20 Ruthless Vows Book Club Questions & Discussion Guide

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In this book club discussion guide, you’ll find 20 Ruthless Vows questions to aid your book discussion.

Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross is the epic conclusion to the Letters of Enchantment Duology (more widely known as Divine Rivals duology).

This book was one of my most anticipated reads of the year, especially after the ending of Divine Rivals, which left us readers on a cliffhanger. 

ruthless vows book club questions

I was pretty lucky to find Ruthless Vows in my local bookstore before its official publishing date.

Since I got the chance to read it earlier than most readers, I knew I had to create a Ruthless Vows book club question guide for all the Divine Rivals fans out there.

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20 Ruthless Vows Book Club Questions

  1. As Divine Rivals ended on a cliffhanger, what did you think happened to Roman in Ruthless Vows? Were your predictions correct?
  2. As the book quotes, “There are two sides to every story.” Do you sympathize with Dacre because of Enva’s betrayal?
  3. Discuss the power war journalists hold when reporting war-related issues in the media.
  4. Discuss the title of the book. How did the title come to play in the story?
  5. There were a few new characters introduced in Ruthless Vows. Who was your favourite and why?
  6. What are your thoughts on the brewing romance between Attie and Tobias?
  7. Discuss and compare the enemies-to-lovers trope in Divine Rivals vs Ruthless Vows.
  8. Ruthless Vows had a dash of spice to it. Were you satisfied with the spicy scenes in  Ruthless Vows?
  9. Which quote from Ruthless Vows resonated with you the most?
  10. Days Roman had lived, that had once seem dull and insignificant, the same routine over and over – but were now comforting, spellbinding, to rediscover. Discuss how readers may relate to Roman.
  11. How did your opinion of Forest (Iris’ brother) change after you’ve finished reading Ruthless Vows?
  12. Why did you think Mr. Kitt (Roman’s father) was heavily involved with Dacre? Are his actions justified? 
  13. Do you think Enva’s actions of killing the other gods was justified? Could there have been other ways to prevent Dacre from taking their powers?
  14. What was your favourite Roman-Iris moment from Ruthless Vows?
  15. Did you cry while reading Ruthless Vows? If so, what scenes made you emotional?
  16. “There is always pain in healing,” the lieutenant interrupted. “To fully avoid it is impossible.” Discuss this quote from Ruthless Vows.
  17. Were you satisfied with the ending of Ruthless Vows? Discuss why.
  18. Who do you think is the better writer – Roman or Iris?
  19. Who would you recommend this duology to?
  20. How has this duology shape your perspective on the romantasy genre?

How Many Books Will There Be in Letters of Enchantment?

It is confirmed by the author, Rebecca Ross that there are two books in the Letters of Enchantment series; Divine Rivals and Ruthless Vows.

Is Ruthless Vows the Sequel to Divine Rivals?

Yes, Ruthless Vows is the sequel to Divine Rivals. It is the second book in the Letters of Enchantment duology.

Should I Read Divine Rivals?

If you love the romantasy genre, Divine Rivals is perfect for you. It leans more towards romance than fantasy. Although the world-building is subtle, it is still essential to the duology.

Where Can I Read Ruthless Vows?

Divine Rivals can be read on Kindle Unlimited for free. However, Ruthless Vows is not on Kindle Unlimited but can be purchased to read on your kindle or from your regular bookstores.

Wrap-Up: Ruthless Vows Book Club Questions

The epic conclusion to Divine Rivals is finally here! Ruthless Vows was truly an enchanting read and I know that many of you readers will be picking up the second instalment to this duology very soon,

I hope these Ruthless Vows book club questions aids your next book club session!

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