30+ Reading Challenges for Adults 2024 (Fun & Practical)

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Being an adult means being busy and often – we forget about the things that we enjoy or the things that are good for our mind, body and soul.

One of these things are reading more books. That’s why this reading challenge for adults post is going to help you find the challenge that is most suitable for you.

While reading challenges for adults should be practical, they should also be challenging enough – that’s why it’s called a challenge! 

I hope this post helps you find a reading challenge that’s fun and also practical for your everyday schedule.

Reading Challenges for Adults: Which Challenge Is Right for Me?

reading challenge for adults

As adults, our time is limited. We might have a full-time job, side hustle, hobbies, family and friends to fit in our schedules. Some of these are non-negotiables, making it really hard to find time to read.

Ask yourself this question: what do you want to get out of reading?

In other words – what is your reading goal?

Some reading goals for adults:

  • Read one book a month
  • Diversify your reading genre
  • Start a Bookstagram
  • Read one chapter every night
  • Start a Book Blog
  • Read more Kindle books
  • Listen to more Audiobooks

There’s so many fun and realistic reading goals for adults and this blog post with reading challenges for adults will help you achieve your goals.

30+ Reading Challenges for Adults in 2023

Goodreads Challenge

reading challenge for adults

Goodreads reading challenge is one of my favourites, especially for adults because there’s not much to do other than read and shelve your books as read.

In other words, easy to use app and nothing to distract you from “actually reading.”

All you have to do is set a reading goal (eg: 50 books) and each time you shelve the book as read on the app, it automatically counts as a book read towards your challenge.

I have been taking part in this challenge for 2-3 years now. I plan on doing so every year. 

reading challenge for adults

I always set a bare minimum of 20 books so I don’t get demotivated if I slack a little in my reading. As busy adults, I’m sure you can relate – we overestimate goals for ourselves and end up not achieving them.

My suggestion: set 24 books as your reading goal, 2 books a month seems practical.

Plus, on some hectic months, you can read short books to help you meet your goal.

One fun thing to do though is adding friends from bookstagram or booktok. You can even add your favourite book influencers or book bloggers

I love seeing how my friends progress with their reading challenge, it really motivates me! Besides, I get so many good recommendations from their reading updates.

52 Book Reading Challenge 2023

For the sixth time in a row, The 52 Book Club is organizing it’s 2023 reading challenge. It’s called 52 because of the 52 prompts that make up the reading challenge.

52 prompts is also perfect to challenge yourself to read one book a week in the year as there are 52 weeks. This reading challenge is great for adults who want to push themselves to read more books in a year.

How to participate?

  • Follow their socials and Goodreads
  • Find one book for each of the 52 prompts
  • Print their printable and start reading

Learn more about this reading challenge here.

POPSUGAR 2024 Reading Challenge

This is a viral reading challenge that has been going on for years. It is a great way to diversify your readings as POPSUGAR’s prompts are very random.

If you’re an adult looking to diversify your reading habit and participate in some fun reading challenges, this one is for you!

This reading challenge also comes with a reading tracker printable.

The StoryGraph

You can always get your own charts generated using these reading spreadsheets, however using the app might be more engaging because of the reading challenge and friends you get to add.

Unlike Goodreads, Storygraph is a reading challenge app with way more features to play with. You will be able to see what are your most read genres, your average rating, most read authors and more. 

One of my bookstagram friends uses this app and did a reading wrap up that has some of these graphs and charts, take a look here!

The StoryGraph has a few reading challenges, you can view them here.

Libro.fm 2024 Audiobook Listening Challenge

Not a fan of reading physical books? Try out this audiobook listening challenge.

Audiobooks are great for busy adults trying to achieve their reading goals.

Receive 2 audiobook credits with my code: BREWING on Libro.fm! Download their free printable and start listening right away!

Even if you don’t want to subscribe to Libro.fm, you can still take this audiobook reading challenge and get free audiobooks from Amazon.

Read Around The World Reading Challenge

Want to diversify your reading? This is the best way to do so.

Read books from different parts of the world! The best part is, you don’t have to start and complete this challenge in the same year (there’s no pressure!) 

You can take your time and record what books you’ve read from which countries in this printable. After a couple of years or more, you’ll be able to see your progress and it is so satisfying! 

Spring Reading Challenge for Adults

spring reading challenge for adults

Easily overwhelmed by reading challenges? This reading challenge will do the exact opposite!

This Spring reading challenge for adults is really easy because of its low commitment. One theme a month, one book a month.

Most adults have busy schedules, piling TBRs, family and friend commitments. This challenge will be super easy to fit into your hectic daily routine.

Check out this spring reading challenge for 2023 now!

Colleen Hoover Reading Challenge 

If you’ve been wanting to binge read Colleen Hoover books, take advantage of the new year and make this a reading challenge.

Not sure where to start? I have compiled all of Colleen Hoover books in order for you! There’s also a mind map for you to easily visualize what Colleen Hoover book you should pick up first.

Below is a FREE Colleen Hoover reading checklist for you to get started with this reading challenge!

Not sure which Colleen Hoover book to start with? Checkout this guide on which Colleen Hoover book to pick up first.

Blogger Reading Challenges for 2024

Here are some blogger reading challenges for 2023:

Book Club Reading Challenges for 2024

Here are some online book clubs and their reading challenges for 2024, they might not be yearly – they could be monthly, quarterly and so on. Pick what’s best for your adult schedule!

Other Fun Reading Challenges for Adults

Here are some other reading challenges, not specifically for 2024 but you can join them whenever you feel like it:

Create Your Own Reading Challenge with these Prompts/Ideas

If you don’t want to stick to a specific challenge but want to get in the habit of reading, this list of 200+ reading prompts and ideas will help you pick out your next book.

Use this list of reading prompts to create your own reading challenge. If you only have time for one book a month, pick out one prompt for each month then.

This will help you create a reading challenge for adults that is easy to take part in. You can also share this with friends so they can challenge themselves at their own pace.

Wrap Up: Reading Challenges for Adults

Which of these adult reading challenges are you going to try? I am going to be doing the Spring Reading Challenge for 2024 because it’s not as time-consuming.

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