How To Remove Ads on Amazon Kindle (2023)

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I recently got a kindle! More like, upgraded to the latest version called kindle paperwhite 5 and I love it!

I wanted to learn how to remove ads from Amazon kindle because of all the inappropriate ads such as revealing book covers being my lock screen. Plus, it’s just not aesthetic!

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how to remove ads from amazon kindle

So, I did some digging and figured out two ways.

If you’re buying a kindle in 2023 and onwards, you now have the option to include buy a kindle without ads displayed on the lock screen. This will be much easier, especially if you’re getting this as a gift for someone else!

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How To Remove Ads on Kindle (Kindle Remove Ad Hacks!)

There are two easy and quick ways you can remove your kindle lock screen ads. The second way is a secret hack not many kindle owners know about.

The ads on my kindle were removed within 30 minutes of doing the second way.

Manage Content and Devices

You can turn off kindle ads yourself with 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Under account & lists, go to manage content and devices.

how to remove ads from amazon kindle

Step 2: Click Devices (it should portray all your devices)

Step 3: Click Kindle (it should portray all your kindles, select which one you want to remove ads from)

how to remove ads from amazon kindle

Step 4: Click remove special offers (you’ll have to pay a one-time fee to end the special offer)

If you want to do this the free way, read option number 2 below.

Reach Out to Customer Support

This is the way I did it and it was FREE to remove my kindle lockscreen ads.

Plus, it took less than 30 minutes to remove my kindle paperwhite ads.

However, for some kindle users, it took them an hour or two to see the ads removed from their lock screen.

The first method is easy and quick but cost you some money.

This one takes you a few more steps and may take a longer waiting time despite being free.

Step 1: Click on customer service then select Kindle, Fire or Alexa device.

Step 2: Choose Kindle E-reader

how to remove ads from amazon kindle

Step 3: Click Issues with Promotions & Deals

how to remove ads from amazon kindle

Step 4: Click I Need More Help and finally choose Chat With Us

Here, you can tell customer service politely that you find the kindle ads inappropriate, especially when you’re bringing your kindle everywhere with you and the screensaver is for everyone around you to see. 

It can make some people uncomfortable (I know how you feel!). To see if you’re eligible for waiving the fee, chat with customer service now.

Try out this kindle paperwhite remove ads hack and let me know if works!

How To Set Your Current Book as Your Kindle Lock Screen

how to remove ads from amazon kindle

How do I put a screensaver on my Kindle paperwhite or on any kindle at all?

Here are the steps to customize your kindle lock screen:

Step 1: Go To Settings

Step 2: Click Device Options

Step 3: Turn On “Display Cover”

Now your kindle lockscreen will show the cover of what you are currently reading. This is perfect as it makes it the device feel like a real book!

If the book you’re reading has an inappropriate cover (I gotchu romance readers!) – you can simply turn this option off and it will display a random screensaver.

FAQ: How To Remove Amazon Kindle Ads

Can you remove Amazon ads from Kindles you purchase from an online shop or reseller?

Yes, you can. As long as the Kindle is an original Amazon product, you can contact customer service to help you remove the ads.

How much does it cost to remove ads from my Kindle?

$20 in the USA.

How do I get to remove ads on my kindle for free?

Contact customer service and tell them the ads are inappropriate.

How to turn off ads on kindle?

You can’t turn it off but you can get it removed permanently either by paying a fee or reporting to customer service that you want the ads removed because it is inappropriate.

How do you set a wallpaper on kindle?

Go to device options and turn on display cover. Your current read will be the wallpaper.

Can you customize Kindle paperwhite lockscreen?

Yes, you can set your Kindle paperwhite lockscreen to your current read or leave it as it is (a random screensaver will appear). You can also create a custom lockscreen from canva and convert it into an EPUB file for your lock screen.

Wrap Up: How To Remove Ads From Kindle

I hope these hacks on how to remove ads from Kindle for free helps you! The first method does cost you a bit of money but the second one is free. The choice is yours 🙂

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