21 Steamy Beach Reads For Adults (Spicy Summer Romances!)

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As summer approaches, now is the perfect time to grab a steamy beach read and head to the beach! 

From sweet summer romances to hot summer flings, these books will transport you to sandy beaches and salty air.

steamy beach reads
Save for later!

These must-read beach romance novels will have you in love with the characters and the breezy locations. 

In this blog post, I’ll dive into 20 steamy beach reads that will be great additions to your summer reading list. 

Steamy Beach Reads: Spice Level Rating

Before we get into the article, here is a little guide to the spice rating system and a few bookish terms you’ll come across in this list of books.

Open-door romance is when the readers read about detailed steamy romance scenes between characters. 

Close-door romance scenes are like the name suggests, “behind closed doors.” The author hints at the characters getting intimate, but the readers are not given the details.

⅕ Stars: Suitable for 14+ readers, as it’s a young adult novel and does not contain explicit romance scenes.

⅖ Stars: Suitable for 14+ readers. There are closed-door romance scenes, but not many details are given.

⅗ Stars: Suitable for 16+ readers as there are a couple of open-door romance scenes. 

⅘ Stars: Suitable for 18+ readers, there are a handful of open-door romance scenes.

5/5 Stars: Suitable for 18+ readers. The novel has a heavy amount of open-door steamy romance scenes that is strictly for an mature audience.

20 Spicy Beach Reads For The Perfect Summer Romance

1. Beach Read by Emily Henry

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Forced Proximity, Enemies to Lovers, Neighbours to Lovers.

Spice Level: ⅗   

Beach Read is a standalone novel that makes a great summer read as it is set on the beach!

January Andrews, a romance writer, is set on selling the newly inherited beachside house that her father left for her. However, her plans change when she discovers that Augustus Everett happens to be her neighbor. 

They used to be rivals during college, but that’s in the past; now, he is an infamous author known for killing off beloved characters. 

When January and Augustus realize they are stuck with writer’s block, they create a clever plan.

January will pen down the next Great American Novel, while Augustus will delve into writing a lighthearted fluffy romance novel. 

Their arrangement is the only way they can save their careers while doing their best to not fall in love.

2. The Summer I Turned Pretty (The Summer I Turned Pretty #1) by Jenny Han

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Love Triangle, Childhood Friends to Lovers. 

Spice Level: ⅖  

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a trilogy that I’d recommend you read in order.  

Isabel Conklin loves summers, mainly because it means visiting Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher at their beach house. The trio has been friends ever since they were in diapers. 

But now, as Isabel turns sixteen, she develops complicated feelings for Conrad. Their friendship can either become something more or ruin the coming summers.

This coming-of-age story features closed-door romance and is one of the best summer romance books for young adults. It teaches many readers the significance of friendship and family.

3. Archer’s Voice by ​​Mia Sheridan

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Small Town Romance, Strangers to Lovers, Slow Burn Romance.

Spice Level: 5/5

Archer’s Voice can be enjoyed as a standalone novel. It includes multiple open-door romance scenes, making it one of the best steamy summer romance novels!

Haunted by past trauma and nightmares, Bree is desperate to find peace. Her misery brings her to the small town of Pelion, where she rents a small cottage with her dog. 

Like Bree, the town is surrounded by mystery and dark secrets that are better left unbothered. When she stumbles into Archer Hale at a grocery store, her curiosity forces her to look deeper into the town’s history.

This novel makes a great summer romance as it’s set near the beach. If you like books with characters who embark on their healing journey, this one is for you!

4. The Summer Girl (Avalon Bay #3) by Elle Kennedy

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Friends with Benefits, Small Town Romance.

Spice Level: ⅘ 

The Summer Girl is the third book in the interconnected Avalon Bay series that can be read as a standalone.

Cassie Soul is finally back at Avalon Bay when she finds out her grandmother is selling their beloved seafront hotel.

She wants to make the most of her time here, and what better way to do so than to have a summer fling with Tate Bartlett.

Tate is Avalon Bay’s lovable sailing instructor who is no stranger to flings. However, the instant he sees Cassie, Tate realizes he doesn’t want to play games with her, so he puts Cassie in the friend zone. 

While they blur the lines between their friendship and relationship, there are hidden secrets of Avalon Bay that could change everything between them.

This series has given us some of this year’s best steamy romance beach reads!

5. The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

enemies to lovers books

Romance Tropes:  Enemies to Lovers, Fake Dating, Office Romance, One Bed Trope.

Spice Level: ⅘  

The Spanish Love Deception is a great standalone novel for accompanying you to the beach!

It’s not set on a beach but has a vacation vibe to it as the main character heads to Spain!

Catalina Martín has lied to her family about being in a relationship, so she urgently needs a date for her sister’s wedding in Spain. With her ex-boyfriend and his fiancée attending, going alone would be embarrassing.

She can’t refuse when her annoying colleague, Aaron Blackford, offers to fake date her. In exchange, he wants her to attend business events with her on his arm. 

At first, everything seems perfect, but Catalina can’t help but be suspicious of Aaron’s intentions as the wedding date approaches. 

6. Every Summer After by Carley Fortune

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Second Chance Romance, Friends to Lovers, Small Town Romance.

Spice Level: ⅘ 

Every Summer After is a standalone debut novel that follows the story of Persephone, who returns to Berry’s Bay 12 years later.

Persephone spent her childhood in this small town alongside Sam Florek, her best friend and first crush.

Those were the best six summers of her life before a tragic incident forced her to leave and break up with Sam. 

Now that Persephone is back to attend Sam’s mother’s funeral, memories and unresolved issues come rushing back to them. This time she is ready to give their relationship a second chance.

7. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, One Bed Trope, Forced Proximity.

Spice Level: ⅗  

The Unhoneymooners, a standalone novel that follows Olive Torres, who is devastated when her whole family gets food poisoning at her sister Ami’s wedding. Apart from herself, her nemesis Ethan, the best man, got lucky and didn’t get sick either.

Olive receives more bad news when Ami begs her to go on the honeymoon trip to Hawaii with Ethan. Ami won it through a raffle, and she does not want to waste it. 

Since they don’t have an option, Olive and Ethan plan to enjoy this trip and make sure no one falls in love, even if life has other plans

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8. People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Best Friends to Lovers, Grumpy-Sunshine, Slow Burn Romance.

Spice Level: ⅗  

People We Meet on Vacation is a standalone novel following Poppy and Alex. The two of them have been best friends ever since they shared a ride back home from college. 

Since a decade has passed, the two of them decide to keep in touch by going on an epic adventure-filled vacation every year. 

But on one summer, they messed up big time, and now Alex is avoiding Poppy. To give their friendship a last chance, Poppy is ready to convince Alex for a last summer vacation, and shockingly he agrees. 

Poppy will have to work hard to save her friendship with Alex, no matter what happens.

9.Something Wilder by Christina Lauren 

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Second Chance Romance, Forced Proximity, Friends to Lovers.

Spice Level: ⅗ 

Something Wilder is a standalone novel, a perfect addition to your summer romance novels reading list!

Lily Wilder is a tourist guide in Utah who uses her father’s hand-drawn maps to take tourists on fake adventures.

As her new tour group assembles, Lily is shocked when she reunites with her first love, Leo Grady. But this time, she won’t fall for him no matter how bad Leo wants her after all these years. 

The group starts questioning whether the fake hidden treasure stories are true when the trip goes horribly wrong.

Now, Lily and Leo are forced to face challenges together that might bring them closer to each other and a hidden treasure. 

10. The Wrong Mr. Right by Stephanie Archer

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Friends To Lovers, Forced Proximity

Spice Level: ⅘ 

The Wrong Mr Right is the second book in The Queen’s Cove Series, making it a perfect beach read. This book is also one of my favourite kindle unlimited romance reads!

Hannah, a shy bookish girl who is turning 30 feels like she has been hiding behind books for most of her life. This is ruining her chances of becoming a “hot girl” (aka, a girl who is confident, lives life on her terms and can easily go on hot dates).

Wyatt is one of the hottest guys in town. He owns a surf shop and is an incredible surfer. His dream is to surf around the world. But for that to happen, he’ll need to win the Pacific Rims and find a sponsor.

With that being said, Hannah asks Wyatt for help. She knows he is one of the most attractive people in town and would love to learn from him on how to become a “hot girl”. In return, Hannah helps Wyatt with his social media.

As they spend more time together, they start catching feelings for each other.

11. Mrs. Nash’s Ashes by Sarah Adler 

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Grumpy-Sunshine Trope

Spice Level: ⅘ 

Mrs. Nash’s Ashes is a great standalone. If you love summer romance books, including the Grumpy-Sunshine Trope, you should pick this novel up!

Millie finds herself travelling all the way from D.C. to Key West when she promises her elderly best friend, Mrs. Nash, that she will reunite her with her true love.

Mrs Nash is no more, so Millie is tasked with taking her ashes to her lover. A computer glitch that delays flights forces Millie to share a ride with Hollis Hollenbeck, another stranded friend from her ex’s MFA program. 

Since Hollis scoffs at happily-ever-afters, it is clear that he cannot imagine Millie’s plan working out well for anyone. 

As they embark on an unusual journey, Millie starts to suspect that Hollis might be enjoying her company more than he lets on.

As they approach their destination, Millie is forced to acknowledge that this trip isn’t just about Mrs. Nash’s love story.

12. Do I Know You? by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka   

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Marriage in Crisis, Second Chance Romance, Fake Dating.

Spice Level: ⅗  

At a resort in Northern California, Eliza and Graham are celebrating their five-year anniversary. When a guest mistakes them for being single, they pretend to be perfect strangers. 

Their marriage had gotten boring and since they enjoyed their date as ‘strangers’ they decide to continue their act.

Eliza and Graham can only hope they will still feel the heat and save their marriage when their game ends.

Do I Know You? is one of the many standalone summer romance novels you’ll be sure to love.

13. Ever After Always (Bergman Brothers #3) by Chloe Liese

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Marriage in Crisis, Slow Burn Romance, Opposites Attract.

Spice Level: ⅘  

Ever After Always is part of an interconnected series butcan be read as a standalone. 

After twelve years of marriage, Aiden and Freya Bergman are still trying for a baby. Aiden is stressed because of it, and when Freya throws him out, he recognizes that his marriage is in for the battle of a lifetime. 

To add another pressure to their failing marriage, they are forced to spend time together on an island vacation to celebrate Freya’s parents’ wedding anniversary.

Although this isn’t ideal, this vacation is their last chance to fix everything between them.

14. Summer Reading by Jen McKinlay

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Opposites Attract, Small Town Romance,  

Spice Level: ⅘ 

Summer Reading is a standalone novel. This novel is perfect if you need more steamy beach reads for your TBR!

As summer rolls in, Samantha Gale decides to kickstart her chef career again when she arrives at her family’s tiny cottage.

However, plans change when she is tasked with babysitting her half-brother, Tyler. 

He drags her to the library, where the handsome temporary director turns out to be Bennett Reynolds—the guy whose book Samantha unintentionally dropped into the sea on the ferry ride to the island.

To Samantha’s surprise, Bennett is searching for his father, and she decides to help.

As they bond over their shared quests, Bennett encourages Samantha to pursue her dream of writing a cookbook.

Sparks fly, and they realize this summer fling might be their happily ever after.

15. The Beach House by Jenny Hale

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Fated Soulmates, Small Town Romance, Forced Proximity, Friends to Lovers.   

Spice Level: ⅘ 

The Beach House is the perfect novel If you’re looking for beach romance novels that include shocking twists and turns with a dash of spice. It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited!

Melanie Simpson is heartbroken after her grandmother passes away, but inheriting some money gives her a new purpose in life.

She decides to purchase a wrecked house in Rosemary Bay which she can’t wait to turn into a Bed and Breakfast.

Upon moving to the village, Melanie meets the dashing landowner, Josh Claiborne.

She is instantly charmed by him, and her luck strikes when she finds out he’s also the local builder. 

He agrees to help her with the house renovations, but when they find a pile of letters in the closet, they uncover secrets that could bring them together or separate them forever.

16. Summer at Buttercup Beach (Hope Island #2) by  Holly Martin  

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Second Chance Romance, Friends to Lovers, Small Town Romance.

Spice Level: 5/5 

Summer at Buttercup Beach is part of the interconnected series Hope Island and you can read it on Kindle Unlimited as a standalone novel.

Moving to Hope Island was supposed to heal Freya Greene after her fiance cheated on her. Instead, she fell in love with her best friend, Rome Lancaster. 

While they worked together in his glasswork workshop, Freya never expected Rome to reciprocate her feelings.

Especially after his wife tragically died, he hasn’t dared to fall in love again, but this is about to change with Freya around. 

This novel will make a great addition to your steamy beach reads TBR!

17. It Happened One Summer (Bellinger Sisters #1) by Tessa Bailey

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Small Town Romance, Grumpy x Sunshine, Enemies to Lovers.

Spice Level: 5/5 

It Happened One Summer is part of the Bellinger Sisters duology, but can be read as a standalone.

When Hollywood’s famous “It Girl” Piper Bellinger ends up in jail after a wild night of drinking, her stepfather takes matters into his own hands.

He cuts her off and sends her to Westport, where Piper and her sister will learn to be responsible humans and manage their late father’s dive bar.

When she arrives at the island, Piper meets Brendan, the large bearded sea captain, who is sure a girl like her can’t survive here.

To prove him and her stepfather wrong, Piper is determined to fit in and not run back to her diva lifestyle. However, it’s a tiny town, and Brendan is everywhere she goes.

There is an unmistakable spark between them that they cannot deny. 

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18. Good Girl Complex (Avalon Bay #1) by Elle Kennedy

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Opposites Attract, Small Town Romance, College Romance.

Spice Level: ⅘   

Good Girl Complex is the first book in the interconnected Avalon Bay series.

Mackenzie Cabot reluctantly moves to Avalon Bay when her parents want her to get a degree despite her wanting to grow her internet business. The town is filled with rich residents and college students. 

Here she meets Cooper, the town’s bad boy, who Mackenzie can’t help but be attracted to.

Soon they become close friends, but Mac’s newly discovered sense of belonging is soon to be threatened by Cooper’s secret.

19. Happy Place by Emily Henry

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Fake Dating, Second Chance Romance, Found Family Trope, Forced Proximity, One Bed Trope.

Spice Level: ⅗  

If you’re looking for more summer romance novels for adults, Emily Henry’s Happy Place is perfect! It’s got the right blend of humor, spice, and emotions.

Harriet and Wyn were the ultimate power couple and inseparable since college.

Now they find themselves in a sticky situation when their annual trip to the Maine cottage with their friends is coming up soon. 

Harriet and Wyn had split up months ago, but because this might be their group’s last trip ever, they decide to pretend everything is normal.

The cottage is up for sale, and they can’t stomach disappointing their friends with sad news now.

 Fake dating each other stirs feelings they want to avoid, but this last epic vacation is here to make them confront the truth head-on.

20. Float Plan by Trish Doller

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Second Chance Romance, Slow Burn Romance, Forced Proximity

Spice Level: ⅗ 

Float Plan is a standalone novel that’s one of the best Kindle Unlimited books for summer romance. It is guaranteed to leave you dreaming of a heart-warming love story and sunny beach days. 

Anna is still a mess a year after her fiance’s death. One day a notification goes off on her phone, reminding her she was supposed to go on a Caribbean sailing trip she had planned with her fiance. 

An impulsive decision leads Anna to set sail on his yacht alone however, it becomes obvious that she cannot do this alone. 

Anna hires Keane, a professional sailor who seems to be fighting his own battles. They find, amidst the waves, that fresh beginnings and love can be discovered even when life takes unexpected turns.

21. A Line in the Sand (Turtle Beach #2) by Teri Wilson

steamy beach reads

Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers

Spice Level: ⅗  

A Line in the Sand is part of an interconnected series but can be read as a standalone.

When Molly Prince’s mischievous puppy can’t help but dig holes into the beach sand, it catches Max Miller’s attention. He’s the dashing marine biologist who is researching sea turtles. 

Molly and Max instantly feel a spark but there’s just one problem: Molly finds Max insufferable, and Max doesn’t take Molly seriously because she’s the local aquarium’s mermaid.

They are forced to work together when they find out Molly’s puppy has a remarkable talent for sniffing out sea turtle nests. 

Now saving the turtles and reviving the aquarium is up to them and maybe discovering a love that exceeds the ocean’s depths.

This is one of the best romance beach reads if you love cute puppies, fiery banter, and unexpectedly funny stories.

Wrap-Up: Spicy Summer Beach Romances

These were 20 steamy beach reads that are perfect for a day at the beach!

There is something on this list for everyone, whether you’re looking for a spicy love story or a passionate tale of second chances.

So grab your towel, sunscreen, and one of these books for a perfect day by the beach!

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