12 Reasons Why Reading Is A Good Hobby (Why Should You Start Reading?)

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Growing up, most of us were persuaded to read more instead of watching TV by parents or school teachers because reading is a “good hobby”

But why reading? And is it really that good for us?

Reading is a good hobby because it improves our mental health, general knowledge, writing skills and you can even make a career out of it. Books can also take you to places you’ve never been before!

Let’s explore some reasons on why reading is a good hobby and if you haven’t started reading already – why should you start reading?

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Advantages of Reading: Why Reading Is A Good Hobby

Here are some advantages of reading books as a hobby:

1. Reading Reduces Screentime

Reading can be considered as an indirect screen time detox, since you will lessen your screen time by reading physical books.

Even if you choose to read using an e-reader like kindle, it is not as harsh on the eyes compared to your laptop or phone.

An easy way to reduce your screen time is by following a tip by one of my favourite productivity Youtubers, Ali Abdaal.

He says to put a kindle by your bedside and leave your phone in a different room before bed time so you read more instead of staring at a screen before bed.

2. Reading Sharpens Your Wit

Reading is hobby that stimulates the mind. The mind will sharpen from all the plots we’ve read, characters we engage with and words we’ve learned.

The mind is like a sponge. The more we read, the more we absorb and the more knowledgeable we become.

Besides interesting plots and characters, books have the capability to widen horizons, enabling you to explore different cultures from around the world.

The world is at your fingertips, one book at a time.

Moreover, non fiction books will ensure that you are well equipped with the knowledge of theories, literature and other global events and occurrences that will gain a great deal of knowledge. 

For example, I recently read Atomic Habits and it had taught me so much about breaking bad habits and forming good ones with tiny actionable steps.

3. Enhances Imagination

Reading (especially if you read genres like fantasy, thriller and mystery) can help you have a more creative imagination.

Being creative can help you in many areas of life that require problem solving such as being in school or at work.

Besides just helping you solve life issues, an enhanced imagination is an added advantage if you want to become a published author one day.

There are many careers besides writing that need a creative mind – such as, being an artist, film director, song producer and more. Reading inspires you to look at things differently, hence the imagination skills.

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4. Reading Can Be Relaxing

Although this point applies to everyone, it is especially true for adults with busy schedules.

Adults who are busy and are constantly trying to chase something forget to be present in the moment. Reading is a mindful activity with many mental health benefits.

Besides that, insomniacs and people who are constantly struggling to fall asleep, reading before bed time can help calm the mind.

Every individual is different, but there’s no harm in trying to add reading to your night-time routine by leaving a book by your bedside instead of reaching for your phone and scrolling through TikTok.

5. Reading Allows You To Travel Through Books

why is reading a good hobby
Recent book I bought that is set in Japan.

Although fun, travelling is an expensive, energy-driven and time-consuming hobby. One of the best reasons why reading is a great hobby is because it allows us to travel without getting off the couch.

We get to explore different countries, cities and cultures. Besides, if you do plan to travel to a certain location, you can always read books set in the location or books about the destination.

I’ve written a few articles on books to read before you travel such as, 15 Best Books Set In Indonesia You Must Read.

6. Reading Is A Fun Way To Make Friends

Finding like-minded individuals who read are a great way to make new friends.

You don’t even need to like the same books or as they do. If you like different books from them, the more you’ll have to share and discuss!

One way you can find more readers to connect with is by starting a bookstagram.

I have a whole section on bookstagram tips. Plus, you could also also join buddy reads to discuss the same books you’re reading.

Besides finding friends who read online, you can also always find them at a book cafe, library or book fair!

7. Reading Is Not An Expensive Hobby

I know what you’re thinking – books are getting expensive these days.

But how many books do you purchase and actually end up reading? In reality, you read way less than the books you buy. Reading and buying books are two separate hobbies!

Reading is a simple hobby – you only need a book and a comfortable place to read. You don’t even need to purchase books, you can always read for free at a library or a book cafe.

If you really want to buy books and save money – try subscribing to an audiobook subscription like Libro FM (use my link and get a free book) and audible.

Kindle Unlimited is also a good way to save money and read more books!

8. Reading Can Help You Stay Motivated

why is reading a good hobby
Image by Brewing Writer

If you’re in need of motivation when studying or working on a project – reading self-help books can help you stay motivated.

Sometimes, these books aren’t just about motivation but they can help you with your challenges that stop you from staying motivated for long periods

Example, Atomic Habits talk about taking tiny steps to build habits and books like Don’t Worry (my recent read, checkout my review) can help you combat anxiety which will indirectly help you stay motivated.

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9. Reading Can Make You Money

Besides being a good hobby, reading can actually make you money.

If you choose to be a book influencer such as a bookstagrammer or book blogger, you can actually earn money from your passion for reading.

Besides, being an author or working in publication is also a potential career path.

10. Reading Can Be Done Anytime Or Anywhere

Honestly, you can read anytime and anywhere.

Reading is so accesible because of apps like the kindle apps that allows you to read your kindle books on phone.

Plus, don’t lie – you’ve probably read a book before on your phone in the toilet or even on the treadmill when you hit the gym.

11. Reading Can Help Increase Empathy

Reading fiction gives you insight on different plot points and characters which allows you to empathise with different people in real life.

Besides, there are many self-help and non-fiction books that helps us learn more about ourselves and the human race so we can better empathise with people.

12. Reading Helps With Family Bonding

This is something i’ve personally noticed growing up.

I’ve had uncles and aunties who love reading and soon their children also takes interest in the hobby. Together, they go out for coffee and read as a family.

Besides, i’ve recently discovered a family book blog where the couple and their child reads as well

Is Reading A Hobby? 

Yes reading is still a hobby despite in the modern “screen” times of Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. In fact, screen time does not always mean watching or consuming media but many readers these days read via their ipad, kindle or other e-readers.

Is Reading A Good Or Bad Habit?

Reading is mostly a good habit, especially when done moderately. It helps you improve your general knowledge and writing skills. It can also act as a great down time for a night routine or be part of a refreshing morning routine.

Can Reading Become Addicting?

Yes, reading can become an addiction. The term Bibliomania is best described for this condition. Human nature is such that whatever we seek pleasure in, we tend to get hooked to it.

Final Thoughts: Why is Reading a Good Hobby?

Reading as a hobby is great because of the many benefits it brings to me (ok fine, it’s not always about getting smarter or improving your mental health but it also helps me escape reality).

At the end of day, reading is supposed to be a fun hobby. If you feel pressured to read a certain book or feel like you should be reading as much as some book influencers are on social media, know that you are not alone.

Many of us feel that pressure but know that reading should bring you joy, not stress!

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