas line, and are known for their formidable size. They are also the most vicious of all dragons.

There are no blue dragons willing to bond during Threshing. However, there are a few blue dragons in active service, you’ll find them along Esben Mountains where fighting is the most intense.

Blue Daggertails is the rarest of all the blues, they are extremely ruthless. Sgaeyl, a blue daggertail, is the most powerful of all of the blues.

Red Dragons

Red dragons are quickest to temper, especially a Red Scorpiontail. Never look a red dragon in the eye.

The best way to approach a Red Scorpiontail is to approach them from the left and from the front. During Threshing, there only three Red Scorpiontails willing to bond.

Green Dragons

Green dragons are known for their intellect. They descent from the Uaineloidsig line and are the most rational of dragons, making them the perfect siege weapons. This is especially true for Green Clubtails. Also, never backdown from a green dragon.

Orange Dragons

Orange Dragons come in different shades of apricot to carrot. They are unpredictable and therefore a risk. The descend from the Fhaircorain line.

Brown Dragons

Never show trepidation to a brown dragon.

Gold Dragon

Dragons are only gold-feathered as hatchlings. These baby dragons do not know what colour their scales will eventually turn into. Only the eldest of dragons can sense what their scales colours might be.

More About Fourth Wing Dragons

  • Dragons never supplicate for anyone.
  • Dragons cannot emotionally recover from the loss of their bonded rider, especially when the bond is strong.
  • Dragons only reveal their full name to their bonded riders.
  • Dragons only talk to their bonded riders.
  • Dragons cannot bond with the relative of their previous rider, it is forbidden (However, Sgaeyl does this anyway).
  • No human alive has ever seen a baby dragon.
  • Baby dragons are not allowed to bond.
  • Mated dragons cannot stay away from each other for long periods or their health diminishes. If anything brutal were to happen with one of the riders or dragons, the other rider and dragon will also be affected.
  • Watch this video to learn how to pronounce dragon names in Fourth Wing.

Fourth Wing Signets

A signet is a power that riders manifest once they have been bonded with a dragon.

Signets are the result of unique chemistry between rider and dragon, they usually say more about the rider instead of the dragon. The stronger the bond and the more powerful the dragon, the stronger the signet.

Tairneanach (Tairn)Violet SorrengailLightning
Andarnaurram (Andarna)Violet SorrengailTBC
SgaeylXaden RiorsonShadows
TeineMira SorrengailExtending Wards
AimsirGeneral Lilith SorrengailStorms
DeighLiam MairiFarsightedness
FeirgeRhiannon MatthiasSummoning
CathDain AetosReading Memories
SliseagSawyerManipulating Metals
CodaghGeneral MelgrenSeeing Battle Outcome
MarbhBrennan SorrengailMending
Tairneanach (Tairn)NaolinSiphoning
TBCEmeryAir Manipulation
TBCQuinnAstral Projection
A comprehensive guide to Fourth Wing dragon names, meanings, types, colours and riders.

While reading Fourth Wing and scouting the internet for answers, I realized that the dragon names translate to the signets their riders manifest. However, this is just an observation and is not something that’s mentioned in the book or part of the world-building.

Tip: If you know what the dragon name means, you most likely can guess the rider’s signet. This however doesn’t work for all. Eg: Ridoc wields ice but his dragon name is Aotrom which means light.

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fourth wing summary

FAQ: Fourth Wing Characters, Dragons, Signets and More!

(Note: this section answers some of your burning questions on Fourth Wing, please note that there are spoilers, proceed with caution!)

What is a Signet in Fourth Wing?

A signet is a power manifested in a rider from their dragon. A signet is formed due to the unique combination or rider and dragon. It often says more about the rider than the dragon.

What is Violet’s Signet in Fourth Wing?

Violet Sorrengail’s signet is the ability to wield lightning. She get’s this signet from Tairn who channels his powers through her.

What Chapter Does Violet Get Her Signet in Fourth Wing?

Violet gets her signet in Chapter 28 of Fourth Wing. At battle, she uses it to kill Jack Barlow.

What Chapter Does Violet Get Her Dragon in Fourth Wing?

Violet gets her dragon in chapter 14. Her dragon name is Tairn, a black morningstar tail.

Wrap Up: Fourth Wing Characters, Dragons & Signets

I hope this Fourth Wing character guide was helpful to you! If you do pick up this adult fantasy book, I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

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