13 Best Book Blogs To Read In 2023

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13 Best Book Blogs To Follow And Get Inspired By

In my book blogging journey, I researched many of the best book blogs online. 

It’s been more than a year of my book blogging journey and I still avidly read these bloggers posts as it sparks content ideas for my own book blog.

In this article, book blogging here refers to book review blogs or book blog websites. I’m not talking about book bloggers on instagram or book bloggers on Youtube. 

This post is dedicated to the best book bloggers who write long-form helpful reviews on their websites.

You can also use these book blog examples to learn a thing or two about book blogging before starting your own blog!

Start a book blog:

Who Is A Book Blogger And What Do They Do?

A book blogger is an avid reader who writes book reviews. They also write other posts related to books.

Book bloggers spend a lot of their time reading, hence book blogging is not an easy going hobby or career although one may enjoy it.

Book blogging can also be done on many platforms – not just a traditional blog.

Some other ways you can book blog:

  • Starting A Booktok (Tiktok)
  • Starting A Booktube (Youtube
  • Starting A Bookstagram (Instagram)
best book blogs
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Are Book Blogs Still Popular?

Do people still read book blogs? Yes, they do. 

Although social media platforms are preferred by most readers to share their book reviews (such as Instagram, Youtube and TikTok), people who love to read books will read book reviews. 

Naturally, they are readers and therefore tend to read book reviews on a blog for better insight.

Book blogging is not dead even though we live in an era of short and easy to consume content.

12 Best Book Blogs To Follow And Get Inspired By

Here are some of the most popular book blogs on the internet and some of my personal favourites.

1. What’s Hot Blog

best book blogs
Screenshot from What’s Hot Blog

What’s Hot Blog is the first book blog I’ve ever stumbled upon. Laura, founder of this book and travel blog has been blogging for years and is a very famous book blogger.

She is also one of the best book bloggers – an award-winning book blogger based in London.

I love the aesthetic of her blog. Her images are so bright and beautiful to look at. She also has some content around literary travel which is perfect for book enthusiasts who love to travel.

Laura also has some great bookshop guides. I hope I get to visit some of the bookshops in London that she recommends in 14 Specialist Bookshops in London You Need to Visit.

2. Book Riot

best book blogs
Screenshot from Book Riot

Book Riot is my go-to book blog for book recommendations. 

Book Riot is a book media website with high quality editorial content.

This book entertainment site is also inclusive – which I appreciate as there is a diverse range of book recommendations for different types of people all over the world.

Book Riot also publishes opinionated pieces revolving around the book and publishing industry that may or may not be controversial.

For example, this post on Why Aren’t There More Fat Men In Romance Novels? Is a bold post for sure. It addresses the stigma around plus size men and women. 

3. Books And Bao

best book blogs
Screenshot from Books and Bao

Books and Bao is a book and travel blog specialising in translated literature and culture. 

Books and Bao is founded by Jessica and Will who have travelled a lot in recent years. Hence, explaining all the content around different cultures from various parts of the world.

This blog is filled with diverse literature recommendations. Books and Bao is one of the very first blogs I came across when looking for Japanese and Korean literature novels. 

They have a ray of helpful guides on books, travel, lifestyle and culture related to Southeast Asia.

They are also my go-to blog for:

I am also subscribed to their Youtube channel. If you aren’t a fan of reading blog posts, their youtube is also a great way to gain insight on translated literature and travel.

4. She Reads Romance

best book blogs
Screenshot from She Reads Romance

Looking for a romance book blog?

If you’re looking for a list of romance books, book boyfriends, romance tropes and everything romance – She Reads Romance is your number one romance blog to go to.

She Reads Romance is a blog by Leslie who loves happily-ever-after stories and everything romance.

She also has a romance book printable journal that helps you keep track of all romance books you’ve read and want to read.

If you’re looking for a romance book of a specific trope – you’re most likely going to find them in this ultimate romance book post on her blog.

5. Kirkus Reviews

best book blogs
Screenshot from Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews is definitely one of the best book review blogs out there you should follow!

Whenever I need to get a quick review of a book from any genre, Kirkus usually has the short well-written review for the book. 

It is usually a short 500 word review that really gives me just enough information if I want to read the book or not.

Kirkus Reviews also has their own book award – Kirkus Prize which is pretty well-known by readers and authors.

This book review website also has a section for writers who need some writing resources – Writers’ Center.

6. The Espresso Edition

best book blogs
Screenshot from The Espresso Edition

Is one of the best book bloggers on Instagram.

Although her bookstagram is super popular, her blog really stands out from other book bloggers. This is because it’s super cozy!

Her blog aesthetic makes you want to keep scrolling.

Personally, I love coffee so this blog really felt like home to me. I love everything – the colours, the coffee photography and of course, the content. 

Stephanie from The Espresso Edition also has some pretty good blogging tips that I always go back to.

The Espresso Edition is definitely one of my top book blogs i’d recommend to follow.

7. The Literary Lifestyle by: Jules Buono

best book blogs
Screenshot from The Literary Lifestyle

The Literary Lifestyle by Jules Buono is probably one of the book blogs with the catchiest names ever.

“Literary Lifestyle” – where books meet lifestyle. I quite like that as I think reading should be a lifestyle, not just another habit you’re doing because “it’s good for you”.

Jules’ book blog is really unique in my opinion because of The Rory Gilmore Book Club.

To be honest, I’ve never really bothered to watch Gilmore Girls but as soon as I found Jules’ book blog – I binged watched all the seasons and loved it!

This ultimate list of Rory Gilmore books is very impressive. Definitely a blog you must check out!

8. Never Enough Novels

best book blogs
Screenshot from Never Enough Novels

Just like the name suggests, Never Enough Novels is focused mainly on book reviews and recommendations. 

Rachel, founder of this book blog, started this blog because she is a lifelong reader who wants to bring joy to other readers and that sounds amazing!

What I personally enjoyed from this book blog is the mini reviews

Sometimes, we don’t have time to read super long reviews and this monthly mini book wrap up and review is such a smart idea!

9. The Book Family Rogerson

best book blogs
Screenshot from The Book Family Rogerson

A book blog you don’t see everyday – a family book blog!

I think it is so lovely that this book blog is run by a little family who loves books – a couple and their 9-year-old kid. 

The idea of having a family who reads always warms my heart. I always find myself coming back to this blog because of the literary travel content and fun bookstagram tips.

10. Book List Queen

best book blogs
Screenshot from Book List Queen

Book List Queen – perfect name to describe this book blog.

You can find almost any list of books you need.

From new book releases to themed book lists like best summer books – you can definitely find the right book for you.

I love that Rachael decided to start this blog so that she can review and create lists of books to save readers’ time.

She mentions how frustrating it is to invest time and money in a book that you end up not enjoying reading.

So she decided to read lots of books and create content on her blog that will help all kinds of readers! 

We’re all definitely grateful for that.

11. Four Minute Books

best book blogs
Screenshot from Four Minute Books

Four Minute Books has over 1000 free book summaries. This is definitely one of the best book summary blogs on the book blogging space.

I stumbled upon Four Minute Books when looking for James Clear’s Atomic Habits summary.

I like reading book summaries before deciding to buy a non-fiction book. 

Non-fiction books take a bit more effort for me to read and therefore I’d like an overall picture of the book before investing my time and money in it.

Read: 30 Note-Worthy Atomic Habits Quotes By James Clear

12. Drizzle and Hurricane Books

best book blogs
Screenshot from Drizzle and Hurricane

Drizzle and Hurricane Books are founded by two sisters who love to read. I love that these two sisters share the same passion for books

I slightly envy them because my sister loves books too but she doesn’t like posting about them.

Anyway, this blog warms my heart with recommendations. Marie is the founder of the blog while Nyx is the co-founder – you can read her reviews here.

13. The Uncorked Librarian

best book blogs

The Uncorked Librarian is a unique book blog that has been quite around for sometime. It is one of the first few book blogs i’ve stumbled upon that inspired me to start my own book blog.

It also has many book lists inspired by travel locations!

This popular book blog differs from others because it has cocktail recipes and movie recommendations in addition to books.

How Do I Get A Book Blogger To Review My Book?

Although book bloggers read and write out of passion, in today’s world where influencer marketing is growing big – many book bloggers are part of the influencer marketing community.

This means they would appreciate receiving free books in exchange for an honest review. 

Some of them also have their respective charges per post (depending on which social platform they publish them – Youtube, Instagram, Blog, etc)

To work with a book blogger, here is a few things to look out for:

  • Their about page/bio (get to know the blogger, what genre they prefer to read)
  • Their media kit (their rates for different types of content and how you can reach out to them)
  • Their previous sponsored work (checkout existing paid reviews to manage expectations).

Wrap Up: 13 Best Book Blogs To Follow And Get Inspired By

And there you have it, the best blogs about books to follow and get inspired by! Specially curated by me. 

I took some time and effort in researching book blogs before I started my own blog to have some sense of direction related to content creation and branding. 

I hope this list of best book bloggers help you!

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