16 Best Booktok Fantasy Books (2024)

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16 Best Booktok Fantasy Books (2024)

It gets overwhelming to pick up the right one among thousands of best-selling fantasy books, so I’ve shortlisted some of the best booktok fantasy books to inspire your next fantasy read!

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Books hyped-up by the booktok community tends to be great reads most of the time as it has been put on the spotlight and reviewed by thousands of readers internationally.

Whether it is a story of fae fantasy romance or following a gang of misfit thieves, each story is truly one of a kind. 

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16 Best Booktok Fantasy Books To Read

1. Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

booktok fantasy books

One of the most talked about romance fantasy books on Booktok is Fourth Wing. This book went to viral that it’s sold out in most bookstores from all over the world.

Fourth Wing follows Violet Sorrengail, a 20-year-old girl who was never meant for war because of her weak muscles and ligaments has trained her whole life to be a scribe, just like her father.

However, her mother is the General and demands her to join the Riders’ Quadrant. 

Violet is warned by her sister Mira to stay away from Xaden Riorson, Fourth Wing’s wingleader as he has motivation to kill Violet as her mother executed his father during the rebellion.

If you’re a fan of the enemies to lovers trope in a fantasy setting and other fantasy elements like dragons, war and magic – Fourth Wing is perfect for you!

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2. The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air #1) by Holly Black

best fae romance books

Holly black is a New York Times Bestseller author of over 30 books, so surely you won’t regret picking up The Folk of the Air trilogy.  

In the faery lands of Elfhame, where mortals are despised, Jude Duarte is set on making a place for herself. 

Stolen away from her home at the age of seven along with two sisters to live in the High Court of Faerie. Now all she wants is to fit in.

As the Grand General of Elfhame, Madoc is Jude’s foster father. She has had the privilege to study and train among the elite and cruel fae.

This also showed her exactly how brutal life as a mortal can be in faery realms.

On the other hand, Prince Cardan – cruel and manipulative, thinks of Jude as his worst enemy. 

As loyalties are changing and the powers on the throne are shifting, more bloodshed over the throne is guaranteed. 

To stay alive, Cardan and Jude form an alliance and spark a connection neither of them expected to find.

Readers classify this as one of the best booktok fantasy enemies to lovers books. I have read this trilogy and enjoyed them wholeheartedly. 

The Cruel Prince is not a stereotypical YA fantasy read, and when you finish reading this trilogy, it’ll leave you wanting more.

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3. Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross

booktok fantasy books

Another romantasy book with the enemies to lovers trope that has been all over booktok is Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross. This is the first book to a duology, Letters of Enchantment an should be read in order to avoid spoilers.

Divine Rivals follows Iris Winnow, a who loves writing. She is a journalist at the Oath Gazette and is competing with her fellow colleague, Roman Kitt for the columnist position. The two writers can’t stand each other.

However, things get complicated when Roman Kitt receives random letters from Iris. As he learns more about her life struggles, he empathises with her.

On the other hand, Iris finds a magical typewriter that secretly delivers her letters to a mystery man whom she confides in.

If you love an emotional fantasy romance with a mystery and heartfelt words written through letters, this book will be such a delight to read! This book made me blush, laugh, cry and more!

4. From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

books like from blood and ash

From Blood and Ash is one of the best booktok fantasy romance books. Set in medieval times, Poppy is chosen to be the Maiden. 

The Maiden must live in solitude, touch no one, talk to no one except a few, and then be given to the gods at her ascension. 

Poppy does not want this to be her fate, but with higher powers making decisions for her, there is very little she can do. 

A new guard has been appointed to her, Hawke, who makes it unbelievably hard for Poppy to follow the rules, challenging everything she thinks to be true.

She must control herself or risk being deemed unworthy of the gods. 

Readers liked the plot twists, especially the chemistry between Hawke and Poppy and how it affected the rest of the plot. 

This world the author has crafted is very vivid, with unique descriptions, which makes this book truly one of a kind.

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5. Lore by Alexandra Bracken

booktok fantasy books

The Darkest Minds’ author – Alexandra Bracken is back with a greek mythology best seller.

The Agon takes place every seven years. A competition where nine Greek Gods must walk the earth as mortals, as a punishment for their past rebellion.

Kill a God and gain their power. Everyone is hungry for it except for Melora Lore Perseous.

Binding her faith to Athena so she can get revenge on the murderer of her parents, Lore decides to rejoin the hunt no matter how high the stakes are this time.

You’ll love this standalone novel if you’re a fan of the Hunger Games trilogy.

The brutality in the story kept most readers on edge, making this book an epic page-turner. 

Lore is packed with Greek mythology, action, and plot twists. Bracken did a good job of creating a good balance between romance and action. 

6. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas 

best booktok fantasy books

The first book in this exciting fantasy series is inspired by the Beauty and the Beast tale.

Separated by a magical wall, the humans have always known not to mess with the cunning faeries on the other side.

Desperate to keep her family alive during the harsh winter, Feyre, a huntress, will do whatever it takes to protect them.  

Feyre is unaware she has accidentally killed a fae wolf on her hunt for food until a beast enters her home and demands for the murderer.

Readers love the ACOTAR and consider it a spicy fantasy booktok book. It is also one of the best fae romances you’ll ever have come across.

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7. Circe by Madeline Miller

best booktok fantasy books

Madeline Miller is the author of the booktok sensation, The Song of Achilles. She is back with another Greek mythology-inspired novel!

Born in the house of Helios, everybody always thought Circe to be a strange child with no apparent powers or as strong as her parents Helios and Perse.

One day Circe confesses her witchcraft skills. Threatened by her strength, Zeus banishes her to a deserted island.

Meeting all sorts of deadly creatures, She also crosses paths with Odysseus along with Medea, Minotaur, ​​Daedalus and his son Icarus. 

If you’re a big Greek mythology fan, you’ll love these cameos from famous figures.  

In case you’re wondering, Circe can be read as a standalone without prior knowledge of Greek mythology. 

Many readers love reading it despite having no interest in Greek mythology because of its themes like women empowerment and believing in one’s self no matter what people around you say.

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8. Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan

daughter of the moon goddess review

For her enchanting debut novel, Sue Lynn Tan was inspired by the legend of Chang’e, the Chinese moon goddess.

The moon had been Xingyin’s home for as long as she could remember. She was unaware of the fact that her mother had stolen the elixir of immortality that belonged to a Celestial Emperor long ago.

One day her magic flared and revealed her. Now she must flee and stay hidden, leaving her mother behind. 

Xingyin ends up in the Celestial Kingdom, home to many secrets and wonders, with her hidden identity, she learns archery and magic from the best tutors alongside the emperor’s son. 

She is set on a quest to save her mother from her impending doom. From striking bargains to challenging the ruthless Emperor, Xingyin is ready to risk it all.

Readers were amazed by how jam-packed with action and romance this debut novel had.

Captivating chemistry between Prince Liwei and Xingyin, and it’s interesting to see their bond get strengthened with each page turn. If you’re looking for a booktok fantasy romance recommendation, I highly recommend this one.

Many Chinese readers loved how authentically rendered the representation was with Chinese mythology in this Asian-inspired fantasy read. 

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9. A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

best booktok fantasy books

This is one of the best booktok fantasy books that has a beauty and the beast retelling that takes a dark turn

Fall in love, break the curse. It sounds simple but not so much when the fear of war looms over the magical lands of Emberfall.  

Cursed by a mighty enchantress, Prince Rhen has lost all hopes of saving his kingdom until his Commander of guards, Grey, accidentally kidnaps Harper. 

Harper agrees to help Rhen break this curse despite having her own challenges, but she must understand how high the stakes are here and choose her next move carefully.

Readers found the storytelling to be phenomenal and so rich in detail. Seeing the characters grow fond and start to look out for each other was heartwarming for some.

This slow-burn romance intertwined with a fantasy plot had readers hooked. 

10. Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1) by Leigh Bardugo

books like a court of thorns and roses

Leigh Bardugo has written some of the best booktok fantasy books such as Shadow and Bone, now a Netflix sensation.

Kaz Brekker, a criminal prodigy, puts together a brilliant team: A convict, a sharpshooter, a runaway, a Heartrender, and a spy.

They must take on a deadly heist so they can become unimaginably rich. 

The catch is, that they don’t have to steal something, they have to steal someone. A scientist who has developed a very lethal drug that many thugs want for sinister reasons.

Kaz and his team must kidnap a dangerous scientist and deliver him to his client. Sounds simple enough but Ketterdam is full of surprises and nasty foes.

Readers were thrilled to be back in the universe of Shadow and Bone but you can still understand this book without reading the other trilogy.

Readers love these twisted morally grey characters who are so well developed, you can see what shaped their personalities when Leigh Bardugo dives into their backstories.

Bardugo has done a fantastic job, no wonder why this is one of booktok’s fav books to talk about. 

11. Cinder by Marissa Meyer

best booktok fantasy books

Set in the future, there are four books in this series with each one being loosely based on a classic fairytale. 

Cinder is based on Cinderella but this version of Cinderella is unique, it has a sci-fi twist.

A deadly plague has spread in New Beijing, and Cinder’s abusive family blames her for her step-sister’s illness.   

Cinder is a gifted mechanic, who is also a cyborg. Having lost one arm and leg in a mysterious accident she is lucky to still be alive.

Prince Kai’s father has fallen ill due to this plague and the whole kingdom is unsettled. Our villain, Queen Levana who lives on the moon has decided to pay a visit everyone dreads.

With her eyes set on Prince Kai, Levana will do anything to rule the earth.

Caught between intergalactic struggles, forbidden romance, and hidden pasts Cinder needs to get a hold of this situation before she is Levana’s next target.

Readers adore the newfound family trope in this series as our protagonists come together to be strong in the face of their enemy.   

12. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

best booktok fantasy books

Shatter me is definitely one of the best booktok YA fantasy books of all time. Booktok was really invested in this series, making it go viral!

A girl with a lethal touch who could easily kill anyone, Juliette, a 17-year-old girl,  must escape from the Reestablishment, an organisation that’s trying to weaponise her. 

Things have changed and the world she once knew of no longer exists. 

Coping with this strange reality the Reestablishment has created, Juliette needs to find her way out with the help of a soldier gone rogue, Adam. 

Warner, the head of sector 45 sees potential in her, but with hidden motives and deadly secrets, he’s doing his best to keep her close without stirring up chaos.

Readers find this story to be so captivating that you can’t put this down for hours. It’s a long series but once you start it time flies and you wish you could spend more time with these interesting characters. 

Many readers also loved Tahereh’s writing style and the way she uses metaphors to describe Juliette’s thoughts. 

You can expect to see enemies to lovers trope in this fantasy series.

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13. Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco 

booktok fantasy books

The author of the Stalking Jack the Ripper series is back with another booktok fantasy sensation!

This book is centred around the Seven deadly sins theme: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.

Witches are being brutally murdered around this small town in Italy, so it’s no shock when Emilia, a teen witch just witnessed her twin sister, Vittoria get murdered by a strange man. 

Now it’s up to her to track down the murderer and finally get to the root of all this. 

Dark magic is forbidden, Emilia’s grandmother has warned her to never use it but desperate times call for desperate measures. 

While doing so, Emilia crosses paths with a prince of hell, Wrath. Her grandmother always cautioned her about these creatures. 

Turns out Wrath is on a mission that isn’t much different from Emilia’s as he is ordered by his master to find the killer too. 

Aligned in the common goal of finding Vittoria’s murderer, Wrath and Emilia set on a journey 

Readers love the small-town vibes in this, it’s a refreshing read with a side of mystery and magic. 

The dynamic and banter between Wrath and Emilia is amazingly written by Kerri Maniscalco.

14. Caraval by Stephanie Garber

books like caraval

Booktok was mesmerised by the fantastical world that Stephanie Garber has created. 

Scarlett Dragna and her twin Tella have always wanted to visit the legendary Caraval show.

The Caraval shows up once a year and puts on a performance where the audience must participate too. 

However, it’s an invite-only show so when Scarlett’s invitation finally shows up, Tella and her whisk away to it with the help of a mysterious sailor. 

As soon as they arrive, Tella is kidnapped by The Caraval’s organiser, Legend.

Turns out his new act is centred around her. The participants must find Tella in five days otherwise she’ll vanish forever.

A tale of sisterhood, heartbreak and mesmerizing romance, the clock ticks and Scarlet must hurry.

Readers found the plot twists to be highly entertaining and satisfyingly unpredictable. They found the characters to be very well written with great character development.

The characters are manipulative, this guessing game of who’s telling the truth keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

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15. Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree

cottagecore books

Legends and Lattes is a low stakes cozy fantasy novel is a fantasy that book has been getting a lot of attention lately on Booktok.

We follow Viv, a retired adventurer who finds a new passion – coffee making. She decides to open a coffee shop in a nearby small town. 

You meet a lot of interesting characters when you follow Viv on her coffee shop journey.

Plus, this book can be a great palette cleanser if you’ve been constantly reading plot-heavy fantasy books with intricate world-building.

16. Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries

cottagecore books

Cambridge professor Emily, is on a mission to put together an encyclopaedia of faeries.

She goes to a nordic country for her research and her insufferably handsome academic rival Wendell Bambleby decides to follow her there too.

This popular booktok fantasy book has lot of interesting facts about faeries that readers may enjoy learning.

Plus, if you’re looking for a light-hearted fantasy romance, you’ll love this cozy fantasy book.

Final Thoughts: Booktok Fantasy Books

These are some of the best booktok fantasy books! 

These are all-time-fav reads of the booktok community, cherished by thousands of readers. 

If you haven’t already put them on your TBR yet you’re missing out. 

I’ve included everything from fae fantasy to Asian-inspired Fantasy. You’ll be sure to find a book to your liking in this list. If you’re an enemies-to-lovers fantasy fan, you won’t be disappointed by this list of recommendations.

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