Guide to Legends & Lattes Series: Summary, Spice Level & More

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Legends & Lattes was one of my top reads last year and I just had to write a dedicated post to it! I first read the book on my kindle and then I decided to add the physical copies to my book collection.

If you haven’t heard of it already, Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree follows Viv, an retired orc who decides to reinvent her identity by living a cozy coffee shop life. The prequel, Bookshops & Bonedust is during a time where Viv was still out and about taking on quests and getting into adventures.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Legends & Lattes book series.

legends and lattes series

Legends & Lattes Series In Order

Legends & Lattes is a cozy fantasy series, perfect for passionate coffee lovers and readers alike.

Legends & Lattes went viral on booktok and bookstagram, setting a cozy fantasy trend among readers on the platform. Cozy fantasies are great palatte cleansers for high fantasy readers as these books are usually low in stakes and wholesome to read.

Legends & Lattes (Book #1)

legends and lattes series

Publication Date: June 2022

Age Rating: 13 and up

Spice Level: None

Synopsis: Viv, a retired orc who has been going on quests all her life, decides to finally retire and leave the life she’s always known to open a coffee shop in a small town, where she knows no one but herself. Besides following her entrepreneurship journey which leads to self-discovery, readers get to meet interesting characters along the way. There’s also a brewing romance between Viv and the succubus-barista she hires.

My Thoughts: Reading this book was not only cozy but extremely fun. I loved going on this adventure with Viv as she makes new friends, builds her cafe interior and experiment with the menu.

Be careful though! Reading this book will make you make you crave a hot latte and a sweet treat ☕️🥐.

Lessons learned from Legends and Lattes:

  • Allow yourself to “start over” at any given point of time in life
  • Do not judge people by their backgrounds/where they come
  • Good fortune is a myth where hard work is at play

Bookshops & Bonedust (Book #0)

Publication Date: 7th November 2023

Age Rating: 13 and up

Spice Level: None

Synopsis: Bookshops & Bonedust is a prequel, a warm up to what Legends & Lattes brings us readers. but it was written (and will be published) afterward. The storyline delves into the earlier chapters of Viv’s journey, capturing her adventurous phase before settling down.

A twist of fate leads her to a bookshop after sustaining an injury, prompting her to transition into a quieter, more serene lifestyle. Through this experience, she begins to unravel the nuances of peaceful living, all while forming meaningful connections with newfound friends.

My Thoughts: Coming Soon

FAQ on Legends and Lattes

Is Legends and Lattes a standalone?

Yes, Legends & Lattes can be read as a standalone since the prequel follows the story of Viv before Legends and Lattes takes place.

Do I have to read Legends and Lattes first?

No, you do not have to read Legends and Lattes before Bookshops and Bonedust. However, the series will be more satisfying to read if you read them in order.

Is there romance in Legends and Lattes?

Yes, there is some romance between Viv, who owns the cafe and Tandri, the barista she hires, but it is subtle and is not the main plot in this cozy fantasy.

Is Legends and Lattes spicy?

No, Legends & Lattes is not a spicy romance book. It is a wholesome cozy fantasy with a hint of romance.

Legends and Lattes Spicy Chapters

There are no spicy chapters in Legends and Lattes.

Bookshops and Bonedust Spicy Chapters

There are no spicy chapters in Bookshops and Bonedust.

Final Thoughts: Is Legends and Lattes Worth Reading?

Legends and Lattes is absolutely worth the read. This cozy fantasy is great for fantasy and non-fantasy readers alike. Besides its low stakes being a great palatte cleanser, it is also a great fantasy book for beginners.

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