20 Completed Webtoons You Won’t Regret Binge Reading

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20 Completed Webtoons You Won’t Regret Binge Reading

What are some good completed Webtoons? We have a whole list of completed Webtoons for you to binge read!

In case you didn’t know, Webtoon is an app that allows creators to publish their webcomics and readers to read them from all parts of the world.

Initially, in 2004, NAVER WEBTOON was Korea’s biggest platform for comic readers and creators. 

Over the years, they have expanded to become LINE WEBTOON, which is the webtoon app we read on today and is available in most countries and a diverse range of languages.

Before we jump into the list of completed webtoons that you’re able to binge read on the app, it is important to know the following information:

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Where To Read Completed Webtoons For Free? 

The webtoon app. It is available on both, android and IOS.  

It is legal and free to download with some in-app purchases (purchase coins to unlock on-going chapters). More information on how to get free coins in this article

How Do You Know If A Webtoon Is Completed?

Click the “i” (information) button on the banner of the webcomic, if the webtoon is completed, it will be labelled completed below the synopsis. 

Another way to know this is if the first episode you see on the list is labelled as Ep 1 or Prologue (basically the first thing posted by the creator). This means the webtoon is completed.

If not completed, the first episode you see will be the latest episode posted by the creator and there will be a fast pass option where you can use coins to unlock episodes that will be FREE in the next week. 

completed webtoons

Screenshot via Webtoon app.

Difference Between Webtoon Coins And Webtoon Daily Pass

Are Completed Webtoons Free? 

Yes, they are all free. But there are some completed webtoons that require you to unlock chapters of completed webtoons with a daily pass.

What Is A Webtoon Daily Pass?

A daily pass is a free pass you obtain per day. 

So for some Webtoon series, even though the webcomic is completed, you can binge read the series up to maybe 10-20 episodes but after that, you will have to unlock one per day. 

If you want to unlock another episode but you have used up your free pass for the day, you can spend 3 coins per episode.

Don’t want to spend coins? Or maybe you don’t want to wait a whole 24 hours to obtain the next daily pass?

Don’t worry, this article recommends a mix of both, daily pass series and completed series that do not require daily pass so you can binge read right till the end!

How To Get Webtoon Coins? 

There are two ways to get webtoon coins. You can either purchase or get them for free.

To purchase coins, you can visit the coin shop. Sometimes Webtoon offers extra coins for the value you are purchasing.

completed webtoons

Screenshot via Webtoon app.

Are webtoon coins free? Yes, you can get some for free by participating in their campaigns and events. 

Sometimes, all you need to do is check into the app and collect a stamp for a few days during a time period to be rewarded 5 coins.

Besides that, you might have to read certain series and a certain amount of chapters. Once completed, you will receive free coins.

completed webtoons completed webtoons

Screenshot via Webtoon app.

20 Completed Webtoons You Won’t Regret Binge Reading

Completed Webtoons #1: My Dear Cold-Blooded King

completed webtoons

Image from Webtoons

Synopsis: Born a humble peasant, Kihara Mei has lived simply day by day as a merchant in the capitol, and never assumed things would change. But, one fateful day would change the course of her life, when faced with a deadly challenge against dangerous royal assassins. Now, with the eyes of the dreaded Blood King upon her, her life of simplicity would now become a tangled web of secrecy, deceit, and desire.

Episodes: 161 

Genre: Romance

Why You Should Read It: My Dear Cold Blooded-King explores a romantic love triangle between Kihara Mei, Katsu and Ryusaki Hayate. 

If you’re a fan of reverse harem tropes, this webtoon will interest you for sure.

MDCBK is also one of the many completed webtoons with strong female lead.

This is also one of the romance webtoons with good art. The art is beautiful which really enhances the romance in this webtoon. 

There’s a great balance between masculine and femininity in both genders of characters. It is nice to see men being portrayed as vulnerable people and women being strong for a change. 

My Dear Cold Blooded-King has other interesting themes to explore. As the name suggests, it is not only a romance webtoon, but there are other themes such as family, war, hierarchy and power. 

Soon you will be immersed into a world full of deceit and desire.

The character growth of the three main characters are impressive. You are sure to develop an attachment to this story and its characters.

Also, really attractive characters (a.k.a husbandos) such as Katsu and Hayate will definitely keep you wanting to read more.

Luckily, this is a completed romance webtoon or you will be spending all your coins on it (yes, I bought several chapters while you’re now able to read it for free!)

Webtoon Rating: 9.72

Completed Webtoons #2: Siren’s Lament

completed webtoons

Image from Webtoons

Synopsis: Content with her ordinary life, Lyra is somewhat of a wallflower. However, her comfortable lifestyle suddenly goes astray when she accidentally plunges into the world of sirens. Entangled in a curse, Lyra will learn that her world may be a lot bigger than she had ever imagined.

Episodes: 183

Genre: Romance

Why You Should Read It: If you’re into siren fantasy, this is a good read.

 It is not too serious or brutal as how sirens are usually portrayed, but there is a very good representation of that meanwhile still being a fun, romantic, friends to lovers type of read. 

Being one of the best romance webtoons, there are two really attractive drool-worthy husbandos, Ian and Shon. 

There’s also some bromance between them that fans really like. The two of them plus Lyra, make a friend group that readers enjoy reading about.

I like how the story portrays an emotional side to sirens, they are not just your brutal, murderous fantasy creatures. 

Although Lyra is the main character, Ian and Shon have equal back story and character development which gives depth to this webtoon.

This is obe of the most popular webtoons, one of the reasons being the art as it is really beautiful and gets even better as the episodes progress. The music goes well with the art and story too.

Webtoon Rating: 9.75

Completed Webtoons #3: Miss Abbott And The Doctor

completed webtoons

Image from Webtoon 

Synopsis: Doctor Andreas Marino loves his quiet life, filled with work and simple amusements, and when the strange Miss Abbott arrives in his town he decides he doesn’t like her at all. Unfortunately, she’s funny and quirky, has an uncommon past and seems to enjoy getting him in trouble. Welcome to a sketchy Victorian rom-com!

Episodes: 173

Genre: Romance

Why You Should Read It: If you love reading historical fiction romance, this completed webtoon recommendation is perfect for you. 

If you’re a fan of Jane Austen or even Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton Series, this Victorian era webcomic is something you want to subscribe to, right away!

The webcomic revolves around Cati Abbot, an eccentric, adventurous, spiritual girl from the amazon that bumps into a logical, medical professional that can be pretty boring at times (at least as described by Cati). 

The two fall in love and the adventures they embark on, in a small town will make you want to fall in love. 

This is a heart-warming read about accepting differences and appreciating similarities. This webcomic also portrays themes of unconditional love and inclusivity.

What truly makes this completed romance webtoon authentic is that the author sketches every panel in every episode by hand

This is a lengthy process to publish each episode and her fans truly appreciate her dedication towards this webtoon.  

Webtoon Rating: 9.81

Completed Webtoons #4: Gourmet Hound

completed webtoons

Image from Webtoons

Synopsis: Lucy, a woman with an uncanny sense of taste and smell, discovers that her favorite restaurant has changed kitchen staff–and she does not know the identity of the chef whose cooking she’s loved for years. When a lucky accident leads her to two former chefs at Dimanche, she decides that she will do her utmost to track down each of their old colleagues in order to rediscover that “perfect taste”.

Episodes: 166

Genre: Drama

Trigger Warnings: None

Why You Should Read It: Readers who are foodies will definitely appreciate this webtoon series.

Besides the food illustrations and chapters being named after mouth-watering food (which is an adorable touch to the webtoon), the mysterious plot of tracking down the chef that makes Lucy’s favourite dish at a restaurant will leave you wanting to read more as it makes the reader 

This is one of the best completed webtoons when it comes to diversity. There are characters of different ethnicities.

Along with the diversity, each character has a story of their own, a moment to shine and it is not just about Lucy’s quest in finding the very special chef.

Webtoon Rating: 9.82

Completed Webtoons #5: Cat Loaf Adventures

completed webtoons

Image from Webtoons

Synopsis: Adventures of Cat Loaf and other pastry treats!

Episodes: 215

Genre: Slice Of Life

Why You Should Read It: Because it is so cute! This webtoon takes place in a bakery and it revolves around cat loafs and other cute pastry-like animals (cinnamon bunnies).  

Warning, this is one of the best finished webtoons that will make you crave some delicious treats while reading this! 

Join Cat Loaf, Rye Loaf and Tabs on adventures that are quick and easy to read. 

This is the type of webtoon I would personally read while waiting for a bus or an appointment because it is entertaining and convenient to kill some time.

Webtoon Rating: 9.58

Completed Webtoons #6: Boo! It’s Sex

completed webtoons

Image from Webtoon

Synopsis: Four high school classmates move into a former sorority house for their first year of college, and immediately discover the ghost of a dead sorority girl stuck in a discarded bottle of tequila. While the freshwomen are settling into college life, Tara settles herself into the center of their personal lives, acting as a seasoned mentor for their transition from girls to ladies.​

Episodes: 96

Genre: Slice Of Life

Why You Should Read It: This completed webtoon is a bit different compared to most webtoons. 

This is because although fiction, it portrays facts. 

The webcomic focuses on reproductive health education.

It is great for high-school and college students to learn more about their bodies and sex in general.

Overall, the characters are 4 females who are going through different situations that calls for some help from Tara, the sorority girl who happens to be a ghost living in the house these girls moved into!

Webtoon Rating: 8.85

Completed Webtoons #7: Freaking Romance

completed webtoons

Image from Webtoon

Synopsis: A supernatural story about being out on your own, finding your dream apartment and discovering that your new place is haunted by a handsome spectral stranger from another dimension. Sure, HE can’t see you and YOU can’t touch him, but who said every relationship starts out perfectly?

Episodes: 79

Genre: Romance

Why You Should Read It: This is not your average handsome ghost haunting a house and falling in love with the human who rents it kinda love story. 

Although being labelled as a romance genre, there is more to it than just romance.

Zylith was kicked out of her house and discouraged from young by her father because of her passion in art. She does not want to be a lawyer or a doctor and therefore leaves home.

Also, cutie alert! In alternate dimensions, a kpop artist named Zelan stays in the very same apartment that she rents. 

From the first episode itself, there were a ton of puns and jokes that will make the reader LOL (literally).

Webtoon Rating: 9.77

Completed Webtoons #8: Ghost Wife

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: Liz is a normal teenage girl who can see monsters… that want to eat her. The only person who can save her is a demon with a creepy smile and an appetite for live cats. But first, she has to become his fiancé!

Episodes: 135 *Daily Pass Series

Genre: Romance

Why You Should Read It: Firstly, the art style is very different and you’re most likely unable to come across this type of art style on the webtoon app.

It’s either you really like it or dislike it, either way it’s unique and you should give it a go.

Although a romance, this webtoon is rather dark and gives off a creepy vibe. The horror plus art style may be the reason this is so. 

Overall, this webtoon stands out from the other popular completed webtoons. It may be eccentric but it captivates readers and leaves you wanting more. 

Webtoon Rating: 9.73

Completed Webtoons #9: Cheese In The Trap

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: After returning to college from a long break, model student Seol finds herself caught up with Jung, a senior who’s also known as Mr. Perfect. Seol feels like her life took a turn for the worse since Jung came into her life… but is he intentionally turning her life upside down?

Episodes: Episodes are arranged in seasons – there are 4 seasons. *Daily Pass Series

Genre: Drama

Why You Should Read It: If you’re looking to binge read korean manga online, this is the perfect webtoon as it is set in South Korea.

Many readers say that the progression of Seol and Jung’s relationship was interesting to read. It is realistic in a sense where you get into a friendship first, slowly learning new things about each other no matter how awkward it may be. 

Art style is very cartoony, personally, I did not enjoy the art as much as compared to other webtoons but I do know people who love the cartoon vibe it gives off.

The webcomic is originally in Korean language but now it has been translated into English and is made available on the Webtoon app. Not just that, this popular webtoon is streaming on Netflix as of 2019.

If you’re wanting a season 2, you’re in luck. You can find Cheese In The Trap 2 premiere date and cast details here.

Webtoon Rating: 9.71

Completed Webtoons #10: The Weight Of Our Sky

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: A music-loving teen with OCD does everything she can to find her way back to her mother during the historic race riots in 1969 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Based on the YA novel by Hanna Alkaf.)

Episodes: 52

Genre: Historical

Why You Should Read It: Although not a very lengthy webtoon, the webtoon carries a lot of weight. 

Just like its title suggests, this webtoon revolves around heavy themes such as war, mental health and ethnicity conflicts faced by people in Malaysia during the 1960s.

If you’re someone who gets easily triggered by mental health issues, I would suggest you to skip this one. 

However, this is a really good webtoon to educate yourself on historical challenges in the author’s homeland. 

It teaches you not just history, but empathy and sadly, the limited amount of awareness on mental health issues in Asian countries like Malaysia during the 60s.

This webtoon was initially a book written by Hanna Alkaf and then it got turned into a webcomic.

Completed Webtoons #11: Life Outside the Circle

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: The heartwarming tale of two men who find love in the Finnish countryside. 

Episodes: 47

Genre: Drama, Romance (BL)

Why You Should Read It: If you love a romantic story that is not all fluff this is the webtoon for you!

The story revolves around Sami, a city slicking artist who moves to a small village in hopes of gaining some inspiration for his art. 

Instead, he is shocked by the lack of avocados and leans on Juha, a single country man father for support. This is one of the most well written completed webtoons BL you’ll find on the app.

The ups and downs of their relationship were not glossed over and how there was an emphasis on both of them needing to put in the work to maintain their relationship. 

Despite the webtoon only being in black and white, it is far from bland.

Although being part of the lgbtq+ community himself, the author did pay tribute to a special week in June by incorporating rainbows into his work. 

The title actually refers to a Finnish inside joke about the roads of Helsinki, but it also shows how the characters leave their comfort zones to find happiness in new beginnings.


Webtoon Rating: 9.38

Completed Webtoons #12: Orange Marmalade 

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: People are no longer afraid of vampires but that doesn’t stop humans from discriminating against them. Can Mari Baek hide her identity when she falls in love with a popular boy who hates vampires?

Episodes: 119 *Daily Pass Series

Genre: Romance

Why You Should Read It: A vampire-teen romance packed with angst, humour, life lessons and character development? The question should be why would you not want to read it?

Orange Marmalade is a classic best completed romance webtoon and for good reason.

This is not just a story of a vampire teen with her walls up too high, instead it is a story about how prejudice affects individuals and what it takes to overcome it. 

I truly enjoyed how all the characters were flawed in their own way and how as the story progressed they grew from their experiences. The story felt very human despite it being about mythical creatures.

The art and pacing of this story makes it top notch. Nothing gets unnecessarily confusing or overwhelmingly angsty. 

As an added bonus, after you are done reading it you can watch the k-drama based on this webtoon on Netflix. It is the completed romance manhwa you wish never ended. 

Webtoon Rating: 9.68

Completed Webtoons #13: S.I.D 

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: After an accident leaves young Simoon with the ability to see ghosts, his memories are sealed away by his grandmother who wants him to live a normal life. When his sight suddenly reawakens years later, Simoon must use his newfound powers as a member of the special Supernatural Investigation Department, or S.I.D.

Episodes: 284

Genre: Supernatural, Action

Why You Should Read It: If you used to binge watch C.S.I, Ghost Whisperer or Pushing Daisies you need to read this webtoon. 

The webtoon stars Simoon, a detective who has reawakened his supernatural powers that were previously sealed away. He meets his exorcist partners Tenka, Sophia and Baaram. 

Tenka is a loudmouth sword wielder, Sophia a bubbly but guarded woman and Baaram an oddly mature highschooler. I love the attention to backstory the author gives each character. 

The author also does a good job of balancing crime and supernatural, it never felt like one overshadowed the other. And the cat and dog bromance between Simoon and Tenka (basically Tenka’s relationship with everyone) balances out the dark material well.

The art may seem too static for some but I liked the way panels moved from static to motion. This really helped emphasize the suspenseful moments in the story. 

The outfit designs in this webtoon were amazing. Tenka’s fits especially were always on point, I would love to have any of his suits.

This webtoon is a great read unless it is 3am.

Webtoon Rating: 9.69

Completed Webtoons #14: AXED

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: Meet Axelia. Since she was a little girl, all she’s ever wanted to do was become a Monster Hunter. Tough and tenacious, she worked hard to achieve her dream. And then on the day she graduated from Monster Hunter school, with her whole professional life ahead of her…the world declared eternal peace between monsters and humans. Well then. Now, with a useless degree, and no other viable job skills, Axelia must take on any job that will have her. Alongside a wisecracking, underachieving demon and pretty wood nymph whose roots don’t quite reach the soil, Axelia is determined to find the adventure she craves – even if it’s at a soul-crushing minimum wage job. Girl’s gotta eat, right?

Episodes: 110

Genre: Comedy

Why You Should Read It: For anyone who loves witty comedies with some soul and great art, you will fall in love with this webtoon. We have all struggled with finding our place in the world and Axelia is no exception to that.

Although finding your place in the world among the same monsters you swore to annihilate is a different kind of challenge. However, Axelia’s struggles and antics with her monster friends make for comedy gold. 

I love all the characters in this webtoon. All of the characters blend well together to make a friend group you would wish you were a part of. 

I can not get enough of this webtoon’s art and I am not just saying that because I love Axelia’s character design.

I would like to thank creators Shren Patel and Emi MG for making her so cute! 

This webtoon was a great source of comfort and laughs to me and it will surely provide you with the same. 

Webtoon Rating: 9.64

Completed Webtoons #15: The Fever King 

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: The sole survivor of a magical plague, Noam Álvaro is accepted into an academy where he will be expected to defend Carolinia, the nation that persecuted his family. Noam decides to use everything he learns to destroy Carolinia . . . that is until he becomes distracted by a mysterious and powerful classmate who warns him that nothing is as it seems. (Based on the YA novel by Victoria Lee.)

Episodes: 70

Genre: Superhero, Drama, Fantasy, Romance (BL)

Why You Should Read It: This webtoon may not be as light as the other webtoons mentioned in this list but it is a fantastic read nonetheless. The webtoon handles heavy subjects and does this well.

It is packed with plot twists, morally ambiguous characters, drama and an exciting romance. This webtoon has it all. I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a thrilling drama with some mind-boggling twists. 

But you might have to prepare your heart for the roller coaster ride of emotions before reading this. The art in this webtoon is a fan favourite. 

Based on the novel with the same name by Victoria Lee, this webtoon brings to life an amazing story. The webtoon covers the first novel in the series and the sequel novel The Electric Chair has yet to be illustrated (and there is no confirmation on whether it will be). 

Besides that, if you have the time this webtoon is worth the binge. In my opinion it is a great completed webtoon fantasy romance you would not want to miss out on. 

Webtoon Rating: 9.58

Completed Webtoons #16: I Don’t Want This Kind of Hero

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: Naga, a high school student with psychic powers, gets recruited into the crime-fighting organization SPOON. He and his teammates Hyena and Sasa work together to save the world. Can they defeat KNIFE and find world peace?

Episodes: 295 *Daily Pass Series

Genre: Superhero, Comedy

Why You Should Read It: If you like One Punch Man you should definitely give this webtoon a read. This webtoon is centered around Naga, an overpowered protagonist who does not want to be a hero. 

Unlike other heroes he does not have a strong sense of justice, instead he is a lethargic kid who is easily persuaded by money. All the characters in this webtoon are interesting, even the bad guys!

The author takes time out to explore their backstories, creating characters with unique personalities and intriguing motivations. It balances all this out with slapstick humour, dad jokes and ironic set-ups.

All in all, this is the best webtoon out there if you want something funny and fascinating. 

Webtoon Rating: 9.75

Completed Webtoons #17: Ghost Teller 

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: You think your ghost stories are scary? Try listening to these stories from the ghosts themselves.

Episodes: 91 *Daily Pass Series

Genre: Horror

Why You Should Read It: Are you looking for chilling tales by even chillier characters? Then this is the webtoon for you.

This webtoon will have you questioning who are the real monsters? ghosts or people?

This webtoon is basically a collection of horrific stories as told by the undead. It is an interesting take on friends sharing scary stories at night. The group of ghosts have their own personalities and make for an interesting but scary clique. 

This is the best horror webtoon out there. This webtoon will make you furious, upset, and even give you goosebumps. A word of caution, this is definitely not a webtoon for the faint of heart.

Webtoon Rating: 9.86

Completed Webtoons #18: The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn 

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: Follow the journey of the world’s greatest paranormal investigator – Oscar Zahn. Friend to lost souls, enemy of evil, he may lack a body but that doesn’t mean he’s missing a heart!

Episodes: 105

Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural

Why You Should Read It: This is a gem of a read. It revolves around Oscar, a skeleton paranormal investigator who aids both the living and the dead. 

This webtoon is like a collection of short stories. Each arc has a well thought out storyline and characters who are protagonists of that arc alongside Oscar. Each arc is well thought out and beautifully explored by the author

An aspect of this webtoon I really love is that it explores human emotions in a raw and powerful way. Something you would not expect from a webtoon whose main character is a ghost-busting floating skull.  

This webtoon -as told by the author themselves- has elements of Mike Mignola and Hayao Miyazaki. But the author has taken elements that they love and have added their own personal style to it.

The setting of this webtoon seems to be in the Victorian-esque era, with muted tones, gothic elements and a lot of contrast. In other words, it is nothing short of amazing. Although this webtoon is completed there seems to be a continuation project in the works

Webtoon Rating: 9.78 

Completed Webtoons #19: Always Human 

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: This is a story about nanobots, genetic engineering, and two girls falling in love. No matter how technology changes us, we’ll always be human.

Episodes: 87

Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance (GL)

Why You Should Read It: This webtoon takes place in the 24th century where technology has surpassed all our expectations. 

In this world you are able to use modifications (mods) to modify your appearance and much more. 

Sunati loves mods and anything to do with virtual reality. She meets Austen, a girl who seems to be unable to use mods at all. The two fall in love and thankfully we get to see it unfold. 

This is not a very plot-heavy webtoon, it leans closer to slice of life but offers a wonderfully warm story with enough tension to keep it engaging. It has diversity and explores healthy relationships of all kinds. 

This story will have you grinning from ear to ear, and will leave you feeling snuggly. This webtoon also comes with a playable soundtrack that ships you off to a future where technology knows no bounds. 

It is definitely a webtoon I would recommend for anyone who needs to offset some of the darker titles on this list or needs something to brighten up their day. 

Webtoon Rating: 9.54

Completed Webtoons #20: Oh! Holy

completed webtoons

Image From Webtoons

Synopsis: Who cares if you’re invisible in high school when you can see and talk to the invisible? Reserved and quiet, Jamie Oh prefers to remain in the background and confide only in his friends, who happen to be ghosts. But when the most popular girl in school takes interest in him, his normal — or rather, paranormal — life takes an unexpected turn.

Episodes: 142 *Daily Pass Series

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Why You Should Read It: There are many reasons to read this but the biggest one is that you will not regret it.

This webtoon is hilarious, emotional and at times relatable. 

Jamie is written as a shy wholesome loner who sees ghosts and sometimes gets possessed by them too. Holy is a spunky overprotective female lead who has been in love with Jamie since they were kids. 

The two were childhood friends. Unfortunately due to Jamie moving away they had lost contact. They finally reunite in highschool which is where this story takes place. 

Without giving too much away due to some unforeseen circumstances they both make a deal with the Grim Reaper (nicknamed Toilet Reaper, read to find out why). Because of this deal they are both indebted to the Reaper and get roped into some crazy antics.

When I say the art in this webtoon is expressive, I really mean it. Jokes are punchier because of the way the author has depicted them through the characters’ reactions.

And the characters themselves are balls of chaos with their own distinct quirks. This webtoon can get chaotic at times but I think it suited the maturity of the characters who themselves are still young. 

This story has a whole lot of laughs and heart. It is no wonder why this is one of the best korean webtoon out there. Overall I enjoyed this webtoon and found it a breath of fresh air to the romance genre. 

Webtoon Rating: 9.70

Now you can binge read free completed webtoon series! Even if you do want to read the daily pass series, remember that you can get a free episode each day because the series is completed, unlike on-going series where you will have to wait for a week!

20 Completed Webtoons You Won’t Regret Binge Reading

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