Is A Kindle Worth It? (Daily Use + Travel Experience)

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It’s been six months since I’ve owned my Kindle Paperwhite. My Kindle has become my most treasured bookish item (other than my bookish belt bag) which I use daily, and I also love taking it on my travel adventures! 

If you’re here wondering “Is A Kindle Worth It?” I hope this personal review will help you decide if this e-reader is for you.

is a kindle worth it

Besides, you might have some additional questions like should you just use the free app or would it be better to upgrade an ipad instead? Don’t worry, i’ll answer all your burning questions to clear your confusion!

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What Is The Point of Having A Kindle?

The point of having a Kindle is to simply read more. No matter what Kindle model you end up choosing, the goal is the same – to catch up on your reading and achieve your personal reading goals.

Why I Bought My Kindle Paperwhite

I bought a Kindle Paperwhite as an upgrade as I previously owned the Kindle Basic, which lacked a few essential features, such as yellow light and dark mode (as I like reading in bed at night).

Besides those features, I wanted a kindle paperwhite to encourage me to read more frequently. 

As someone who works full-time as a content creator while managing this blog on the side, life gets hectic, and I wanted this Kindle to help me not only catch up on my reading but also help me with “slowing down” and being more mindful. 

A Kindle is great for practicing mindfulness because it’s not like a phone or ipad with a ton of apps. 

Although your Kindle can connect to the internet, there’s no way to download any apps. All you have is the Kindle library and thousands of books to get lost into – and I like it that way!

My Favourite Features On The Kindle Paperwhite (Honest Review)

Here are some reasons why I love my Kindle:

Small and Compact

is a kindle worth it

I love that the Kindle Paperwhite 5 is small and compact (6.8 inch display). Although it’s slightly bigger than the Kindle Basic (which I previously owned), it’s still very portable and is smaller than an iPad mini. 

My Kindle fits in all my tote bags and even my tiny handbags that I take for a night out! This is great because I like reading on my Kindle while waiting for my friends or for my food to arrive.

The Screen

is a kindle worth it

The screen on all Kindles are not like your usual phone and iPad screens, they have no glare!

However, the best Kindle for reading in the sun would be the Kindle Paperwhite because of the 300 ppi glare-free display.

This means when you read in broad daylight, the Kindle actually looks like a page from a physical book, which is very easy on the eyes. 

It also helps that you can adjust the font on your Kindle to your preference. I like reading with a large font so that the page doesn’t hold too many words, making it faster for me to get through a book. 

I can’t say for sure if that’s the logic behind it, but I’ve noticed that I read way faster on my Kindle when compared to reading a physical book.

Warm Light

I like using the warm light function on my Kindle when I’m reading in the evening or at night as it’s easy on the eyes. 

Kindle models that have warm light functions are; Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis and Kindle Scribe.

Dark Mode

One of my most favourite features on the Kindle Paperwhite 5 is dark mode! It’s such a great feature if you love reading at night, especially before bedtime in a pitch-black bedroom. 

This feature has helped me read a lot more because I find myself being able to lie down in bed and read for long hours. 

It’s very cozy and comfortable compared to sitting upright in the living room, having to switch multiple reading positions every hour or so. 

The Kindle Paperwhite is the best Kindle for reading at night, no doubt!

Connects to Goodreads

It’s so cool that your Kindle is able to connect to your goodreads profile! 

I love this feature because I don’t have to reach for my phone every time I want to add a book to my TBR list or whenever I want to update the progress of the book i’m currently reading on my Kindle.

Since I don’t have to reach for my phone as often to update my reading progress on goodreads, I don’t have an excuse to pick up my phone!

This has been a great way in getting rid of unnecessary distractions, allowing me to have a more mindful reading experience.

Ability to Organize Books

You can now organize titles by collections! You can organize it however you like! Some ways to do it are organizing books by genres or authors. 

Books from the same series will already be neatly organized in a folder for your convenience!

This makes it very easy to find the books you want to read, especially if you’re not sure which book comes first – you’ll be able to identify it when they’re grouped in a collection.


is a kindle worth it

If you’re the kind of reader that likes reading while taking a bubble bath while sipping on some wine, or even if you’re frequently reading by the beach, the waterproof feature on Kindle Paperwhite 5 will be very helpful.

Is a Kindle Good for Travelling?

Yes, I love my Kindle for travel. I’ve commuted with my Kindle by going on a road trip, taking a train, and catching a flight. They’re great to read not only while commuting but also when exploring a new city, as you can take your own mini library with you to any part of the world.

Which Kindle is best for the beach?

It’s best to get a kindle paperwhite 5 if you’re planning to read a lot by the beach because of its waterproof feature. 

Is Kindle allowed on airplanes?

Yes, they are. But just like your other electronic gadgets, they must be on airplane mode.

Do Kindles Work Internationally?

Yes, they do work internationally. You just need to connect your kindle to WiFi and you can download books. Once the book is downloaded, you don’t need WiFi and can read from any part of the world.

Is it cheaper to buy books or use a Kindle?

You can recover the cost of a Kindle Paperwhite by reading 20 to 25 Kindle books as Kindle books are generally cheaper than paperbacks or hardcovers. Plus, if you subscribe to kindle unlimited, you can read hundreds of books, covering the cost of the Kindle and the subscription itself!

Should I buy a Kindle or use the app?

If the reflection on a phone screen does not bother you, reading on the Kindle app is something you can consider. Another factor to consider is display size, reading on a phone with a small display can be uncomfortable to some. In that case, a Kindle will offer a better reading experience. 

Should I get the 8GB or 16GB Kindle storage?

I use the 8GB Kindle and I’ve never run out of storage. E-books do not take much storage, their file size is quite tiny. Most avid readers can make do with an 8GB Kindle, unless you’re planning to use the audiobook feature on the Kindle then 16GB storage might be worth considering.

Is buying a Kindle worth it if I have an iPad?

Yes. I have an iPad mini but I still chose to buy a Kindle because it’s lighter, small and has features like warm light and dark mode which is convenient for readers compared to using an iPad. 

Final Thoughts: Is A Kindle Worth It And Should You Get One?

Based on my personal experience, yes! A Kindle is hundred percent worth it! I’m 70% through my reading goal by mid of year. This means I’ve most likely read 3 times more last year, thanks to this portable e-reader! 

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