Which Colleen Hoover Book Should I Read First? (FREE Printable)

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Are you still wondering what Colleen Hoover book should you pick up first? 

This blog post will not only help you decide which Colleen Hoover book to read first but also help you decide what to read next if you’ve read most of Colleen Hoover books.

And if you’re having a book hangover from reading her books, you’ll find a list of similar books like Colleen Hoover to binge-read next.

What Colleen Hoover Book Should I Read First?

Here are two things to ask yourself when picking up a Colleen Hoover book: 

  • Do you want to read a series or a stand alone?
  • Do you read YA or Adult Romances?

Once you’ve answered these two questions, you can easily find out which Colleen Hoover book you should read first.

For example, if I’d want to read a Colleen Hoover standalone and an adult romance, I would pick Ugly Love or November 9.

To help you, use the chart below to figure out which Colleen Hoover book you should pick up first.

which colleen hoover book should i read first

Checkout this list of Colleen Hoover books in order (by year published) and Colleen Hoover Age Rating if you need more information to decide on which book is right for you or as a gift for someone else.

Colleen Hoover Printable Book List

Here is a Colleen Hoover printable book checklist. You can also view all CoHo books in order by series and standalone in this blog post.

Are All Colleen Hoover Books Connected?

No. Colleen Hoover writes standalones and book series. Some characters may make an appearance in some of her books but they are not connected unless they’re part of a series.

Do You Have To Read Colleen Hoover Books In Order?

You don’t have to if they are standalones. If they are part of a book series, it is best to read in order to avoid spoilers. Here is the full list of Colleen Hoover books in order and a printable.

Should I Read It Ends With Us or It Starts With Us First?

You should read It Ends With Us First followed by It Starts With Us to avoid spoilers and get the closure you need.

which colleen hoover book should i read first

What Should I Read After Colleen Hoover Books?

If you’ve read most Colleen Hoover’s books or cannot get over some of her top books, check out these books similar to Colleen Hoover’s:

Books Like It Ends With Us

If you’re looking for books like It Ends With Us, this list of similar heart-breaking books will be just the thing for you.

Books Like Verity

What should I read if I liked Verity? Books similar to Verity such as psychological thrillers, mysteries and dark romances will interest you.

Verity is quite different from other Colleen Hoover books. Similarly, Layla is also not your usual Colleen Hoover book.

Books Like Ugly Love

In this list of books similar to Ugly Love, you’ll find complex characters and similar themes such as unrequited love, friends with benefits trope, loss of a loved one, grief, and more.

Books Like Reminders of Him

If you enjoyed reading Reminders of Him, you will enjoy reading these similar books with tropes such as single-parent romance and themes such as loss of a loved one.

FAQs about Which Colleen Hoover Book to Read First

To decide on which Colleen Hoover book to read first, choose if you would like to read a standalone or series. Next, sort the book by age rating to pick the appropriate book.

You don’t have to read all of Colleen Hoover’s book in order. However, there are a few books that are part of a series and it should be read in order to avoid spoilers.

Colleen Hoover fans are called CoHorts.

Wrap Up: Which Colleen Hoover Book To Read First

I hope this post has helped you decide on which Colleen Hoover book to rea first. Even if you’ve read some of her books already, I hope you discover more books written by Colleen Hoover or similar books like the author’s.

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