Guide to Love on the Brain: Spicy Chapters, Quotes, & More!

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Can’t get enough of Ali Hazelwood’s STEM romance book, The Love Hypothesis? 

Well, whether you enjoyed Ali Hazelwood’s debut novel or not, you might want to check out Love on the Brain. It has a similar STEM setting but only spicier! 

Some readers say that Love on the Brain was better than her first book and is worth trying to read even if you didn’t like the booktok sensation.

This blog will tell you about everything you need to know from Love on the Brain spicy chapters to other similar novels, all without spoilers.

love on the brain spicy chapters

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What Is Love on the Brain About?

Love on the Brain follows Bee, a quirky neuroscientist who refuses to conform to her gender within STEM. After her engagement broke and when everything felt like it couldn’t get any better, she got a job offer to lead a project at Nasa.

Little does she know that her grad school nemesis, Levi is also working there. If you love a feel-good rom-com book with a good enemies to lovers trope that discusses science and empowers women, this book is for you.

Is Love on the Brain A Spicy Book?

Yes, Love on the Brain is spicy. It has four spicy chapters, some of them open-door romance scenes that are suitable for an older audience.

Love on the Brain Spice Level

Love on the Brain has a spice level of 4/5. This book is more spicier compared to The Love Hypothesis.

When Does Love on the Brain Get Spicy?

Love on the Brain gets spicy about 50% through the book with the first spicy chapter being chapter 16.

Love on the Brain Spicy Chapters List

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 20

If you want to skip ahead to the spicy chapters, visit chapters 16, 17, 18 and 20. You can also make your reading experience spicy-free with these close-door modifications.

Love on the Brain Age Rating

Love on the Brain is recommended for an 18+ audience due to its intimate scenes, violence and use of language.

Love on the Brain Romance Tropes

What Chapter Do Bee and Levi Get Together?

Bee and Levi end up together in the epilogue. Love on the Brain was quite a slow-burn romance read.

5 Best Love on the Brain Quotes

  1. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a community of women trying to mind their own business must be in want of a random man’s opinion.”
  2. “The real villain is love: an unstable isotope, constantly undergoing spontaneous nuclear decay. And it will forever go unpunished.”
  3. “If there is one thing men hate more than a smart woman, it’s a smart woman who makes her own choices when it comes to her own sex life.”
  4. “But before I can say anything, he cups my cheek and leans down to kiss me once more. This time it’s sweet, slow, savoring. Patient. This time it’s lingering and gentle—everything our other kiss wasn’t. I want to try them all. All the kisses Levi Ward is capable of, I want to sample them like fine wine.”
  5. “Science doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t do deadlines or consolation trophies. You can design the perfect study, sleep one hour a night, feed on nothing but despair and Lean Cuisine for months on end, and your results can still be the opposite of what you were hoping to find. Science doesn’t give a shit. Science is reliable in its variability. Science does whatever the fuck it wants. God, I love science.”

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