Twisted Games: Spicy Chapters, Spice Level & Romance Tropes

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In this blog post, I’ll be answering all your burning questions on Twisted Games by Ana Huang, including what are the Twisted Hate spicy chapters, it’s spice level and more about the romance tropes in this book.

In the second book of the Twisted series, we follow the love story of Princess Bridget and Rhys, her bodyguard.

If you’re wondering, “is Twisted Games spicy?” and if you should add it to your TBR, be sure to read further!

What Is Twisted Games About?

Twisted Games is the second book in the Twisted Series.

Princess Bridget von Ascheberg’s days of freedom are over when she hears the news of her brother abdicating the throne in Eldora. She must step in and become a queen, a role she never prepared for. 

To make matters worse, Bridget is expected to marry someone royal when her heart already belongs to her bodyguard, Rhys Larsen, an ex-Navy SEAL.

Their forbidden romance was doomed from the beginning, but with Bridget becoming queen soon, she wonders if she can keep the throne and her love without any sacrifice.  

Is Twisted Games A Spicy Book?

Yes, Twisted Games is spicy as it has multiple open door romance scenes that are suitable for an older audience.

Twisted Games Spice Level

Twisted Games has a spice level of ⅘. It’s the second spiciest novel in the series after Twisted Hate. 

Twisted Games Spicy Chapters List

The spicy chapters in Twisted Games are chapter 19, 28, 29, 32, 36 and 45. Jump to these chapters or skip them to make your reading experience spicy-free,

twisted games spicy chapters list

When Does Twisted Games Get Spicy?

About 30% through the book is when Twisted Games gets spicy. The first spicy scene can be found in chapter 19.

Twisted Games Age Rating

Twisted Games is recommended for an 18+ audience due to its intimate scenes and use of profanity.

How Many Chapters Are In Twisted Games?

There are 51 chapters in Twisted Games that are in dual pov.

Who Are The Main Characters in Twisted Games?

The main characters are Bridget Von Ascheberg, Princess of Eldora, and her bodyguard Rhys Larsen, ex-Navy SEAL. 

Twisted Games Romance Tropes

Is Twisted Games An Age Gap Romance?

Yes, Bridget Von Ascheberg is 22-years-old and Rhys Larsen is 32-years-old, they have a ten-year age gap.

Does Twisted Games Have A Happy Ending?

Yes, Bridget and Rhys get their happy ending despite their path being full of heart breaking obstacles. They do get married and coronated at the end of the book.

Is Twisted Games Worth Reading?

Yes! If you love the forbidden romance trope with royal drama thrown in the mix then this twisted novel is perfect for you.

FAQs on Twisted Games

Chapter 36 in Twisted Games is the famous Rhys crawl to me scene.

The throne scene in Twisted Games is on page 284, chapter 32.

Rhys and Bridget end up together in chapter

Bridget Von Acheberg is 22-years-old in Twisted Games.

Rhys Larsen is 32-years-old in Twisted Games.

twisted games crawl to me scene chapter 36
twisted games throne scene page number 284, chapter 32

Wrap Up: Spicy Chapters in Twisted Games

I hope this guide to Twisted Games was helpful to you. Now that you know more about the spice level and spicy chapters in the book, you can decide if this book is worth adding to your TBR.

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