20 Easy Bookstagram Ideas For Beginners

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20 Easy Bookstagram Ideas For Beginners

Oftentimes many of us try cracking our heads for bookstagram ideas to post on our bookstagram account. I know that having a go-to list like this would be helpful and inspire many to be more consistent in posting, especially for beginner bookstagrammers like myself.

Although it is resourceful to have a list of ideas, never copy these ideas and claim them to be your own. Always give credit where they are due!

More Bookstagram Tips:

1. Book Reviews

What is a bookstagram without book reviews, right? This is the most common yet essential type of bookstagram idea that almost anyone can do. 

It does not need to be fancy, but it does need to have your own take on a book.

Everyone has their own book review post styles, you can definitely explore different ways of writing instagram book reviews.

For example, @khaijian almost always starts off his reviews with a quote that will urge anyone scrolling through their feeds to pause, read and click more to read the rest of his review.

If you’re looking for something more structured, @zarareadshere book review is pretty easy to consume as it has been listed by points.

Also, don’t forget to leave a rating! Not compulsory of course, but many bookstagrammers leave a rating out of 5-stars (or any emoji for that matter).

2. TBR Pile

This is one of the easiest bookstagram content ideas.


Because as readers, we have a ton of to-be-read books lying around at home! 

With little to no effort needed, stack them up and take a minimalist photo that will look aesthetically pleasing for your bookstagram.

3. Books By Colours

Another #bookstack idea! But this time, all the books in the photo have to be the same colour.

To make it more fun, take two colours of books and make them stack.

4. Books In A Bag

This is also a pretty simple idea and almost anyone will be able to do this one!

All you need is a bag and some books. I used a tote bag and showcased my books in flaylat. 

However, there are other ways you can stack books in a bag that can make good bookstagram photo ideas.

5. Shelfie or Book Trolley

#Shelfie is none other than a picture of your bookshelf.

If you don’t have a bookshelf, and have a book trolley instead, you can take a photo of that too.

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6. Books And Coffee

This is probably my favourite. I love the cozy vibes bookstagram photos give off, especially if it has a latte and a book in it!

7. Books And Flowers

Take a walk around the neighbourhood and spot some flowers, then pause to take a photo of your book and the flowers.

Need I say more? One of the easiest bookstagram ideas for anyone to try!

8. Library Photo

If you ever visit a cool library around town, don’t forget to snap a picture. It may just be your next bookstagram post idea.

9. Audio or Ebooks

Why stick to physical books when you have the option of taking photos of your e-book reader (like kindle) and also audio books?

10. Match Outfit To Book

One of my favourite bookstagrammers, @talesandtigerlily does this really well! I have always admired her stylish outfits and how well she matches them to her books!

11. Currently Reading

Although one of the most straightforward bookstagram ideas, this is really good one to keep in mind.

Whenever I feel like i’m taking too long to read a book and therefore I have no new content going up on my bookstagram, I take a photo of my current read to post it. 

Check out how @nat.is.reading does it, she even adds some bookstagram props such as bookmarks, as she is currently reading it!

12. Book Haul Picture

Guilty buying more and more books every month? Tell yourself it is part of your bookstagram content ideas and strategy! 

Trust me, put it to good use and take a book haul photo!

13. Bookstore Photo

Whether it is you in a bookstore or just a photo of the bookstore, bookstore photos on bookstagram can never go wrong.

We bookstagrammers love bookstores and love seeing others post about them!

14. Book Challenges

There are way too many book challenges on bookstagram! There are always new ones and it may be hard to keep up. 

However, here are a couple of simple ones you can try out.

As you make more friends on the platform, you’ll get tagged into a few challenges and you can hit it off from there!

15. Books and Pets 

No bookstagram props at home? Have a pet instead? You know what to do.

Fuzzy and adorable pets give off a very comforting vibe on bookstagram. It is also a photo that does not demand perfection.

16. Monthly Wrap Up

When I first started bookstagram and ran out of ideas on what to post, I started doing monthly wrap ups.

Not that this is an idea for when you do not have ideas! But it is a saviour if you’re on a super busy schedule, and can’t spend much time thinking about your next bookstagram post idea.

17. Seasonal Book Posts

If you’re living in a country that is blessed with four seasons, don’t forget to post seasonal book posts! 

A picture of your pumpkin spice latte and your books would make everyone crave for a sweater weather treat!

Don’t forget about Christmas season and the snow that comes with it!

18. Favourite Book Series

Need I say more? Showcase your favourite(s) book series! Bookstagram is a place to indulge in books. Don’t feel guilty talking about what makes you happy! 

Show off that collection of yours!

19. Book Series To Be Read

I’m guilty for this one, and i’m sure many of you are as well. Have a book series that you have not read before sitting on your shelf?

Yep, time to make some good use out of those books!

20. Favourite Author

As book lovers (sometimes hoarders), you definitely have a stack of books from your favourite author lying down somewhere!

There you have it! 20 bookstagram ideas for anyone! Beginner or not, I hope this list inspires you when you’re stuck for ideas on what types of content you can create on bookstagram.

I know, there are many more features that you can leverage on Instagram to grow your bookstagram, such as stories, reels, IGTVs and more! I will be putting up more ideas for each of these features soon!

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