Closed Door Romance vs Open Door Romance in Books: Meaning, Recommendations and More

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I first came across the word “closed door romance” when I was chatting with one of my bookstagram friends who is an avid romance reader.

At that time, I was not familiar with these romance phrases or lingo within the bookish community because most of the romance novels that I read are spicy and there was never the need to know the difference between open and closed door romances.

closed door romance book recommendations
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However, since I’ve learned the meaning and differences between an open door and closed door romance novel, I think it is important for budding romance readers and writers to familiarize themselves with these terms before they decide to pick up a romance novel for themselves or for someone else.

In this blog post, you’ll find closed door romance meaning, open door romance meaning along with some book recommendations for each.

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What Does Closed Door Romance Mean in Books?

A closed door romance novel has no on-page intimate scenes. Everything happens “behind closed doors”, readers do not get to experience steamy romantic scenes between the couple due to the author’s writing style or simply because these type of scenes do not exist.

What Does Open Door Romance Mean in Books?

An open door romance novel has intimate scenes. These scenes are often spicy, because of the detailed descriptions of what happens in the bedroom between the characters. The age rating for these books are often 18 and up because of it’s mature content.

Closed-Door Modification Meaning

Closed-door modification means to know which are the steamy chapters in an open-door romance novel and to avoid reading them. By skipping these chapters or scenes, you’re modifying the open door romance novel to become closed-door. 

Open and Closed Door Romance Books: Why Does It Matter?

Adjust Reader Expectations

Not every romance reader wants to read intimate steamy scenes. Some readers would prefer a clean, light-hearted romance with a bit of flirting, teasing and minimal physical chemistry between two characters.

Whereas some romance readers would love to indulge in a spicy romance novel with a rakish duke in it, or binge a steamy fantasy fae romance!

Neither is good or bad, there is no superior reading preference, everyone should be allowed to read what they desire. 

However, it would be beneficial to mention these terms to adjust readers’ expectations so they don’t get disappointed and leave the romance novel a bad rating.

Appropriate Age Ratings

With labels like closed and open door romance novels, it’s easier to identify the age rating of these books. You don’t want to end up gifting a mature romance novel for a young adult reader.

How Can I Modify A Book To Be A Closed-Door Romance?

Simply search for the book title along with the spicy chapters in the book. For example, in my guide to Twisted Love, I’ve mentioned the spicy chapters – you can use this as a reference to skip these chapters, making the book a closed-door romance.

Dive Into These Closed Door Romance Book Recommendations

1. We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal

closed door romance book recommendations

We Hunt the Flame is a young adult fantasy book with closed door romance.

The story follows Zafira, a skilled hunter and Prince Nasir, an assassin. Together they are on a mission to retrieve a magical object that could restore magic to the kingdom.

If you’re looking for subtle romance within a fantasy novel with POC representation, this book is for you.

2. Love from A to Z by S. K. Ali

closed door romance book recommendations

If you’re looking for a YA closed-door romance book with American-Muslim representation, be sure to check out Love From A to Z.

Zayneb gets suspended after standing up to her teacher who is Islamophobic. She boards a flight to Doha for her spring break and meet Adam who has been diagnosed with sclerosis. 

They connect with each other as they navigate personal challenges such as family issues and discrimination within society.

3. The Siren of Sussex

closed door romance book recommendations

The Siren of Sussex is a closed door regency romance that follows a half-Indian tailor, Ahmad Malik. He finds it difficult to break into high society ladies’ fashion.

Lucky for him, Evelyn Maltravers asks him to create a new wardrobe to attract a wealthy suitor. 

As they work together to make Evelyn a fashionable horsewoman, their relationship becomes complicated and they develop feelings for each other.

4. Snowflakes and Sparks by Sophie-Leigh Robbins

closed door romance book recommendations

If you’re looking for a light Christmas romance to breeze through, Snowflakes and Sparks, a closed door contemporary romance novel will be just the thing you need.

Suzie works for a bookstore in L.A. When the manager of the store in Old Pine Cove, Wisconsin tragically dies in an accident, her manager needs Suzie to fill the roll, temporarily.

Suzie swore she wouldn’t go back to that town because of a past memory, but now she has no choice but to move to the place, after ten years.

She hopes that the residents won’t recognise her and that Alex Denverton, the gorgeous hunk she had a crush on and left behind all those years ago has moved on. 

Looking for Open Door Romance Book Recommendations?

In the mood for some steamy open door romance novels? We’ve got you covered.

Breeze through some of the best open door romance books in these posts:

FAQs: Open Door & Close Door Romance

A closed door romance in a book means the book has little to no intimate scenes between characters. Readers do not get to see steamy action as it happens “behind close doors”.

Open door in books refers to open door romance scenes, where intimate and steamy details between characters are revealed for the reader to read.

If you’re looking for closed door romance fantasy books, you’ll love reading We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal and Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross

Wrap Up: Closed Vs Open Door Romance Books

Closed door romance novels are perfect for readers who are looking for a romantic read with little to no intimacy.

Although these romance novels might lack the spiciness that’s very much in-trend, the emotional connection between characters can still form a passionate and engaging love story. 

I hope this article has helped you fall in love with romance novels all over again!

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  1. There’s definitely a lot of controversy about closed-door vs open-door romance. I’m someone who doesn’t mind either way–my biggest issue is when there’s smut just for the sake of smut. I prefer that kind of content only if it furthers the plot or the chemistry of the characters. If possible, I like it to be rather mild as well. I like seeing your recs for closed-door romances!

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