17 Spicy One Bed Trope Books To Read

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If you’ve been reading romance books for a long time, then you’re no stranger to the very popular romance trope, one bed trope.

But if you’re new to the romance genre, then you’re in luck because today I’m compiling a list of the quintessential one bed trope books to get you familiarise with this well-loved trope.

one bed trope books
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Even if you’re not a seasonal romance readers, some of these books might be worth checking out to add to your TBR!

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17 Spicy One Bed Trope Books

1. The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Grumpy-Sunshine, He Falls First, Workplace Romance, Fake Dating

A list of one bed trope romance books wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas and its iconic way of including this trope.

We all know lying has its consequences but for Catalina Martin, it meant finding a fake boyfriend to bring with her to Spain for her sister’s wedding. 

Desperate not to be caught in her web of lies, Cataline turned to her last and only option: Aaron Blackford—her office enemy.

The Spanish Love Deception solidified its position as a one bed trope book when Catalina and Aaron arrived in Spain in their temporary residence that had two perfectly functioning beds, only to have Aaron accidentally break the other bed.

With a sprinkle of grumpy-sunshine and enemies to lovers, The Spanish Love Deception is perfect for readers who are looking for a stolen-glances and silent-longings slow-burn romance.

2. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Fake Dating

If you’re looking for enemies to lovers one-bed trope books, The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren should be your next read!

The power romance authors duo is no stranger to writing fun and sexy rom-coms. The Unhoneymooners follow Olive Torres and how she got stuck into spending a honeymoon vacation with her sworn enemy, Ethan Thomas.

When everyone at Olive’s sister’s wedding got food poisoning, the all-expense-paid honeymoon that was supposed to be for the bride and groom now had two available spots.

Wanting to enjoy a free and relaxing vacation, Olive took the opportunity.

But it seemed her plans of relaxing might not come to be when she found out that the other spot will be occupied by the only other person who didn’t get the food poisoning, the best man himself, Ethan.

Combining all the beloved tropes of fake dating, hate-to-love and of course the one bed trope, The Unhoneymooners brings readers on a trip of hilarious moments and a fluff in the beautiful setting of Maui.

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3. Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Grumpy-Sunshine, Forced Proximity

If you’re looking for a different type of one bed trope books, why not give “there’s only one tent” a try with Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle?

Hopeless romantic Maybell Parish always had her head stuck in her clouds and prefers to live in daydreams than real life.

Not that anyone could blame her, after a string of disappointments in her life her coffee shop alternate universe she created in her mind was a much better place to spend her time in.

But when she unexpectedly inherited a charming house from her Great-Aunt Violet, Maybell took the opportunity to start afresh.

Though when she arrived at the house, Maybell came to realise that the house wasn’t as charming as she thought it would be and that she wasn’t the sole inheritor.

Instead, she’ll have to share the house with the grouchy groundskeeper, Wesley Koehler who has very different ideas of the future of the property.

Claimed by readers to be an adorable and the loveliest romance with social anxiety representation from the male main character and a relatable female main character, Twice Shy fully captures the definition of soft love in the best way possible.

4. Hideaway Heart by Melanie Harlow

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Bodyguard-celebrity Romance, Opposites Attract, Small Town Romance, Forced Proximity

The second book in Malenie Harlow’s new small town series that’s available on Kindle Unlimited, Hideaway Heart follows the story of country music sensation, Pixie Heart, and her former Navy SEAL bearded-bodyguard, Xander Buckley.

All Pixie wanted was a break from being country music’s beloved singer. Just a short two-week break vacation in a cabin far away from Nashville by herself.

But when a situation with the paparazzi got out of hand, her hopes of having a solo vacation got thrown out the window when her brother asked a favor from his friend to watch over her.

Now Pixie was stuck with Xander for 14 days and the worst part?

There’s only one bed.

With tropes such as bodyguard celebrity romance, forced proximity and no third-act breakup in sight, Hideaway Heart is THE book for readers who want to full effect of the one bed trope books that fully delivers with its steamy scenes.

5. Black Ties & White Lies by Kat Singleton

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Billionaire Romance, Fake Dating, Office Romance

What’s better than Books with one bed trope? When they have to share a bed with a billionaire. How inconvenient, indeed.

In Kat Singleton’s billionaire romance standalone, Black Ties & White Lies follows the story of Margo Moretti and her ex-boyfriend’s brother, Beckett Sinclair, who roped her into a fake engagement arrangement and his own personal assistant.

The forced proximity in this only heightened the tension between the two main characters, especially when Beckett bought the company she was working in just to talk to her since she was refusing his calls.

Black Ties & White Lies is nothing short of steam, great banter and lots of chemistry featuring a dirty mouthed-male main character.

And did I mention they got stuck in a cabin, where there’s only one bed? And we were rewarded with 5 chapters of spice in a row!

6. The Wallflower Wager by Tessa Dare

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Reformed Rake, Grumpy-Sunshine, Forced Proximity, Neighbours to Lovers

For my Historical Romance lovers who are looking for Only one bed trope books, don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

In the third book of Tessa Dare’s Girl Meets Duke series, The Wallflower Wager tells the story of eccentric spinster animal-lover Lady Penelope Champion—nicknamed Penny—and the broody Duke of Ruin, who also happens to be her new next-door neighbour, Gabriel Duke.

The point of buying the house was to sell to restore it then sell it for a higher price, but what Gabriel failed to see was the group of animals that was cared for by Penny that getting int the way of the renovation process.

When Garbiel demanded for Penny to clear out all her rescued animals, she struck a deal with him—Penny would part with her animals if he were to find them loving homes.

In their quest of delivering the animals to their new homes, a broken wheel on the carriage led them to sharing a bed at an inn in London. 

And let’s just say, Tessa Dare did not hold back on the steam with this book.

If you’re looking for a historical romance that doesn’t take itself too seriously with the perfect amount of passion romance, The Wallflower Wager should definitely be your next read!

7. Give Me More by Sara Cate

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Polymarous Relationship (MMF)

If you’re looking for a one bed trope romance books that’s a bit more scandalous—I’m talking about three people sharing one bed—then you should definitely pick up Give Me More by Sara Cate, the third book in her Salacious Players’ Club series.

Hunter and Isabel were the perfect married couple. A man who cleaned up his image to deserve the woman of her dreams and a woman who stood by his side through it all, things couldn’t have been better.

And throughout their intertwined lives, there was another constant figure, Drake—Hunter’s best friend, who also became one of Isabel’s closest friends.

Things between them have always been straightforward, the couple and their best friend.

But when a roadtrip across the country led to sharing hotel rooms—and beds—together, lines and boundaries started to become blurry when Hunter asked Drake to sleep with Isabel while he watched.

Claimed by romance readers to be the best polymarous relationship book they’re ever read, Sara Cate perfectly captured the dynamics of the relationship and the journey discovering bisexuality in oneself.

8. People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Friends to Lovers

When it comes to friends to lovers Books with one bed trope, there’s one book that immdeistaly comes to mind and it is no other than People We Meet On Vacation, written by one of the romance genre’s finest writers, Emily Henry.

Poppy and Alex might have close to nothing in common with one another, but a shared interest in travelling was enough for them to build a decade-long friendship. With a promise to spend one week every summer going on a vacation together.

But one fateful summer changed everything and now their friendship was hanging on a very thin thread. 

Determined to set things right, Poppy invited Alex for one more vacation together and she has one week to fix whatever went wrong two years ago.

Set over the course of ten summers, People We Meet On Vacation is the blueprint on how comes to how friends to lovers should be done. With emotional moments and a great final conflict, you definitely don’t want to missed out on this one.

9. Powerless by Elsie Silver

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Unrequited Love, Childhood Friends to Lovers, Second Chance Romance

The third book in Elsie Silver’s beloved Chestnut Springs series, Powerless follows the story of two childhood friends, a professional ballerina named Sloane Winthrop, and a cowboy turned hockey player named Jasper Gervais and their impromptu road trip to get away from everything.

Your wedding day was supposed to be one of the best days of your life, but that wasn’t the case for Sloane.

When her life falls apart on her own wedding day, instead of being the bride, she becomes a runaway bride instead with the help of Jasper.

In true Elsie Silver’s fashion, Powerless is nothing short of an emotional read with great characters, secret pining and angst, along with steamy scenes set up to the max.

If you’re a fan of the one bed trope and the “it’s always been you” trope, you definitely don’t want to miss this one!

10. To Love Jason Thorne by Ella Maise

one bed trope books

Romance tropes: fake marriage / fake relationship, childhood friends, forced proximity

Childhood crush meets marriage of convenience in this celebrity rom com from Ella Maise titled To Love Jason Thorne.

To Olive Taylor, Jason Thorne wasn’t only her brother’s best friend and the boy next door, he was the love of her life, her prince charming. At least that’s how it was when she was seven years old.

But when Jason moved away with his whole family, Olive took it as a sign to move on from her first love.

Eight years has passed and Olive is now a nationally famous author with a movie adaptation on the way. 

What she didn’t expect was to cross paths with her childhood crush once again on the movie set, who also happens to be starring in her movie.

Hollywood leading man and America’s heartthrob Jason Thorne couldn’t seem to get himself out of trouble.

In order to clean up his image, his publicist suggests for him to get a fake wife. And who better to fill the role than his childhood next door neighbor?

For readers looking for a sweet, easy and fun read, To Love Jason Thorne is the book for you!

11. Take A Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Fake Dating

Take A Hint, Dani Brown follows the story of a career-driven PhD student, a broody former rugby player turned security guard, and their fake relationship arrangement.

There were only a couple of things Dani Brown cared about: ways to achieve academic excellence and professional success. A relationship? Not so much.

When a workplace fire drill went wrong that led to her being rescued by the security guard, Dani took it as a sign that the universe was granting her the perfect partner for a friends-with-benefits attachment. But Zafir Ansari had other plans.

The video of his heroic rescue was never meant to go viral, but when the internet began shipping them as #DrRugbae, he asked Dani to go along with it in hopes that it’ll increase the publicity for his sports charity for kids.

While Dani agreed to Zafir’s request, she was determined to seduce him behind the scenes. But there’s one tiny problem. 

Zafir is secretly a hopeless romantic and he was just as determined to break past her stone-cold exterior and win her over.

A perfect balance of funny, romantic and sexy, with great mental health and anxiety representation, Take A Hint, Dani Brown is the perfect book for readers that are looking for an enjoyable read with spice that absolutely delivers.

12. The Playlist by Morgan Elizabeth

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Best Friend’s Brother, Childhood Friends to Lovers, Forced Proximity

If you’re a Swiftie—yes, you read that right—then you definitely want to pick up Morgan Elizabeth’s friend-to-lovers romance book, The Playlist!

Zoe Thomas had it all. A good job with a promotion on the way, a Mr. Perfectly Fine boyfriend.

But when her best friend showed her a box they put together when they were kids—filled with dreams of what they thought their life would be like once they’re older—Zoe panicked when realizes the life she was living wasn’t close to have she had envisioned and impulsively decided to quit her job and breakup with her boyfriend.

It’s safe to say, she’s having a bit of a life crisis.

Zander Davidson has been in love with her sister’s best friend for as long as he could remember. And when Zoe was finally single at the same time as he is, he knew it was time to shoot hit shot.

And what better way to woo the girl you loved with a road trip of a lifetime filled with moments from her Love Story Bucket List she made as a kid.

A book written by a Swiftie for Swifties everywhere, The Playlist is the Taylor Swift inspired romantic comedy we’ve been waiting for.

13. The League of Gentlewomen Witches by India Holton

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity

For those who are looking for Fantasy books with one bed trope, you can’t go wrong with The League of Gentlewomen Witches, the second book in India Holton’s historical romance fantasy series, Dangerous Damsels.

Miss Charlotte Pettifer is a gentlewoman, but she was also a powerful witch. Prophesied to as Black Beryl’s heir, Charlotte was next in line to lead the secret league of women that were masters of witchcraft—The Wicken League. 

When the long lost amulet of of Black Beryl is discovered, Charlotte was put in charge to retrieve the magical magical before it falls into the wrong hands. 

But of course, Charlotte wasn’t the only chasing after the powerful talisman.

In her chase of the amulet, she crosses path with Alex O’Riley, an Irish pirate—who possess both a lefty sword and remarkable stamina—and reluctantly agrees to join forces with him if she wanted to have better chance of stealing it before the rest of the world did.

Putting a twist in the one bed trope where two separate beds became one, The League of Gentlewomen Witches brings a fresh take on the world of historical romance with its whimsical writing and its even more whimsical world.

14. The Wrong Mr. Right by Stephanie Archer

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Small Town Romance, Reformed Playboy, Opposites Attract

When a commitment-phobe surfer decides to be the shy bookstore owner’s relationship coach you get Stephanie Archer’s The Wrong Mr. Right, the second book in her small town series, The Queen’s Cove.

Hannah Nielsen has a long list of book boyfriends—keyword being book boyfriends. Actual real-life boyfriends on the other hand? That list was coming up empty.

With a bookstore that wasn’t breaking even and her 30th birthday fast approaching, she knew she needed a change.

And who else better to help her come out of her shell than than the laid-back surfer that everyone want?

Wyatt Rhodes wasn’t interest in getting into a relationship. And he was only supposed to help Hannah find a boyfriend.

But between surfing and moryftying dates that leads to ‘spice lessons’, spending time with Hannah made him realize that he didn’t want her to find someone else and wanted her to himself instead.

A book filled with all the beloved tropes, friends-to-lovers, reformed playboy, and of course the one bed trope—or in this case the “one tent” trope—The Wrong Mr. Right is for readers who are looking for a light yet spicy read filled with all the small town vibes.

Plus, this spicy romance novel is available on Kindle Unlimited!

15. The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa 

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Workplace Romance, Forced Proximity

In The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa, Carolina Santos and Max Hartley have a history. 

A history where Carolina was dumped by the groom on her wedding day and having the news delivered to her by Max, the best man himself—who also happens to be the groom’s brother.

Three years later, Carolina was now running a successful wedding planning business and was on track to potentially land an event planning position in a hotel group.

All she had to do was aced her interview and pitch her business with a member of the marketing company she was paired with.

The catch? Her partner was Max, Lina’s number one enemy ever since her almost wedding all those years ago.

Hilarious moments interwoven with Brazillian’s culture and traditions, The Worst Best Man is praised by readers to be a workplace enemies-to-lovers romance perfection.

16. Just Friends by Madison Wright

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Friends to Lovers, He Falls First

Just Friends by Madison Wright tells the story of Hazel Lane who decided to moved back to her hometown after finding she’s been cheated by her now ex-boyfriend.

A year has passed and Hazel is ready to dip her toes back into the dating pool, and who better to help her than her own best friend?

For Alex Bates, another year of waiting for Hazel wasn’t a big deal. And when she announced she was ready to start dating again, he was hopeful that she would finally see who has always been right in front of her.

But instead of giving Alex a chance, Hazel asked for him to help set her up on blind dates and in return she’ll do the same for him.

While Hazel was ready to begin her search for her soulmate, Alex was ready to convince Hazel that her soulmate is him all along.

For fans of friends-to-lovers and Only one bed trope books, Just Friends is perfect for readers looking for a slow burn romance filled with tender moments between two right people who finally found their right time.

17. The Love Wager by Lynn Painter

one bed trope books

Romance Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Fake Dating

After sneaking out of a hotel room from her drunken one-night stand, Hallie Piper decides it was time for a fresh start—a new haircut, a new wardrobe, a new apartment and a new man.

But just as she was ready to start looking for her new love on a dating app, she was met with the familiar face of the Jack, the very guy who’s room she snuck out of.

Getting dumped by your girlfriend at your sister’s wedding can lead to some very questionable decisions. For Jack Marshall, it was hooking up with the bartender at the said wedding.

But past regrets are in the past and Jack was determined to move forward with his life along with his newfound goal of finding “The One.”

Through the app, Hallie and Jack decided they were the perfect sidekick for one another in their search to find their significant other.

But when Hallie needed a date for her sister’s wedding, Jack decides to step up and play her fake boyfriend for a weekend. A weekend of there only being one bed.

For readers craving all the vibes of rom-com movie in the form of a book, The Love Wager should be your next read!

Wrap Up: One Bed Trope Books

And that’s a wrap on my list of one bed trope books! Whether you’re new to this trope or a long-time fan, I hope you’ll find this list helpful when it comes to searching for you next read!

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