What To Do While Listening To Audiobooks (26 Things!)

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What To Do While Listening To Audiobooks (26 Things!)

Listening to audiobooks is time-consuming, and you want to make the most of your time. You’re not alone if you love audiobooks but often feel like you should be multitasking to check off your to-do list.

I feel the same. I’ve created a list of things to do while listening to audiobooks. 

what to do while listening to audiobooks

I’ve personally done these things myself and it’s great because:

  • I get to read more books
  • I get to complete more tasks in a day

However, not all of these things have to be productive, some can be relaxing while benefiting your mind and body. If you’re looking for the best way to consume audiobooks, keep on reading!

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26 Things To Do While Listening To Audiobooks

1. Read Along

The most obvious thing to do, which I do frequently, is read along to audiobooks. 

Sometimes, reading a physical copy of a book is hard – especially if the genre is out of your comfort zone.

A suggestion would be to read along while listening to the book to get used to the genre. I did this when I wanted to learn on how to start reading fantasy books.

2. Do Some Chores

Chores aren’t fun to do. Make it fun by listening to an audiobook you’re interested in. 

Be sure to do chores that are safe and simple while reading an audiobook, such as – sweeping, mopping, washing the dishes, drying and folding clothes.

3. Take Notes

Taking notes is a great thing to do while listening to an audiobook. 

This especially works for non-fiction books. Writing down what you are listening to can help your retain information. 

If you’re listening to the book for a book club session or buddy read, you can also start jotting down questions or points for discussion.

The best way to do this would be to keep a reading journal so you can reflect on it later.

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4. Go To The Gym

I learned this trick when reading How To Change by Katy Milkman

what to do while listening to audiobooks
Image by Brewing Writer

In this book, she talks about an experimented conducted where adults are only allowed to listen to an audiobook at the gym.

Every time they want to continue to listen to the audiobook, they have to go to the gym to do it. 

Eventually, they build the habit of going to the gym, which is great for us readers who are mostly reading while being seated.

How cool is that! Listening to audiobooks while working out can help you grow your mind and keep your body healthy.

5. Take A Mental Health Walk

If you’re not someone who enjoys going to the gym, try going outside for a mental health walk. 

Listening to an audiobook while going for a 30 minutes walk several times in a week is not only great for the body, but also good for the mind.

Destress while listening to your favourite book now!

6. Go Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be therapeutic for some. Some may even find it boring. 

Either way, popping your headphones in and listening to an audiobook may be right up your alley.

Grocery shopping does not require much effort. Therefore it is a great task that will not distract you while reading an audiobook

7. Do A Jigsaw Puzzle

In the day and age of social media, people are forgetting about the little things we used to do as a kid – like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

This can be a fun activity to do while listening to an audiobook, it may also bring back childhood memories!

If you’re up for a challenge, try doing jigsaw puzzles specifically aimed at adults. They have more pieces and are more difficult to put together. 

8. Play Phone Games

Playing phone games that are fun and easy can be a relaxing thing to do while reading an audiobook. 

Some games to pay while listening to audiobooks:

My favourite is Neko Atsume! It’s a kitty collector. If you’re a reader who loves their furry animal, this game will bring you so much joy.

9. Work

Not the most fun suggestion on the list for some, but if you have to work (especially if you have a 9-5 desk job), listening to an audiobook is something you can multitask with.

It may even help you pass time while doing a routine-based task at work.

Besides, listening to an audiobook as a busy working adult is a great way to incorporate some reading into your schedule.

10. Update Your Reading Tracker

Have you ever started tracking your reading and then forgotten about continuing to track it?

It happens to most of us avid readers. As we read many books with different formats and when life gets in the way – we forget to update our reading tracker.

While listening to an audiobook, whip out your reading tracker and keep tabs on what you’ve completed reading.

Besides, if you’re a book influencer, you can also take this time to write your pending book reviews that you’ll have to post sooner or later.

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11. Fill Out Bookstagram Templates

If you have a bookstagram and are looking to grow it, filling posting bookstagram story templates can help with that.

Plus it is a fun way to track your reading. It is also quick and easy and won’t distract you much from your audiobook.

Here are 40 free bookstagram templates for you to try out now.

12. Draw or Color

If you love drawing, it is a perfect activity to do while listening to an audiobook. If you are anything like me and is bad at illustrating, doing some coloring is just as great! 

You can pair coloring adult books and listening to an audiobook at almost anytime and anywhere. This great mindfulness activity can also help with anxiety and stress.

Plus, coloring is a form of creative expression.

13. Commute

While listening to an audiobook, you can also commute to your destination. 

Many people who take trains read a book on the train. Listening to an audiobook would be a good substitute.

Instead of listening to music in the car, listening to an audiobook is can be an alternative.

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14. Cook or Bake

If you need to meal prep and the repetitive behavior of it bores you, listening to an audiobook may spice things up.

Besides, listening to an audiobook may enhance the experience even if you enjoy cooking or baking. It can also be a great Sunday self-care activity!

15. Knitting

Knitting, crochet or any type of needle work can be paired will with listening to an audiobook.

16. Take A Bubble Bath

Taking a scented bubble bath and listening to an audiobook is great because you won’t risk dropping your book in the bathtub.

Get a Bluetooth speaker (waterproof speaker is a safer option) and play your audiobook out loud.

17. Visit A Cafe

One of my favorite things to do while listening to an audiobook is visiting a cafe and having some great coffee! My love for coffee and books go hand-in-hand.

Listening to an audiobook while having some coffee or pastries at a cafe can be a great way to treat yourself.

18. Visit A Museum

If you’ve always wanted to visit a museum in your city but had no one to go with, or the idea isn’t as appealing to you, try doing it while listening to an audiobook.

A tip to enhance your museum experience – if you’re in a specific country, learning about it’s history, you might want to listen to a book set in that country!

19. Unwind On A Beach

Nothing like a beach day with a good book and a cocktail in your hand! 

However, if you want to look out into the sea and not get distracted my words on a page, listening to an audiobook might be just the thing you need.

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20. Gardening

Getting your hands dirty with some gardening is perfect to pair with listening to an audiobook.

21. Find Similar Books

If you have nothing to do while listening to the audiobook, use that time to search for similar books you enjoyed reading (audiobook or not).

I enjoyed reading The Cruel Prince

Once I finished all three books in The Folk of Air Series (which I listened to while reading along) – I immediately researched and found books similar to The Cruel Prince as I enjoyed it so much!

22. Get A Face Mask

Put on a sheet mask, lie down and relax while listening to an audiobook. You can incorporate this into your night-time or self-care routine.

23. Do A Hair Care Routine

Similar to doing a face mask, you might wanna give some love to your hair and do a hair mask (or a whole hair care routine) while listening to an audiobook.

24. Play With Your Pet

Play with your furry animal while listening to your audiobook. Many readers love and own pets, this is a fun activity to pair with your book.

25. People Watch At A Park

If you want to relax while reading an audiobook, head over to the nearest park. Find a bench and people watch while having your earphones in. Again, this is another good mindfulness activity.

26. Do Nothing

If you really do want to practice mindfulness, do nothing! Do nothing while reading an audiobook so you give your full attention to the book you’re listening to.

Things To Do While Listening To Audiobooks

I hope this list on what to do while listening to an audiobook helps you find your next best activity!

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