5 Ali Abdaal Book Recommendations To Add To Your TBR

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Ali Abdaal has quickly become one of my favourite Youtubers and so has his book recommendations. 

I am not a big non-fiction reader but ever since I found his channel in 2021, I started reading more non-fiction books and have learned so much from these books! 

He recommends a lot of books so I’ve shortlisted it to my top 5 favourites.

Some of these books include productivity, creativity and business tips. If you’d like to read Ali Abdaal’s summaries on these books, check them out here.

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5 Ali Abdaal Book Recommendations To Add To Your TBR

Here are my top 5 Ali Abdaal Book Recommendations:

1. Atomic Habits by James Clear

books like atomic habits

If you’re looking for one of Ali Abdaal’s productivity book recommendations, Atomic Habits is the go-to. 

Besides being popular among productivity gurus for its tips on building and breaking habits, it is also read frequently among those in the field psychology. 

The four laws to form a positive habit are – make it obvious, make it attractive, make it easy and make it satisfying. 

This is based on four aspects that correlates with the law of behavior change – cue, craving, response and reward. 

In my opinion, this book is a great self-help book for anyone who rarely reads the genre. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge in behavioral science or psychology.

It is simple to understand and has definitely helped me to take small actions to build better habits.

Check out Ali’s Review Here!

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2. Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

ali abdaal book recommendations

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon is one of the best books I’ve read for online creators. 

This tiny but mighty book resonates with those who want to put something out into the world but are not sure how to and why they should do it.

I will most definitely revisit the lessons in this book especially when I feel like my creative work is “not good enough” or “unworthy”. 

Plus, in this book, the author often refers to blogging as he is a blogger and this was very relevant to my situation as a blogger and writer.

However, that does not mean you cannot apply the lessons learned from this book to other creative or non-creative professions. As long as you’re doing something, you have work to show!

Checkout Ali’s Review Here!

3. 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

books like atomic habits

4-Hour Work Week is a great book for anyone who is trying to work less and have more control over their time.

The book teaches readers to simplify their life by putting aside everything else that isn’t a priority. Putting aside doesn’t only mean eliminating, it can be either automated or outsourced.

Automating and outsourcing were the two biggest takeaways for me as a creativepreneur. I’ve learned to automate the tidiest tasks and outsource tasks that give me the freedom of time. 

Check out Ali’s Review Here!

4. Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before by Dr. Julie Smith?

books like atomic habits

Dr. Julie Smith went viral on Tiktok educating people of all ages and backgrounds on mental health. 

This book aims to provide a mental health toolbox to anyone who needs help navigating their emotional health and overall well-being. 

Given that Dr. Smith is a clinical psychologist, the book is evidence-based, offering necessary life skills that everyone can put to use when needed. 

I found the prompts after each chapter to be a great way to do some healing and inner-work.

Check out Ali’s Podcast featuring Dr. Julie Smith Here!

5. The Unfair Advantage by Ash Ali & Hassan Kubba

ali abdaal book recommendations

The Unfair Advantage tells us that hardwork isn’t all it takes to become successful. 

Instead, we all have something – a strength or circumstance that is different from others and we can use them to our advantage to succeed. 

There are 5 unfair advantages – money, intelligence/insight, location/luck, education/expertise and status.

Check out Ali’s Review Here!

Wrap Up: Ali Abdaal Book Recommendations

Those were 5 of my favourite Ali Abdaal Book Recommendations. Personally, there’s still so many great books recommended by him that i’ve not come to read yet. I hope to expand this list soon!

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