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5 Bookstagram Bio Ideas To Try In 2022

5 Bookstagram Bio Ideas To Try In 2022

Besides your bookstagram name, branding and profile picture being super important, your bookstagram bio is the first impression anyone gets when they land on your Instagram account.

This is why exploring bookstagram bio ideas might be something you should look into when starting and growing a bookstagram account.

If you are not sure on what you should add to your bookstagram bio, this article will show you several bookstagram bio ideas that may inspire you.

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What Should I Put In My Bookstagram Bio?

Your bookstagram bio should explain who you are, what you do and contain keywords so that when people search for those keywords on Instagram, you’ll pop up!

Somethings to include in your bookstagram bio:

  • Name
  • Nationality (emoji)
  • Age
  • Books Read/Reading Goal
  • Current Read
  • Other Social Handles (booktok/goodreads)
  • Email
  • A Link (linktree is a good option to have multiple links as Instagram bios only allow space for one)

Here Are 7 Bookstagram Bio Ideas To Take Inspiration From:

1. @sumaiyya.books

With this account, you can see she includes her current location. 

Another thing that might interest you is to put your email so that publishers and authors can contact you to work with you.

2. @soniasingh_

bookstagram bio ideas

This is my bookstagram! I added my brand/blog name in the name section so that if anyone searches for “brewing writer” on Instagram, i’ll show up in their search.

I am also a writer, writing and book reviewing goes well together and therefore can bring you many collaboration opportunities or even paid writing gigs. 

That is why I included “writer” in my bio description.

3. @bookish_jules

bookstagram bio ideas

One idea to takeaway from this bookstagram bio is that she mentions her book club account! If you have a book club or podcast account, you might want to consider doing this.

She is also a book blogger and urges people to read along with 100K+ monthly readers.

4. @sarcasticbrunettes.library

bookstagram bio ideas

A unique thing this bookstagrammer does is to add in her official hashtag. Yes, you can create your own official bookstagram hashtag and hashtag your book reviews with it. 

That way if anyone wants a quick access to all your book reviews/recommendations – they can just pop the bookstagram hashtag into the search bar.

Also, instead of putting in her age, she adds her year of birth to her bookstagram bio.

5. @legenbooksdary

bookstagram bio ideas

This bookstagrammer is also an author. She uses her bookstagram bio to spread awareness about her recently published poetry and short story book – Indecipherable.

She also adds a link to purchase the book. If you are an author or if you own a bookish business, you can use your bookstagram bio to make people aware of it/promote it.

bookstagram bio ideas
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So there you have it, 5 bookstagram bio ideas to inspire you. Be sure to not add every single idea listed or your bookstagram bio may look cluttered.

I feel the most important thing about your bookstagram bio is that it should reflect who you are as a person. 

Try not to add something to your bookstagram bio just because everyone is doing so. If it is irrelevant to you, ignore it.

I hope this helps!

5 Bookstagram Bio Ideas To Try In 2022

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