10 Spicy Books With Cute Discreet Covers For Adults

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Do you hate it when books have shirtless men on them? Or a couple getting intimate on the covers? Yeah, most readers dislike them too.

Recently, the book community has seen a surge of spicy books with cute covers – they’re innocent (can’t say the same for the content though), colourful and aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re not reading these spicy books on a Kindle, you’ll wanna make sure the physical copy you get is discreet so you don’t get people giving you weird stares when you’re reading your cute little smutty book at a cafe.

Besides, these spicy books with cute covers are sure to beautify your bookshelves!

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10 Spicy Books With Cute Discreet Covers

1. Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

Spice Level: 5/5 (Read More: Icebreaker Spicy Chapters List)

Romance Tropes: Reversed Grumpy-Sunshine, Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity

This reversed grumpy-sunshine sports romance, follows Anastasia, a figure skater with big dreams and Nate is the captain of the ice hockey team.

The ice hockey team and skaters are forced to share the ice ring because of something that happened to the ice hockey practice ground. Anastasia is not happy about this situation because it doesn’t leave her enough time and space to practice on ice.

2. Twisted Games

Spice Level: 4/5 (Read More: Twisted Games Spicy Chapters List)

Romance Tropes: Royal Romance, Forbidden Love, Forced Proximity

Not the cutest cover, but this cover is discreet as Twisted Games is very steamy.

Princess Bridget von Ascheberg finds her world upended when she learns that her brother has renounced the throne in Eldora, thrusting her into the unexpected role of queen.

Unprepared for the responsibilities that come with the crown, Bridget faces an additional challenge as tradition dictates she marry into royalty. However, her heart is belongs to Rhys Larsen, her loyal ex-Navy SEAL bodyguard.

3. Behind The Net by Stephanie Archer

Spice Level: 5/5 (Read More: Behind The Net Spicy Chapters List)

Romance Tropes: Sports Romance, Forced Proximity

Pippa, a talented musician whose dreams were shattered by her celebrity boyfriend’s departure from her life, decides to move on from the music industry.

In desperate need of a job, she takes on the role of an assistant to Jamie Streicher, an NHL goalie and her high school crush. As their lives become intertwined, Pippa discovers that Jamie’s tough exterior and grumpy personality mask a more complex and genuine person.

Sparks fly between them, but Pippa is cautious, determined not to let her heart be broken again as she treads carefully through this newfound connection.

4. A Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone

Spice Level: 4/5

Romance Tropes: Forced Proximity, Holiday Romance, Plus-Size Romance

A Merry Little Meet Cute might have a cute title and cover but it is definitely a spicy christmas romance books for adults.

Bee Hobbes, a successful plus-size adult film star known as Bianca Von Honey, faces a shift in her career when her favorite producer casts her in a Christmas movie for a family-friendly channel, Hope Channel.

Forced to keep her adult film persona a secret, Bee discovers her co-star is Nolan Shaw, a former boy band member seeking career redemption.

However, their on-set relationship is jeopardized when Nolan recognizes Bee from her adult film work.

5. King of Wrath by Ana Huang

Spice Level: 4/5 (Read More: King of Wrath Spicy Chapters List)

Romance Tropes: Billionaire Romance, Forced Proximity, Arranged Marriage

Vivian Lau, an event organizer, confronts a personal dilemma when her parents insist on her marriage to Dante Russo, a billionaire CEO. Despite her typically resilient demeanor, Vivian reluctantly conforms to her parents’ wishes.

Meanwhile, Dante receives blackmail from Vivian’s father and has no choice but to marry her.

Dante has old money roots which the Lau family lacks. Forming a marriage connection would open doors of opportunities for the Laus but will a marriage built on lies and disdain last? 

6. The Fake Mate by Lana Ferguson

Spice Level: 5/5

Romance Tropes: Grumpy-Sunshine, Werewolf Romance, Workplace Romance, Fated Mates Trope, Paranormal Romance, Fake Dating

Two wolf shifters agree to be fake mates but unexpectedly find something real in this steamy paranormal romantic comedy.

Mackenzie Carter, tired of disastrous dates, faces her grandmother’s relentless pressure to find the perfect mate. In a desperate move, she impulsively names the last person she would ever consider dating—Noah Taylor, the reserved “big bad wolf” of Denver General hospital.

Noah is an interventional cardiologist who is also a wolf shifter and is under threat of exposure and needs a mate to maintain his professional standing.

The two of them get into a fake dating arrangement that’ll mutually benefit each other.

7. Love Redesigned by Lauren Asher

Spice Level: /5

Romance Tropes: Second-Chance Romance, Small-Town Romance, Billionaire Romance, Rivals to Lovers

Julian Lopez and Dahlia Munoz are childhood rivals, constantly competing with each other.

Years later, Dahlia returns to the small town, the place where her heart has always belonged. She ends up having to work with Julian to renovate a historical house. Soon, she realizes that her heart has always belonged to Julian.

8. Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score

Spice Level: /5

Romance Tropes: Enemies with Benefits, Enemies to Lovers, Grumpy-Sunshine

Following her father’s death, small-town librarian Sloane Walton decides it’s time to pursue her own happiness.

Despite being neighbors, she and Lucian Rollins, a determined mogul seeking revenge and building an unassailable empire, are sworn enemies with a shared, undisclosed history.

Sloane’s foray into online dating ends in disappointment, leading her and Lucian to form a temporary truce, engaging in an “enemies with benefits” arrangement. But, when old threats reappear, Lucian learns that it’s harder to protect Sloane from a distance

9. Hopeless by Elsie Silver

Spice Level: /5

Romance Tropes: Small-Town Romance, Fake Dating, Fake Engagement

Beau is known to be the “hero” of the small town Chestnut Springs; everyone adores him. He’s been in the military and is now recovering from a traumatic experience.

Bailey works at the bar where Beau spends most of his days, but Beau has never really seen her before. Bailey is the outcast bartender from the wrong side of the tracks.

She’s always been shy and is always hiding herself away from the world. They start talking, and later on, they make a bet – to start a fake engagement but things get out of control and their engagement becomes very real.

10. Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood

Spice Level: 4/5 (Read More: Love On The Brain Spicy Chapters List)

Romance Tropes: Forced Proximity, Workplace Romance, Grumpy-Sunshine, Enemies to Lovers

Love on the Brain follows Bee, a quirky neuroscientist who refuses to conform to her gender within STEM. After her engagement broke and when everything felt like it couldn’t get any better, she got a job offer to lead a project at Nasa.

Little does she know that her grad school nemesis, Levi is also working there. If you love a feel-good rom-com book with a good enemies to lovers trope that discusses science and empowers women, this book is for you.

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