Twisted Lies: Spicy Chapters, Spice Level & Romance Tropes

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In this blog post, I’ll be answering all your burning questions on Twisted Lies by Ana Huang, including Twisted Lies spicy chapters list, it’s spice level, romance tropes and more.

When it comes to popular book boyfriends, Christian Harper is no stranger to romance readers. Spicytok loves Christian, and even more so the last twisted couple, Christian and Stella.

What Is Twisted Lies About?

Twisted Lies picks up right after the events of Twisted Hate but it can be read as a standalone.

Sweet and shy Stella Alonso is a social media lifestyle influencer. She needs to increase her following quickly to get a brand ambassador. 

Getting into a relationship will instantly boost her following as it’ll stir up the media. Luckily, she knows the right person to ask for a favour, and that’s Christian Harper. He also owns the luxury building where Stella lives.

Turns out there’s another issue Stella has to deal with, she has a creepy stalker. Fortunately, Christian is prepared to protect her at all costs when he realizes he cannot stay away from her. 

Is Twisted Lies A Spicy Book?

Yes, Twisted Lies is spicy but there are fewer open-door romance scenes compared to the other Twisted series books.

Twisted Lies Spice Level

Twisted Lies has a spice level of ⅗, it is a slow-burn romance and has fewer spicy scenes compared to other twisted books.

When Does Twisted Lies Get Spicy?

About 30% through the book is when Twisted Lies gets spicy. The first spicy scene can be found in chapter 19.

Twisted Lies Spicy Chapters

Even though Twisted Lies is the least spicy book in the series, there are spicy scenes in chapters 19, 23, 31, 32, 36, 39, and 53.

twisted lies spicy chapters

How Many Chapters Are There In Twisted Lies?

Twisted Lies has 56 chapters. It is the longest Twisted book and is in dual pov.

Twisted Lies Romance Tropes

Twisted Lies Age Rating

Twisted Lies has an age rating of 18+ due to its explicit scenes, profanity, and violence. 

Who Are The Main Characters in Twisted Lies?

26-year-old Stella Alonso is a social media influencer and fashion blogger, who is introverted in real life. She loves drinking wheatgrass smoothies and spending time with her 3 best friends Ava, Bridget and Jules.

On the other hand, billionaire Christian Harper is a 34-year-old CEO of a security company with a troubled past. He has two obsessions: Stella and a precious painting that was stolen from him.

Twisted Lies Trigger Warnings

Twisted Lies trigger warnings include:

  • Graphic violence 
  • Stalking
  • Kidnapping 
  • Anxiety 
  • Alzheimer’s 
  • Death of a parent
  • Parental neglect

Does Twisted Lies Have A Happy Ending?

Yes, Twisted Lies ends on a light note! After Stella finds her personal information in Christian’s office drawers, she is heartbroken to have her privacy invaded. Later, Stella gets kidnapped by her stalker. Christian figures something isn’t right so he tracks Stella’s location to an abandoned cabin. He saves her and Stella ends up forgiving Christian.

Is Twisted Lies Worth Reading?

Yes, Ana Huang did a great job writing the chemistry between Stella and Christian. If fake dating tropes and close proximity romance books are your favourite then you should give Twisted Lies a shot! 

twisted lies boat scene is in chapter 39

FAQs on Twisted Lies

Stella gets kidnapped in Chapter 49 of Twisted Lies.

The boat scene in Twisted Lies is in Chapter 39.

Wrap Up: Spicy Chapters in Twisted Lies

Finally, we’ve covered the last book from the Twisted Series, Twisted Lies and if you were wondering “is Twisted Lies spicy?”, I hope you have your answer!

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