Guide to Xaden Riorson: Physical Descripton & Character Profile

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In 2023, fantasy romance readers have found a new bookish boyfriend. Some say he’s trying to dethrone Rhysand from ACOTAR as one of the most hottest and mysterious male love interests. He is none other than shadow daddy – Xaden Riorson.

Xaden, the irresistible main love interest of the Fourth Wing book series, has become the ultimate book boyfriend for many readers.

xaden riorson physical description

This guide delves into learning about Xaden Riorson physical description, personality traits and also exploring the reasons behind his popularity.

Keep reading to discover the allure and charm Xaden brings to the pages of Fourth Wing & Iron Flame.

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Xaden Riorson Description & Profile

NameXaden Riorson
Height6″4′ +
Place of BirthAretia, Tyrrendor (Navarre)
RankRider, Fourth Wing Wingleader
Place of BirthAretia, Tyrrendor Province, Navarre
FamilyFen Riorson (Father)
Liam Mairi (Foster brother)
Bodhi (Cousin)
RelationshipsViolet Sorrengail (Lover & Fated Mate)
Garrick (Most Trusted Friend)
DragonSgaeyl (Blue Daggertail)
SignetShadow Wielder and Inntinnsic
Favourite foodChocolate Cake

Xaden Riorson Physical Description

Xaden Riorson is over six feet four inches tall. He has windblown black hair and dark brows. His skin is tawny and his built is muscular. His eyes are in the shade of gold-flecked onyx. He has sharp facial features and they’re covered with dark stubbles. He also has a diagonal scar that bisects his left eyebrow and marks the top corner of this cheek. (Page 38, Fourth Wing)

Xaden has a rebellion relic that curves in dips and swirls. It starts at his bare left wrist, then disappears under his black uniform to appear again at his collar, where it stretches and swirls up his neck, stopping at his jawline. (Page 38, Fourth Wing)

Xaden Riorson Character Description

Xaden Riorson is a mysterious character in the book “Fourth Wing.” He is the son of Fen Riorson, who used to fight against the rulers, so people call him one of the “marked-ones.”

At Basgiath War College, he is the wingleader of Fourth Wing and is known for being really good at strategy as well as being one of the strongest riders of his generation.

Besides being mysterious and brutal in his ways, Xaden is loyal and protective of those that he loves.

Xaden Riorson Birthday

March. The exact date of birth is yet to be confirmed Xaden mentions on Page 445 in Fourth Wing that his birthday is in March

Xaden Riorson Zodiac Sign

As Xaden was born in March, he could either be a Pisces or an Aries. We see both Pisces (sensitive, compassionate) and Aries (charming, confident, bold) traits in Xaden.

Xaden Riorson Height

Xaden Riorson’s height is more than four inches over six feet tall.

Xaden Riorson MBTI

Xaden Riorson would have an ISTP personality because he is emotionally detached, realistic, practical, action-orientated and confident.

Xaden Riorson Eye Colour

Xaden Riorson eye colour is described as gold-specked onyx.

Xaden Riorson Ethnicity

Xaden Riorson’s ethnicity has not been specified. However, Xaden has tawny skin and is a person of colour as it was confirmed by Rebecca Yarros herself.

Why is Xaden Riorson so famous?

Here are 5 reasons why readers love Xaden Riorson:

  1. He is mysterious – just when readers think they’re beginning to learn more about Xaden, they’re proven wrong when he reveals the secrets that he has been hiding about his family, Aretia and Navarre, making getting to know him a thrilling chase.
  2. He is loyal – it is obvious that Xaden fiercely protects the people that he loves. He is loyal to the rebellion (especially the marked-ones) and he is loyal to Violet.
  3. He is compassionate – Xaden has 107 scars on his back. Each scar is from a whipping that he took to protect the other rebellion kids.
  4. He is a great leader – Xaden is the leader of Fourth Wing and gains a lot of respect from everyone in Basgiath (many student in the war college still listen to him over Dain). He is also the influential and responsible in leading the rebellion at Aretia.
  5. He is sexy – last but not least (I should have started off with this point), Xaden Riorson is sexy. This shadow daddy has readers by the chokehold with this playful flirting, impressive bedroom action and most importantly, heartfelt and sincere love confessions, making him a difficult book boyfriend to resist.

Wrap-Up: Xaden Riorson Description & Character Guide

Do you think Xaden Riorson is the ultimate book boyfriend of 2023? Since Rhysand from ACOTAR, I have not spotted a male love interest in fantasy that has gotten this much hype.

I hope this guide to Xaden Riorson’s physical description and personality traits a long with a few fun facts like his favourite food, birthday and zodiac sign helps spark your love for him.

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