15 Books Like It Happened One Summer

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Looking for your next read? You’re in luck because today i’m compiling a list of books like It Happened One Summer by Tessa Baliey!

If you’ve been on Bookstagram or BookTok in the last year, you might have seen the name Tessa Bailey floating around along with her latest hit book, It Happened On Summer.

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About It Happened One Summer

Inspired by Alexis Rose from the comedy hit show “Schitt’s Creek”, It Happened One Summer is a “fish-out-of-water” story following Piper Bellinger, the “It Girl” of Los Angeles who was sent off to a fisherman town called Westport after a party that got little out of hand. 

Wanting to prove her stepfather wrong and return to her comfortable life as soon as possible, Piper was determined to do whatever it took to cut this trip short. 

What she didn’t expect was to run into Captain Brendan Taggart, a grumpy fisherman who was convinced she wouldn’t last long living in Westport. But in a such small town as Westport, Piper and Brendan can’t help running into each other and deny their attraction to one another. 

As Piper starts seeing life for herself in the small town and with Brendan, what happens when her glamorous life starts calling her back? She will have to decide. Go back to LA or stay in Westport?

Short Review of It Happened One Summer

books like it happened one summer
Image credits: @inabookdaze

I picked up It Happened One Summer as soon as I can after I finished “Schitt’s Creek” because I needed my fix to cure the TV show hangover I had. And this book DID NOT MISS. 

Tessa Bailey perfectly captured the essence of Alexis Rose in her own version of Piper Bellinger. And Piper was the perfect sunshine character to compliment grumpy fisherman Brendan.

Tessa’s writing perfectly complements the rom-com direction she had for the book, and just as her Instagram bio says, “I write rated R rom-com”, the spice in this DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

It Happened one summer spice level: easily a 4/5 on the spice level.

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15 Books Like It Happened On Summer

1. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

books like it happened one summer

Bringing the Grumpy-Sunshine trope into the world of academia, The Love Hypothesis follows two scientists named Olive Smith and Adam Carlsen, thrown into a fake relationship after being caught kissing each other.

The Love Hypothesis has been revolutionary to the romance genre by bridging in new readers and bringing something fresh for avid romance readers.

With nerdish banter and multiple mentions of “smart-ass” being Adam’s affectionate nickname for Olive, readers can’t help but adore this book and its swoon-worthiness.

Read this book if you like:

  • Grumpy-Sunshine Trope
  • Fake Dating Trope
  • Books Set in Colleges/Academia
  • Steamy Romance Read

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2. The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

books like it happened one summer

With a movie adaptation coming soon, now is the perfect time to pick up The Spanish Love Deception, another BookTok favourite.

If you’re looking for more books like It Happened One Summer with a Grumpy-Sunshine trope plus fake dating situation, this book is perfect.

Catalina Martín is desperate to find anyone to bring with her to Spain as her date to trick her family. The only option she has is Aaron Blackford, her own office enemy.

Elena Armas in one of those authors like Tessa Bailey who writes delicious slow-burn romance that’s filled with light banters, stolen glances and silent longings.

Read This Book If You Like:

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3. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

books like it happened one summer

The Unhoneymonners should be next to your list of books to read if you liked reading It Happened One Summer. If you’re looking for authors similar to Tessa Bailey, Christina Lauren are authors to add to your list!

When everyone at Olive Torres’s sister’s wedding got food poisoning including the bride and the groom, two spots just became available for an all-expense-paid honeymoon.

Olive took the opportunity only to find out that the other spot will be occupied by Ethan Thomas, the best man and her sworn enemy.

With an amazing setting in Maui, hilarious scenes, and a great final conflict, The Unhoneymooners is nothing short of an absolute gem of fluff and comedy.

Read This Book If You Like:

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4. My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey

books like it happened one summer

When it comes to books that are comparable to the It Happened One Summer spice level, you really have to look no further than Tessa Bailey’s latest book, My Killer Vacation.

After discovering a corpse in her vacation rental house, Taylor Bassey is determined to use her skills from countless hours of listening to true crime podcasts to find the killer even if Myles, the bounty hunter hired for the job, keeps stopping her.

The setting on Cape Cod? Perfect summer vacation. The mystery aspect? Entertaining. The grumpy and sunshine? So precious.

Adding on off-the-charts grumps, and the little hint of whodunit danger, My Killer Vacation is the perfect book if you’re looking for a fun quick read.

Read This Book If You Like:

5. The Fine Print by Lauren Asher

books like it happened one summer

Looking for more Grumpy-Sunshine books like It Happened One Summer but want a different dynamic? How does a billionaire sound? If the answer is yes, then add The Fine Print to your TBR.

After drunkenly submitting a proposal criticising Dreamland’s most expensive ride, Zara was prepared to say goodbye to the job she loved.

But what happens when the new owner, business-oriented Rowan Kane decides to promote her to her dream job? But there’s a catch, he will be her boss.

Said to be a billionaire’s romance that hits every mark, The Fine Print is an excellent mix of humour, heart, and plot making readers very happy.

Read This Book If You Like:

  • Grumpy-Sunshine Trope
  • Office/Workplace Romance
  • Billionaire Romance Romance

6. People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

books like the spanish love deception
Image from Amazon

When people say they’re looking for more opposites-attract tropes in books like It Happened One Summer, Emily Henry’s People We Meet on Vacation should be next on your TBR list.

Best friends Poppy and Alex have nothing in common, except for a shared interest in travelling, which led to making a pact with each other to spend one week each summer going on a vacation together.

But the tradition stopped after the one fateful summer that changed everything.

Emily Henry has taken the romance world by storm with her adult romance book, People We Meet on Vacation that truly put her on the map permanently. Her sophomore romance book portrays the brilliant excellence of the opposites attracts trope between two best friends.

If you’re looking for an emotional romance read, just like It Happened One Summer, pick this one up!

Read This Book If You Like:

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7. The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

books like the love hypothesis
Image from Book Depository

Stella Lane works at a job that she loves and earns money that she needs but when it comes to her dating experience, she might need a helping hand.

Her solution? Hiring male escort Michael Phan to help her navigate the world of dating, both inside and outside the bedroom.

Said to be heartwarming and beautiful by romance readers, The Kiss Quotient is one of the first hyped-up romance books that is well-loved by many, courtesy of its lovable main characters, Stella and Michael are partner goals.

Read This Book If You Like:

  • Books with autism representation
  • Sweet and steamy read

8. The Roommate by Rosie Danan

books like it happened one summer

When Clara Wheaton’s childhood crush invites her to move cross-country, her immediate answer was yes.

But things take a turn when she finds herself sharing an apartment with a stranger, who goes by the name of Josh Darling, who also happens to be an adult-film star.

In The Roommate, debut author Rosie Danan takes the classic uptight-meets-laid-back trope, mixes in a little of the close-proximity trope and adds a touch of insightful comment to produce a thoroughly cute and entertaining rom-com.

This is a great book to add to your TBR if you’re looking for books similar to Tessa Bailey’s books.

Read This Book If You Like:

  • Roommate Romance Trope
  • Forced Proximity Trope
  • Books that are sex-positive
  • Steamy read

9. Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

books like it happened one summer

If you loved reading It Happened One Summer because of the small town vibes, you should pick up Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score.

After running away from her own wedding, Naomi Witt decides to visit her sister in the small town of Knockemount, only to have her sister leave her with an eleven-year-old niece Naomi didn’t know she has.

After seeing Naomi’s life erupt in front of him, Knox Morgan decides to lend a helping hand until she gets back on her feet. But plans change when the trouble turns into real danger.

With its excellent storytelling, pacing, banter and dialogue, this book becomes a favourite among romance readers.

Read This Book If You Like:

  • Grumpy-Sunshine Trope
  • Books Set in a Small Town

10. Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan

books like it happened one summer

Seeking peace is all Bree Prescott wanted when she arrived in the lakeside town of Pelion, Maine.

What she didn’t expect was running into Archer Hale, who was looking for peace himself. But he might just be the key to helping Bree find what she’s been desperately seeking.

Archer’s Voice is not your average rom-com story. This is a book about two broken beautiful people. About the courage in surviving. About healing with love. About having a voice, even when you can’t actually speak.

Read This Book If You Like:

  • Books With Unconditional Love
  • Sweet, Innocent Romance

11. Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

books like it happened one summer

When you’re looking for more books to read after reading It Happened One Summer, you really have to look no further than Tessa Bailey’s previous works such as Fix Her Up.

Being the youngest sibling, Georgette Castle’s family has never taken her seriously.

But when her long-time crush, Travis Ford comes back to her hometown after an injury that ended his baseball career, Georgette suggested a fake-dating scheme that benefits both of them.

This book is the perfect blend of fake dating meets I’ve been secretly crushing on my older brother’s best friend my entire life, with a side of some of the hottest scenes.

Read This Book If You Like:

  • Fake Dating Trope
  • Brother’s Best-Friend Trope
  • Steamy Romance Read

12. Hook, Line and Sinker by Tessa Bailey

books like it happened one summer

The best book to read after reading It Happened One Summer is of course the sequel itself, Hook, Line and Sinker.

In this second instalment of the Bellinger Sisters series, we follow Piper’s younger sister Hannah Bellinger when she returns back to Westport for her job and started rooming with Fox Thornton, the town’s playboy whose she’s been constantly texting with the last few months.

This particular instalment of the series will speak to anyone who has ever seen themselves as the support, rather than the main character, in their own story.

It speaks to those who struggle with imposter syndrome, and to the ones who always believe in those they care about, even when they don’t believe in themselves.

This is a friends-to-lovers romance, with a very vulnerable male lead, which made his problems and insecurities the main highlight of the book, making it a more heartfelt and vulnerable book than her previous works.

Read This Book If You Like:

  • Friends-To-Lovers Trope
  • Books with Vulnerable Male Lead

13. Twisted Love by Ana Huang

books like it happened one summer

If you’ve been on BookTok and Bookstagram, you’ve probably heard of Ana Huang and her steamy Twisted series.

The first book, Twisted Love follows Ava Chen, a free spirit who always seeks the beauty of the world, and Alex, a ruthless billionaire haunted by his past.

Ava knows better than to fall for her brother’s best friend, and Alex Volkov knew nothing good would come out of love between them.

The relationship between Ava and Alex has managed to capture the hearts of romance readers.

The book is filled with many plot twist, making it the perfect amount of drama, tragedy, love, humour rolled all. With great banter and even greater steam, Twisted Love is the classic case of opposites attract written to the tee.

Read This Book If You Like:

  • Opposites-Attract Trope
  • Brother’s Best-Friend Trope
  • Billionaire Romance

14. You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle

books like it happened one summer

If you’re looking for more rom-com books similar to It Happened One Summer, Sarah Hogle’s debut novel, You Deserve Each Other is the perfect next read.

Naomi is sick of trying to live the perfect relationship with Nicholas on the outside when it’s the complete opposite on the inside, and she’s ready to call off the engagement.

But there’s a catch, the one who calls it off would have to pay for the non-refundable wedding.

Determined to win, both Naomi and Nicholas engaged in a head-to-head battle of pranks and sabotage. But what they didn’t expect was having fun with the last person they thought possible: each other.

You Deserve Each Other is well-loved within the community for its realistic take on relationships and how it does take compromise and works.

This book is filled with the most flawed characters, hence making it the most perfect, angst-filled, and realistic love story.

If you’re looking for a quick read for when you want to forget about real life and your problems, give this one a go!

Read This Book If You Like:

  • Rom-Com Books
  • Angsty Romance Reads

15. Neon Gods by Katee Robert

books like it happened one summer

We all know the myth of Hades and Persephone, but Neon Gods is very much like It Happened One Summer because of its steamy scenes.

After being unexpectedly thrown into an engagement with Zeus arranged by her mother, Persephone ran to the only place no one was able to reach her, the forbidden undercity, ruled by none other than Hades, the dark myth himself.

Tempting, addictive and sexy, Neon Gods is described as a book of pure sin by romance readers with the main highlight of the book being the relationship between the two main leads.

The general ideology of Hades and Persephone’s dynamic has always been how protective Hades is over Persephone and how eventually Persephone comes out of her shell to become the true goddess that she is, this book nails that perfectly.

Read This Book If You Like:

  • Hades & Persephone Retellings
  • Grumpy-Sunshine Trope
  • Books With Greek Mythology/Set in Greece
  • Steamy Romance Read

FAQ on Books Like It Happened One Summer

Is It Happened One Summer Spicy?

Yes, It Happened One Summer is a spicy book with multiple open-door romance scenes that are extremely steamy.

What Is It Happened One Summer Spice Level?

It Happened One Summer has a spice level of 4/5, easily one of the most spiciest books by Tessa Bailey.

It Happened One Summer Spicy Chapters

If you want to read the spicy chapters in It Happened One Summer, head to chapters 16, 18, 21 and 26. You can choose to skip those chapters to make this book a close-door romance read.

Is There A Book After It Happened One Summer?

Yes, there is! The second book in Bellinger Sisters series by Tessa Bailey is titled Hook, Line and Sinker. However, this book follows the Piper’s sister, Hannah and her love interest, Fox.

Is Piper In Hook, Line and Sinker?

Yes! We get to see a bit of an update on Piper and Brendan’s relationship in Hook, Line and Sinker, the second book of the Bellinger Sisters series by Tessa Bailey.

Wrap Up: Books Like It Happened One Summer

And that’s a wrap on my list of 15 books like It Happened One Summer. If you like Tessa Bailey books, this list of romances will peak your interest.

From small-town romance to grumpy sunshine and books that rival the spice in It Happened On Summer, I hope you managed to find your next read!

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