25 Books With Summer In The Title For Your Sunny Holiday

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25 Books With Summer In The Title For Your Sunny Holiday

You’ll be entertained during the sunny break by these books with summer in the title! 

Whether you are spending your summer at the beach, in your backyard, or at that favorite aesthetic café of yours, this is the best time for you to get back to your TBR summer fiction list.

books with summer in the title
Save for later!

Explore stunning sceneries, summer fashion, summer culture, and of course the anticipated summer drama.

Check out these book recommendations and you are one step closer to being summer ready!

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1. The Summer of Firsts and Lasts by Terra Elan McVoy

books with summer in the title

What do readers say?

The book starts with highlighting the 3 main characters; Calla, Violet, and Daisy, who are sisters.  Readers have different reactions towards the uneven plot and the cliché summer setting.

This book hooks the readers with strong sisterhood bonds, summer romance, and drama. It may even trigger summer camp crush memories that leave you smiling or cringing while reading.

If you are in need of a book that is not too heavy on the plot, to read on a hammock accompanied with your favorite beverage, then this is one of the romance books with summer in the title you should totally try reading.

2. Our Scorching Summer by Kels & Denise Stone

books with summer in the title

Looking for books with summer in the title for adults, Our Scorching Summer is a steamy beach romance read is just what you need! Also, you can read this book for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Two players, one summer vacation. Nico and Lily are undeniably attracted to each other but they want nothing more than being friends.

So, they decide to have a friends with benefit relationship, all while going on a summer vacation together!

If you enjoy feel good books about summer love with some adventure and spice, this book is for you!

3. The Summer I Became a Nerd by Leah Rae Miller

books with summer in the title

The Summer I Became a Nerd is a fictional story of a popular cheerleader, seventeen-year-old Madelyn Summers. You might wonder how she becomes a nerd during the summer.

This questions readers about who Madelyn Summers really is.

Little that you know, Madelyn is into comic books. She could not hide her secret for long when a geeky guy behind the local comic shop counter finds out her secret.

Readers are sure to be captivated by the storyline, as the conflict arises when her secret is close to being revealed.

Enjoy this nerdy love triangle story which makes it one of the best books about summer love. 

4. The Summer My Life Began by Shannon Greenland

books with summer in the title

The main character of the book, Elizabeth Margaret, or Em, seems to have her life well-sorted; earning a degree at Harvard and working as a lawyer.

You might think this lady has got her life in order, but no – she is clueless about what she actually wants. A summer spent at her aunty’s soon revealed her family secrets.

She meets a surfer guy named Cade who is the total opposite of Em. Well, you know, they say opposites attract.

The summer setting makes you want to book a vacation, and if you are in luck a surfer guy might be into you! 

5. Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner 

books withs summer in the title

Daphne Burg is quite distressed when Drue Cavanaugh, her ex-best friend re-appears after their big fight six years ago. What could make this awkward situation worse? Drue invites Daphne to become her maid of honor.

This novel centralizes the idea of complexities in women’s friendship, life comparison tensions, social media, and body image. We all could relate to this, right? Ahem.

Readers could relate to Daphne’s insecurities as a plus-size social media influencer and Drue’s character that seems to have her life together compared to Daphne.

Do you know there is a murder mystery too in the plot? This could be the reason that this book is one of the famous books with summer in the title!  

6. The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler 

books with summer in the title

A boating accident has prevented Elyse, the most talented singer in Tobago, from speaking. Deciding to move on with her life, she enters the Atargatis Cove, a swimming race.

Chris, Elyse’s racemate, is a playboy but has a desire to seek a serious relationship. Elyse begins to like Chris but is in a dilemma if her heart will be played due to Chris’s casanova reputation.

Chris takes good care of his brother Sebastian, who believes Elyse is a legendary mermaid. Being at the Cove and away from Tobago has allowed Elyse to experience something outside her comfort zone.

This story sure sounded like the Little Mermaid, but it is totally different as it includes Elyse’s lyrical poems to which many people who are experiencing hard times could relate. 

7. The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

books with the title summer

Jenny Han’s Summer Series begins with this book, followed by It’s Not Summer Without You and We’ll Always Have Summer.

Isabel or Belly has spent the past 15 years spending summers with her mother, brother, and close family friends; Conrad and Jeremiah at a beach house.

The difference between last summer and this summer is that she has bloomed into a “pretty lady” who catches the boys’ attention.

“It was a summer I’d never, ever forget. It was the summer everything began. It was the summer I turned pretty.”

The conflict in this fictional story focuses on Belly’s summer love journey, and her family and friends’ conflicts.

Some may prefer the movie over this book, but it is yours to decide! 

8. A Midsummer’s Nightmare by Kody Keplinger 

books with the title summer

Looking for a funny, sarcastic, heart-warming summer read? This is it! Whitley Johnson decides to go wild this summer when things are not up in her favor.

Her dad’s fiance’s son was her graduation one-night stand and she finds it difficult to fit in with the new country-club family. Whitley feels disconnected.

The rising tension glued the readers to the book from start to end. Prepare yourself with colorful characters in this book such as Bianca and Lisa that will lead you to laugh your socks off.

9. A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams

books with the title summer

In this historical fiction set in the summer, Lily Dane returns to Seaview ( a fictitious town) in Rhode Island, for a peaceful vacation getaway, at least that is what she thought. 

Things turn a little chaotic when her ex-best  friend and former fiance; Budgie and Nick Greenwald show up at the same location.

Budgie starts to feel agitated when Nick and Lily seem to be closer, which could spark an old romance between the two of them.

A major hurricane doesn’t seem to assist with the situation. The story involves many flashbacks from the past, secrets. and dramatic twists.

10. The Lost Summers of Newport by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White 

books with the title summer

Three stories come together in “The Lost Summers of Newport”, a tale of murder and family lies in the famous summer mansions of Newport, Rhode Island. The book portrays summers in 1899, 1958, and 2019.

The stories of three different women in different timelines. Each story is written by a different author, which makes this summer book unique from the rest.

Readers find it easy to follow each storyline despite the many different characters and agree that it is a well-written narrative despite the many different characters.

This book is highly recommended for readers who are into multigenerational tales or multi-timeline stories. 

11. It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey

books with summer in the title

Looking for a summer themed book for adults with lots of romance and spice in it?, It Happened One Summer should be on your summer reading list!

Wanting to prove her stepfather wrong and return to her comfortable life as soon as possible, Piper was determined to do whatever it took to cut this trip short. 

What she didn’t expect was to run into Captain Brendan Taggart, a grumpy fisherman who was convinced she wouldn’t last long living in Westport. But in a such small town as Westport, Piper and Brendan can’t help running into each other and deny their attraction to one another. 

As Piper starts seeing life for herself in the small town and with Brendan, what happens when her glamorous life starts calling her back? She will have to decide. Go back to LA or stay in Westport?

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12. Summer of ’69 by Elin Hilderbrand

books with the title summer

The characters in Summer of ‘69 excite the readers to know about their significant roles in the story.

Every summer, the Foley family will spend their summer at their historic home on the beautiful island of Nantucket.

There is more to this book than just another summer read, as it also features family drama, history, mental health, feminism, and more. 

This book will take you to the summer in the 60s and keeps you engaged with the family’s stories.

13. Summer Darlings by Brooke Lea Foster 

books with summer in the title

If you are still looking for other books set in the summer in the 1960s, Summer Darlings should be added to your list!

This book shares the story of a nanny named Heddy who works with a wealthy and mysterious family.

She aimed to connect with the socialites with her summer job but did not get what she wished for.

She learned that privileges come with gossip, scandals, and secrets which contradicts her assumption based on the wealthy’s perfect outer appearance.

It was enjoyable to read about Heddy’s finding on the island and her new life as she settled on it.

The intriguing characters, dramatic plot twists, and good descriptions of music, culture, and fashion in the 1950s and 1960s have made this book an entertaining read.

14. Park Avenue Summer by Renee Rosen

books with the title summer

This is a fun book to read as readers enjoy the life of a go-getter woman named Alice, who gets her dream job fulfilled in New York after her engagement ended with her long-time boyfriend. 

This is not just a job, millions of girls would kill to get a job as Helen Gurley Brown’s secretary at Cosmopolitan.

It is interesting to read the conversations between Alice and her neighbor Trudy about the common stereotype of gender roles in the working environment

Trudy has a concrete belief that it is impossible for her to be an architect and Alice to be a photographer because they chose careers in a male dominated field.

There is no doubt that Helen Gurley Brown’s character steals the show as a strong career woman that helped Alice settle into her new career, which reminds readers of the Devil Wears Prada.

15. A Summer to Remember by Erika Montgomery 

books with the title summer

A Summer to Remember is a light mystery and romantic story tale.

Thirty-year-old movie memorabilia, Hollywood shop owner, Frankie Simon went to the east coast for the summer to uncover the secrets of her mother’s past with the hope of finding her father, whom she never met.

Characters are likable, interesting, and easygoing. The plot fed the readers well with a touching tale of life, friendship, heartbreak, drama, and passion.

Compared to other books about summer love, this book focuses on the journey of healing and the adventure of finding answers which readers find enjoyable.

Throughout the novel, the characters are well-developed with human flaws and relatable traits. The coastal setting blends well with the nostalgic storyline.

16. One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle

books with the title summer

Katy’s world collapses as the love of her life, her mother Carol, passes away. She decided to go to Italy, which her mother has organized for her 60th birthday.

Katy wants to experience life in her mother’s shoes and take a step back to think about her soon wedding with Eric.

This book brings readers to ‘self-witness’ the Italian country through the author’s words about Italian food and scenery. In spite of the beauty and carefree vibe, the story shifts to Eric’s character and his history with Katy and her family.

Those who may have experienced the loss of a loved one may be able to relate to Katy’s grief which can be a comforting summer read.

Interested to know what inspired the author, Rebecca Serle to write One Italian Summer? You can watch it here.

17. The Summer Getaway by Susan Mallery

books with the title summer

Single mom Robyn Caldwell has lots on her plate. The stressful events have made her take a trip to her aunt’s house in Santa Barbara for the summer.

And what do other family members do when the head of the family goes away? They followed her.

In some way, a long break in Santa Barbara has changed her family members’ perspectives on their family issues which have helped them to deal with family issues more effectively.

The book left readers feeling sympathy towards Robyn for keeping her family together but being so in love with Aunt Lilian’s character, some even considered Aunt Lilian’s home a character of its own.

If you love women’s fiction, family drama, and a tad of romance with some self-reflection, then this is one of the books with a summer setting you should get!

18. Wild Horses of the Summer Sun: A Memoir of Iceland by Tory Bilski

books with the title summer

The book begins with a beautiful description of the wild countryside and the Icelandic horses, a special and protected breed since the Viking settlement that has remained isolated from other breeds.

Bilski is into horses and as soon as she spots the Icelandic horses on the internet, she packs her bag to see for herself.

If you are into horses, you will enjoy horse riding moments in the story.

During the summer trip, Bilski meets a group of women led by two friends; Sylvie and Eva. These women plan to stay on a farm situated in the north of the country run by Sylvie’s friend, Helga.

The trip to Iceland becomes an annual event in which Bilski turns to live on a horse farm in Iceland with other women for a week every June.

19. Mrs. Lorimer’s Quiet Summer by Molly Clavering 

books with the title summer

Readers find the book easy and a cozy book to read. Mrs. Lominer’s summer is anything but quiet.

She lives with her husband at home. During the summer, all of her four children come home, not for a visit but to solve some crisis in their lives.

Home seems to be the perfect place for the children to reflect on their issues and come up with potential solutions.

It is a busy summer when Mrs. Lorimer needs to entertain her children, children’s spouses, and grandchildren all under one roof.

Mrs. Lominer is depicted as someone who is patient, fairly happy, and not demanding. Those around her often underestimate her because they fail to recognize that she has passionate thoughts and feelings.

This is the kind of book you could bring to the beach or do a casual reading at home. It is about multigenerational family conflicts that need to be resolved. 

20. A Summer Wedding for the Cornish Midwife by Jo Bartlett

books with the title summer

A beautiful story about community, friendship, and love. This book explores the relationship between Brae and Anna, a soon-to-be husband and wife.

Readers are invested in Anna’s character from the beginning when she persuades herself to believe in unconditional love as she had yet to be pregnant and is worried this would affect her relationship with Brae.

The story reveals Anna’s insecurities, and she soon relearns the meaning of having a family. Brae’s character, perhaps, is the most-desired partner of the year, as he is portrayed as the sweetest and most patient partner ever!

The author inserted a few voices from other Cornish midwives series; Ella and Jess into the narrative. For those who are interested in knowing more about Ella and Jess, you should really grab the other books in the series of the Cornish Midwives. 

21. Last summer at the Golden Hotel by Elyssa Friedland

books with the title summer

The drama between the two families; Goldman and Weingold, had the readers laughing out loud in some sections of the book.

Goldman and Weingold are best friends and business partners who have managed a glamorous resort; The Golden Hotel, for more than sixty years.

Conflict starts to arise when management and facilities begin to fall apart, which forces the two families to make a tragic decision.

Readers will get different opinions from different generations on what to do about the hotel; to save or sell the hotel. For easy ready, the author provides the readers with a family tree, which is very useful to keep up with the characters’ relationships.

The book emphasizes the importance of both biological and chosen families. You will find it fascinating to learn about the hotel’s history, memories, traditions, and past.

22. Three Summers by Margarita Liberaki

books with the title summer

The Three Summers is a story about three sisters living in the countryside near Athens before the Second World War.

Maria is the oldest sister. Infanta is the middle child, and Katerina is the youngest sister. Each has a strong personality of their own.

This novel explores the three sisters’ growing up experiences and the discovery of their distinct moods and desires. The story also features a stable cast of friends and neighbors with their unpredictable opinions throughout the chapters.

The author takes the readers to grow together with the characters; exploring their new sexual awareness, finding who they are, and learning to let themselves go and testing their limits.

Social taboo is freely portrayed in this book. Margarita Liberaki shares that this book is based on her own life, which emphasizes Katerina as a growing writer.

23. Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan

books with the title summer

One of the best kids books with summer in the title is Rules of Summer. It explores the emotional relationship between an elder and a younger brother. The story is told using creative illustrations by Shaun Tan.

Readers find the artwork surreal and stunning. Each illustration is placed on the right and a one-sentence piece of content is set to the left side of the book.

The author leaves the readers using their imagination to study and create their own interpretation of the illustration on each page.

24. The Summer Nick Taught His Cats to Read by Curtis Manley and Kate Berube

books with the title summer

This adorable children’s book tells the story of Nick that wants to teach his furry friends; Vern and Stevenson to read.

Vern is up for the adventure but Stevenson dislikes the idea. Soft texture paintings by Berube are both engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

There is no doubt that this book will appeal to cat lovers, literacy lovers, teachers, or parents who are looking for books that interest reluctant readers.

25. Ice Cream Summer by Peter Sis

books with the title summer

Another summer book for kids recommendation, it teaches the bond between a grandson with his grandfather.

The multilayered picture book, with lively watercolor illustrations is clever and imaginative.

With minimal text, the author tells a story with an educational twist.

Wrap Up: Books With Summer In The Title

We have reached the end of this summer themed book list! Which one of these books with summer in the title sparks your interest?

I hope you find a summer book title from this list that you’ll take along on your summer vacation!

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