9 Free Reading Tracker Spreadsheets (2024)

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It’s always a good time to start tracking your reading and reading tracker spreadsheets are perfect for that!

If you’re not a fan of bullet journalling, using reading tracker apps or tracking your reading on bookstagram, simple reading tracker spreadsheets that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate sounds just the thing for you.

reading tracker spreadsheet

In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of paid and free reading trackers to suit your needs.

There are colourful, neutral, simple and elaborate trackers – a tracker for every reader! And most of these reading trackers are for google sheets!

Reading Tracker Spreadsheets To Help You Organize Your Reading

1. Reading Tracker Template by ToadstoolsTerrariums

If you’re looking for a super affordable book tracker template and love the colour pink, this one is perfect for you.

This reading tracker spreadsheet helps you:

  • Remember which books you’ve lent out
  • Keep track of all books in your collection
  • Start and finish of book with handy progress bars
  • Ratee your book
  • Sort by genre
  • Wish list

2. Book Tracking Spreadsheet by AubreiKTemplates

This spreadsheet is not to track your yearly reading but is to track every single book you own. It is a personal library tracker for all you bookworms who are growing their reading collection.

Its colours are neutral and warm – perfect for the cozy reader.

3. Reading Tracker Template (Notion) by ConceptPlanners

If you’re an avid notion user, this reading tracker template will satisfy your book-tracking needs.

Besides books, it can also track your movies.

This reading tracker notion template is comprehensive and has everything you’d need:

  • Add as many books and movies
  • Track your reading monthly and yearly.
  • Store notes on your favourite books
  • Add start and finish dates for books
  • Categorize your books and movies
  • Reading planner
  • Rate your books
  • Create a list of quotes that inspired you from the books you’ve read

4. Minimal Reading Tracker Spreadsheet by TheSimplicityGuide

reading tracker spreadsheet

This minimal reading spreadsheet has a cool tone colour palette and is especially useful if you’re looking for a google sheets book tracker.

This minimal reading tracker allows you to:

  • Add half-ratings
  • Track your reading on Google Sheets & Excel
  • Keeps track of your TBR
  • Keeps track of books you own
  • Keeps track of your yearly, monthly reading goals 
  • Keeps track of your reading time

5. TBR List Template Spreadsheet

tbr list template
Image from Novelly Yours

This TBR list spreadsheet will help you organize your never ending list of books to be read.

This spreadsheet contains 6 different tabs:

  • Books you want to read
  • Monthly TBR
  • Review copies tracker
  • Schedule when to read your books and post about them

Free Reading Tracker Spreadsheets 

1. Free Reading Tracker for Google Sheets

This simple Google sheet reading tracker is easy to use and is suitable for any sort of reader.

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t have much colours, excessive tracking and tabs, this one is great for you.

2. Reading Spreadsheet by Your Words My Ink

This free reading spreadsheet is very thorough and complete if you’re looking to track your reading seriously.

Some of its features are:

  • Books read in a year
  • Pages read daily, weekly and monthly
  • Series tracker
  • ARC tracker
  • Haul & Unhaul tracker
  • Book Request tracker for book influencers

And there’s way more!

3. Books Spreadsheet for Tracking by Elaine Howlin

This free book tracking spreadsheet is updated every year with new features.

It has everything you would need for a minimalistic tracking style. There’s not too much to track and yet it is detailed enough for you to reflect on your monthly and yearly reading habits.

4. Book Tracker Google Sheets for Lazy Readers

I’m not calling you lazy! But if you do think that you’re anything like me and don’t have the time to track every single detail about your reading choices, this Lazy Reader google spreadsheet will help you collect just enough data about your reading habits throughout the year.

Wrap Up: Reading Tracker Spreadsheets

Here you go, 9 reading tracker spreadsheets for all sorts of readers. There’s paid and free options, a notion option and most of them are compatible with Google Sheets and excel.

I hope these reading spreadsheets help you read more!

If you’re looking for book journal templates, it’s worth checking out these free printable reading journals (PDF) that you can download.

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